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August 13 2014


8 early warning signs of cervical cancer

What is most frightening disease of cervical cancer may not have any obvious symptoms in the early stages. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 12 340 cases of cervical cancer each year in the United States. Sadly, approximately 4,000 women died from the disease for timely detection of symptoms in the early stages and treated promptly. Women of all ages are at risk for cervical cancer when they start having sex.

And human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most frequently cited causes of malignant cancer cells begin to develop in the tissues of the cervix. Cervical cancer is cancer the second most popular in the world where women are often encountered.   http://www.tnp-wow.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68

 Although the disease can be fatal to women but also to the disease can be prevented and cured if detected early and promptly. tests pap smear (cytology of the cervix) is the best way to determine your risk of cancer or not. Also, if you see the following symptoms then you should also pay close attention because there may be early warning signs of cervical cancer. 1.

Pelvic pain many women experience cramps during menstruation your monthly. However, you should pay close attention if pain around the pelvic area, or cramps in the days of the menstrual period. Because there may be symptoms of cervical cancer.  

One of the common warning signs of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding abnormalities (vaginal bleeding in those days was not menstruation). However, blood flow rate may vary with each woman, with the heavy bleeding but also the little bleeding. Common is that they all do not know why the bleeding.

 If you are abnormal vaginal bleeding so, be alert and seek to know if it was because of cervical cancer caused or not. 3. Abnormal urination Any change in urinary habits,

such as leaking urine when sneezing or strong movement, blood in urine, pain during urination ... can be a sign of cervical cancer. In this case, if properly due to cervical cancer is proven to cause cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body.

4 Service abnormal vaginal

vaginal service if slightly colored or white, no smell and usually appears in the day of ovulation between the menstrual cycle. In case of abnormal vaginal discharge increased, strange colors (yellow, green or bloody pus), unpleasant smell

... it may be a sign of cervical cancer. Yet , the other cancer "enclosed areas" such as ovarian cancer, ... can also cause abnormalities in vaginal fluids. So you have to go to gynecological examination can determine the exact cause of most. 5. Abnormal menstrual cycle when the cervix is irritated by cervical cancer, it will affect the development and ovulation.

The hormone balance is also altered. As a result of your menstrual cycles are not normal like before. You may have missed, prolonged menstruation or menstrual blood have become black ... So you must not ignore this unusual signs. 6. 

Pain or bleeding after sex Even the women do not have problems in the uterus may also see blood appear after sex. However, if pain and bleeding after sex happens more often

then that could be a potential health problems in the reproductive organs, such as cervical cancer. You should go check to see early signs of this.


Women need to recognize back pain caused by gynecological diseases

The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain.3 simple muscle relaxation exercises help prevent back pain Sisters wary of gynecological diseases in summer Insecurity because of pain in his back when "married couples living"

 These symptoms indicate you need exams even 6 good exercises for the spine, lower back pain   

Recently I frequent back pain . Rub the oil is hot, squeeze out the drug ... well not. I think simply due to spinal discomfort or lack of calcium cause but my relatives say that because I can be certain gynecological diseases and advised me to go visit.

I do not think gynecological diseases may cause back pain such examinations should not hesitate.

The doctor asked me whether two diseases are related to each other or not? And if so, what should I do? Expect consult your doctor to help me. I thank you! (Thanh Hang)   


You Thanh Hang dear!

Many people often think back pain due to spinal problems or cause osteoarthritis. Many women do not think that the back pain

, especially lower back pain, the cause may be due to women suffering from gynecological diseases somehow. The tumors in the uterus, ovaries ... also cause symptoms of back pain.

Women need to recognize back pain caused by gynecological diseases 1
The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain. Artwork  

Women and back pain than men by physiological reason as to menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, plus the consequences of such beauty wore tight corsets, high heels, pants waistband area Late ... But there is a little-known reasons, such as gynecological diseases in which inflammation is the most common pelvis.

Sisters gynecological disease in addition to back pain feel tired even abdominal pain, abdominal as falling away. The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer

... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain. Many people with this disease, but without fever should not visit, patients gradually develop into chronic, long-term treatment and more expensive. Over time, the disease can lead to tubal blockage , causing infertility and ectopic pregnancy .

