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August 13 2014


8 early warning signs of cervical cancer

What is most frightening disease of cervical cancer may not have any obvious symptoms in the early stages. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 12 340 cases of cervical cancer each year in the United States. Sadly, approximately 4,000 women died from the disease for timely detection of symptoms in the early stages and treated promptly. Women of all ages are at risk for cervical cancer when they start having sex.

And human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most frequently cited causes of malignant cancer cells begin to develop in the tissues of the cervix. Cervical cancer is cancer the second most popular in the world where women are often encountered.   http://www.tnp-wow.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68

 Although the disease can be fatal to women but also to the disease can be prevented and cured if detected early and promptly. tests pap smear (cytology of the cervix) is the best way to determine your risk of cancer or not. Also, if you see the following symptoms then you should also pay close attention because there may be early warning signs of cervical cancer. 1.

Pelvic pain many women experience cramps during menstruation your monthly. However, you should pay close attention if pain around the pelvic area, or cramps in the days of the menstrual period. Because there may be symptoms of cervical cancer.  

One of the common warning signs of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding abnormalities (vaginal bleeding in those days was not menstruation). However, blood flow rate may vary with each woman, with the heavy bleeding but also the little bleeding. Common is that they all do not know why the bleeding.

 If you are abnormal vaginal bleeding so, be alert and seek to know if it was because of cervical cancer caused or not. 3. Abnormal urination Any change in urinary habits,

such as leaking urine when sneezing or strong movement, blood in urine, pain during urination ... can be a sign of cervical cancer. In this case, if properly due to cervical cancer is proven to cause cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body.

4 Service abnormal vaginal

vaginal service if slightly colored or white, no smell and usually appears in the day of ovulation between the menstrual cycle. In case of abnormal vaginal discharge increased, strange colors (yellow, green or bloody pus), unpleasant smell

... it may be a sign of cervical cancer. Yet , the other cancer "enclosed areas" such as ovarian cancer, ... can also cause abnormalities in vaginal fluids. So you have to go to gynecological examination can determine the exact cause of most. 5. Abnormal menstrual cycle when the cervix is irritated by cervical cancer, it will affect the development and ovulation.

The hormone balance is also altered. As a result of your menstrual cycles are not normal like before. You may have missed, prolonged menstruation or menstrual blood have become black ... So you must not ignore this unusual signs. 6. 

Pain or bleeding after sex Even the women do not have problems in the uterus may also see blood appear after sex. However, if pain and bleeding after sex happens more often

then that could be a potential health problems in the reproductive organs, such as cervical cancer. You should go check to see early signs of this.


Women need to recognize back pain caused by gynecological diseases

The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain.3 simple muscle relaxation exercises help prevent back pain Sisters wary of gynecological diseases in summer Insecurity because of pain in his back when "married couples living"

 These symptoms indicate you need exams even 6 good exercises for the spine, lower back pain   

Recently I frequent back pain . Rub the oil is hot, squeeze out the drug ... well not. I think simply due to spinal discomfort or lack of calcium cause but my relatives say that because I can be certain gynecological diseases and advised me to go visit.

I do not think gynecological diseases may cause back pain such examinations should not hesitate.

The doctor asked me whether two diseases are related to each other or not? And if so, what should I do? Expect consult your doctor to help me. I thank you! (Thanh Hang)   


You Thanh Hang dear!

Many people often think back pain due to spinal problems or cause osteoarthritis. Many women do not think that the back pain

, especially lower back pain, the cause may be due to women suffering from gynecological diseases somehow. The tumors in the uterus, ovaries ... also cause symptoms of back pain.

Women need to recognize back pain caused by gynecological diseases 1
The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain. Artwork  

Women and back pain than men by physiological reason as to menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, plus the consequences of such beauty wore tight corsets, high heels, pants waistband area Late ... But there is a little-known reasons, such as gynecological diseases in which inflammation is the most common pelvis.

Sisters gynecological disease in addition to back pain feel tired even abdominal pain, abdominal as falling away. The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer

... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain. Many people with this disease, but without fever should not visit, patients gradually develop into chronic, long-term treatment and more expensive. Over time, the disease can lead to tubal blockage , causing infertility and ectopic pregnancy .

To distinguish back pain caused by gynecological diseases should, you should note the manifest as: Joint pain tailbone, accompanied by abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, more vaginal discharge, lower abdominal sag down.

 Meanwhile, the pain in the spine in the lumbar pain is often accompanied by leg pain, leg numbness. If intestinal infection, bladder, ureters, patients may feel back pain.   

So it's best to seek to know the exact cause of your back pain is due to start. The back pain that you often encounter with increasing intensity, it proves you are having trouble in certain parts of the body and the disease is getting worse. You need to see to be promptly and correctly treated patients.
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