To distinguish back pain caused by gynecological diseases should, you should note the manifest as: Joint pain tailbone, accompanied by abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, more vaginal discharge, lower abdominal sag down.

 Meanwhile, the pain in the spine in the lumbar pain is often accompanied by leg pain, leg numbness. If intestinal infection, bladder, ureters, patients may feel back pain.   

So it's best to seek to know the exact cause of your back pain is due to start. The back pain that you often encounter with increasing intensity, it proves you are having trouble in certain parts of the body and the disease is getting worse. You need to see to be promptly and correctly treated patients.

August 04 2014


Is it possible to lose weight without becoming a bitch?

Not for nothing is that women dieters, spoiled character. To some extent this is true, because diets require self-discipline, strong will and motivation. And if the pounds do not evaporate as fast as you want, it is also discouraging.

But it is not necessary to give up. The mood can be lifted using the simplest techniques or even with the help of some products.


Is it possible to lose weight without becoming a bitch?1. Give spice diet. Diets usually recommend a fairly monotonous diet. Boiled and steam meat and vegetables are insipid, which further worsens salt restriction. But the taste of the dishes can be improved  their various spices and herbs, onions and garlic.

Ginger, paprika, cinnamon, rosemary will not add calories, but the return variety to your life. And yet, and help you lose weight - because spices, especially red pepper and ginger help to temporarily increase metabolism.

Special ingredient found in burning spices, stimulates the body to release adrenaline, speeding up metabolism and burning calories .
See also: 

2. Do not deprive yourself of dessert. sweet tooth is particularly difficult to adhere to diets. Experts agree that one can not categorically refuse to consumption of a favorite product, it only increases the dependence on it.

Complete rejection of the favorite meals almost always leads to failure and to overeating, and then to the pains of guilt because of his weak will. Nothing bad will happen from time to time if you allow yourself to eat candy sweet, low-calorie cookies, serving jelly, milk ice cream 

 or fruit ice, will not bring much harm 1-2 pcs marshmallow or marmalade - but how will cheer up! 3. Drink and eat more foods reheated . That recommend eating a diet? Salads, fruit, yogurt, muesli, corn flakes. Typically, all cold or uncooked foods.

When you eat a salad, then yogurt, you do not create the impression that you like to be eaten. After all, "real" food that brings moral satisfaction - is dense and hot lunch. Everything else from the psychological point of view - just a light snack before the real dinner. Try several times a day to eat hot - soup, steamed vegetables,

 low-calorie hot chocolate, oatmeal. In addition, hot dishes better suppress appetite. 4. Add complex carbohydrates. Low-carbohydrate diets contribute to mood swings, irritability and excessive appearance of the development of depression. After using carbohydrates regulated levels of serotonin - the hormone responsible for mood. What to do? Increase the level of serotonin.

This may contribute to some products - bananas, chocolate, nuts and others. But better still make it less dangerous for the figure way. For example, consuming more fiber - at least 25 grams daily. You need to eat more vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grains. 5. Eat fish. noticed that the consumption of fatty fish varieties, such as herring, mackerel, salmon, etc., can improve mood. Why a fish? All the matter in the fatty acid Omega-3 in large quantities in fish.

These acids are vital to our body, in particular for the proper functioning of the brain cells. The disadvantage of these acids worsens brain and may cause depression.  

The body itself is unable to produce them, that's why it is necessary to consume them with fish. 6. Take your vitamins of group B.

 The consumption of foods rich in vitamins B, or supplementation of these vitamins can help prevent depression and improve overall health.

 Our body needs a continuous "supply" of these vitamins because he can not save them "in reserve" as some other vitamins. But the B vitamins are easily destroyed by alcohol, nicotine, cola, coffee and tea. In a lot of vitamins in dark green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, peas and beans. 7. Do not neglect exercise.

They need not only for weight loss, but also for a good mood. This is one of the most effective and natural ways to help the production of hormones in the brain pleasure and reduce stress levels.

 If all the same sports and you - "two things are incompatible," try to learn yoga, just dance to music or walk around briskly.


Where does the food?

Buckwheat, rice, buckwheat, rice, buckwheat, rice ... oh, pasta nautically. Pasta nautically, it is certainly delicious. Burgers, ice cream I have in reserve - also delicious.

 Boring chicken and beef soups family eats - and where you will get. But that's not enough holiday, a holiday! Something such that pulled out of the fridge - and  the music of Vivaldi, under Internet surfing, even though it is harmful.  

You know, chicken soup with rice - it's not something worth chewing greedily to favorite books or native website. No, it's not that I'm greedy or we some gluttons unprecedented. But if the refrigerator is something that can be cut, smear, or fill it - it will be sliced, smeared, and gobble pour in for the evening.0

No, I do not know who. Nope we  this element, which timing with red eye brought goodies, under cover of darkness creeps over to the refrigerator and starts throwing in a greedy mouth piece by piece. Everything is fine, everything is simple: we are three.

Daughter then be yelling for the whole house, "And I have left!" and transfer losses voice dental technician: "Just one ate for breakfast, and then again in the evening a little bit, but already there is nothing!"

And my husband all that he dared to cut or spread, become lumpy in the throat, because until he sat down with us in one apartment, he did not understand how it can be - to say such things about the food. It's low!

That's right, if he had it, it was not the food, and snack. Of course, this cheese cox months until my grandmother in the country reclaim tomatoes. And he ate some dumplings, they are good for vodka in the body are attached - slippery, do not have to chew.

Now drink the same pace somehow indecent, so faithful remembered that is not only a starter, but also food. Well, actually, we're all a little hamster - and somehow something, but I do on a limited diet, so I - exactly innocent.

 And that life was not dreary and scarce, I'm going for new , then condensed milk disappears within hours, the eggs are killed in the immediate eggs - a dozen a day.   

Oranges I will not give, and when running out of money again and again I have exhibited on the stove a pot of buckwheat with a simple and cheap minced turkey (I suspect that it does not twist of the best parts of this grand bird). And then they ask me, "Why in the house forever

, but nothing to eat???" "Always have nothing to eat" - is, in the sense that you can not immediately grasp and shove in his mouth and chewed as fast as possible, so as not escaped. And then add more. Because then will not. Of course, then would not it

 - with such attitude! Here I've got friends aunt that relate to food decorum! As should be treated to a meal. If they lie in the bins gram piece of cheese on the shelf and near dormant ham of the same size - make sure they will eat this week.

Because they  morning before the service, and after six they do not eat, except for beer ... "Under the beer" - it's not in the sense that at two o'clock to sneak into the kitchen to stick with the chicken in the microwave rice and  Shove and close carefully - you can not escape, prey!

Neet! It is tiny and covered with a thin slice of the loaf reasonable thickness piece of cheese, ham respective plastic, and eat carefully, chew well, and it's all so - because  ladies lady whim eat?

 And not because the lady from  greasy bacon and butter mixed with fish roe! What did she say after that lady? And the children - and the children, the children in these families, by some miracle, "do not like sausage," they eat  air and fried potatoes.

 And no anemia! All that can quickly spread, cut,  in your mouth and not give away, interest in these children have not causes. They eat because my mother tells. These children are angels! Overall, the food in the refrigerator is found in the following categories of people:

Families where just basically a lot and constantly grub and children.
And again we go to the soup with rice, because we swallow, and we just started an internal conflict, if there is something in the fridge, and we have not caught ....

Meanwhile, if ask around friends, to recall the experience of previous generations and draw conclusions, then certain savings on food - quite the real deal. Most importantly, it saves food - hell, the discipline in the family. Almost impossible thing - 

 but that's what our grandmothers and received. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - for the whole family at the same time! In between, one to the fridge does not run hither! "This will have lunch - and eat, darling."

These people have experienced hunger, and for their discipline has become a vital necessity. Be able to "build" their home? Just do not lose. And the family will be  I can not, I have a daughter with school work and her husband rotate in different planes too.

Still very good base for family visits or in stores like . So you can save up to 40% of the family budget. Everyone knows it, it would seem. However, not all do - it is easier to work to run to the supermarket every weekend than to represent a trade caravan. But not all that easy - profitable.

There are old proven on previous generations of the workpiece. This, for example, sauerkraut.  bucket - a sweet deal, and for a long time and not get lost. This home pickled fat. ("Oh, I do not buy pork, it is oily, what to do with all this fat!" - Somewhere where ... garlic, salt, pepper, a bag and a balcony.) Believe - fat a much more useful than margarine and any pastry containing it.

And there are all sorts of home-made - making them easily and simply. Liver pate, cheese pie (sausage cheese + boiled egg + garlic), salty cheese with garlic and the like - turn fantasy. Make a paste,

spreads in a bowl, and you do not have to pay extra for packaging, shelf space and logo. By the way, the pancakes can also be stuffed with anything and freeze until better times. "Anything" - is everything, including fried onions.

All that matters is what? Discipline, siblings, and work! Not too lazy to make stocks and their families accustomed to the simple fact that the soup - it is also food and sandwiches

- it is a last resort, and breakfast and the option "urgent snacking", you will be able to solve this question - what happens to the food and why if it takes so much money, we have not yet burst.

Raw Food Diet: rigor and subtlety

Love to all natural, who had become out of fashion in the classics, covered different areas of our lives. In haute couisine here is not the first season the main trend - healthy and beautiful in its natural food . On the face, where delicious food and balance diet as a lifestyle fit the raw food diet.

Called raw food diet diet, of course, not entirely true. It is rather a view of the world, alternative progress. Raw foodists -  

of course, not the ones that adore Camembert, Gouda and and those that are hostile to the Spirit of Fire - never tire of repeating: our ancestors have not yet learned to make fire, ate only raw vegetables, eggs, meat and allegedly were healthy.

Raw food negates the need for the thermal treatment of products, as it destroys their useful properties. Here, nothing to complain about: who does not know that from boiling, frying and stewing foods lose the lion's share of vitamins and mineral properties. But in general, a lot of controversial issues.

10 habits that prevent us from losing weight
As with any serious matter, in a raw food diet are many subtleties. So, some raw allow thermal processing vegetables - those that can irritate the stomach in its raw form  scalding onions or steamed brussel sprouts). Others eat bread  

- this product is not raw, but there's a lot we need substances. Adherents of this view called , and their point of view challenged strict only vegetables, fruits, juices of them, nuts, grains and and their possible try
not to mix with each other.

It is believed that the main developer of a strict raw food diet was Dr. , more than a hundred years ago, coined the famous breakfast recipe  muesli Fruit", which was shown to those who make the first steps to the raw food diet and can not immediately eliminate the usual foods from the diet.

 This breakfast is still considered ideal (for those who are not concerned about the

separate power supply). In the original recipe is as follows: 1 tsp. cereals pour 3 tsp. cold water and leave for the night, in the morning add the grated apple, 1

 tsp. lemon juice and milk and sprinkle with 1 tsp. grated hazelnuts. If desired, it can be beat, add raisins, berries, sesame or pumpkin seeds, fill with a mixture of yogurt and honey.  

Naturally, dairy products, as well as eggs, meat and fish remain a stumbling block - not only vegetarians, but also for raw foodists. Some people believe that without them the body will receive less necessary substances,

someone convinced that the need for these substances - a historical anomaly and the use of animal food is unusual man. Anyway, even the most stringent raw foodists admit that the raw food diet - not so much a diet as a kind of philosophy, which come suddenly impossible.

Starting with small steps, such as rejection of boiled, fried, steamed vegetables, or stewed fruit, jam or chocolate and one gradually begins to hear the voice of his body, which dictates what desire - a whim indulged stomach, and what - the need .

Do meat, fish, eggs, sour cream - everyone decides for himself, the main thing - to bring yourself a favor and do not harm. Fine line between raw food and close to him, but the broader concept of "naturism" lies precisely in the fact that formally  - is someone who eats food without heat treatment, and naturist - it is the philosopher who seeks harmony with the world and sure that the self-healing body and soul is easier while respecting the laws of nature. In fact, most often it turns out that the raw food diet - a first and necessary step towards naturism.
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