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August 13 2014


8 early warning signs of cervical cancer

What is most frightening disease of cervical cancer may not have any obvious symptoms in the early stages. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 12 340 cases of cervical cancer each year in the United States. Sadly, approximately 4,000 women died from the disease for timely detection of symptoms in the early stages and treated promptly. Women of all ages are at risk for cervical cancer when they start having sex.

And human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most frequently cited causes of malignant cancer cells begin to develop in the tissues of the cervix. Cervical cancer is cancer the second most popular in the world where women are often encountered.   http://www.tnp-wow.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68

 Although the disease can be fatal to women but also to the disease can be prevented and cured if detected early and promptly. tests pap smear (cytology of the cervix) is the best way to determine your risk of cancer or not. Also, if you see the following symptoms then you should also pay close attention because there may be early warning signs of cervical cancer. 1.

Pelvic pain many women experience cramps during menstruation your monthly. However, you should pay close attention if pain around the pelvic area, or cramps in the days of the menstrual period. Because there may be symptoms of cervical cancer.  

One of the common warning signs of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding abnormalities (vaginal bleeding in those days was not menstruation). However, blood flow rate may vary with each woman, with the heavy bleeding but also the little bleeding. Common is that they all do not know why the bleeding.

 If you are abnormal vaginal bleeding so, be alert and seek to know if it was because of cervical cancer caused or not. 3. Abnormal urination Any change in urinary habits,

such as leaking urine when sneezing or strong movement, blood in urine, pain during urination ... can be a sign of cervical cancer. In this case, if properly due to cervical cancer is proven to cause cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body.

4 Service abnormal vaginal

vaginal service if slightly colored or white, no smell and usually appears in the day of ovulation between the menstrual cycle. In case of abnormal vaginal discharge increased, strange colors (yellow, green or bloody pus), unpleasant smell

... it may be a sign of cervical cancer. Yet , the other cancer "enclosed areas" such as ovarian cancer, ... can also cause abnormalities in vaginal fluids. So you have to go to gynecological examination can determine the exact cause of most. 5. Abnormal menstrual cycle when the cervix is irritated by cervical cancer, it will affect the development and ovulation.

The hormone balance is also altered. As a result of your menstrual cycles are not normal like before. You may have missed, prolonged menstruation or menstrual blood have become black ... So you must not ignore this unusual signs. 6. 

Pain or bleeding after sex Even the women do not have problems in the uterus may also see blood appear after sex. However, if pain and bleeding after sex happens more often

then that could be a potential health problems in the reproductive organs, such as cervical cancer. You should go check to see early signs of this.


Women need to recognize back pain caused by gynecological diseases

The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain.3 simple muscle relaxation exercises help prevent back pain Sisters wary of gynecological diseases in summer Insecurity because of pain in his back when "married couples living"

 These symptoms indicate you need exams even 6 good exercises for the spine, lower back pain   

Recently I frequent back pain . Rub the oil is hot, squeeze out the drug ... well not. I think simply due to spinal discomfort or lack of calcium cause but my relatives say that because I can be certain gynecological diseases and advised me to go visit.

I do not think gynecological diseases may cause back pain such examinations should not hesitate.

The doctor asked me whether two diseases are related to each other or not? And if so, what should I do? Expect consult your doctor to help me. I thank you! (Thanh Hang)   


You Thanh Hang dear!

Many people often think back pain due to spinal problems or cause osteoarthritis. Many women do not think that the back pain

, especially lower back pain, the cause may be due to women suffering from gynecological diseases somehow. The tumors in the uterus, ovaries ... also cause symptoms of back pain.

Women need to recognize back pain caused by gynecological diseases 1
The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain. Artwork  

Women and back pain than men by physiological reason as to menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, plus the consequences of such beauty wore tight corsets, high heels, pants waistband area Late ... But there is a little-known reasons, such as gynecological diseases in which inflammation is the most common pelvis.

Sisters gynecological disease in addition to back pain feel tired even abdominal pain, abdominal as falling away. The uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer

... can cause suppression spine, leading to back pain. Many people with this disease, but without fever should not visit, patients gradually develop into chronic, long-term treatment and more expensive. Over time, the disease can lead to tubal blockage , causing infertility and ectopic pregnancy .

To distinguish back pain caused by gynecological diseases should, you should note the manifest as: Joint pain tailbone, accompanied by abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, more vaginal discharge, lower abdominal sag down.

 Meanwhile, the pain in the spine in the lumbar pain is often accompanied by leg pain, leg numbness. If intestinal infection, bladder, ureters, patients may feel back pain.   

So it's best to seek to know the exact cause of your back pain is due to start. The back pain that you often encounter with increasing intensity, it proves you are having trouble in certain parts of the body and the disease is getting worse. You need to see to be promptly and correctly treated patients.

July 26 2014


Combine diet and family dinners

"Is it possible to cook and lose weight? "- this question always asked by women trying to feed a family and at the same time to keep yourself in good shape.

 Many believe that family nutrition and weight loss - two incompatible concepts. But I love coming up with new recipes, and I manage to combine their preparation maintaining fit. 


First of all, stop trying to food, especially in the evenings. I hear a chorus of objections: "It's impossible, she never cooked for

Combine diet and family evenings. " I have no maid, I always make dinner for the family itself, and use a lot of different spices when cooking. Nevertheless,

 no one ever complains that the food I cook, overdone, too spicy, or that it lacks some seasonings. I am familiar with many renowned chefs, and none of them will try what does. Imagine if they were forced to eat a half a spoon of all that create,   http://janmb.com/story.php?title=60-second-panic-solution-review-anna-gibson-steel-ebook

 after work, they just could not look at food for several weeks. But no, this is not happening. If you wish, there is always a way. Try to cook "on the smell . " First you have to use the sense of smell, and taste buds.

But slowly, listening to the instincts of his nose, you will learn how to determine the required amount of the smell of salt in the soup or pepper in the meat.  http://instoma.com/story.php?title=anna-gibson-steel-ebook-review-60-second-panic-solution

The next secret that I use: try to cook for a family of the same dishes that I eat itself within the "Minus 60." Fortunately, it does not imply the inclusion in the diet only steamed vegetables or cooked meat. For imagination is given a sufficiently wide.

 I remember how one of the sites stumbled upon a review of his first cookbook, where she wrote: "

The dishes described in the book - is not diet." The fact that it does not interfere with the numerous followers of losing weight, the author of the review does not seem embarrassed.   http://farksue.com/story.php?title=anna-gibson-steel-60-second-panic-solution-review

In classic favorite dishes, you can make adjustments and continue to cook them with minimum losses for taste. Thus, in the soup for the whole family, if you cook it on a meat broth,

 I stopped putting the potatoes, which automatically made him the appropriate system. Or, bake the potatoes with cheese, eat it for lunch, and for his household, in addition make cakes which can well afford to eat as a separate dish for dinner.

Salads, which previously ran the mayonnaise, for myself I fill low-fat yogurt, and for home - their favorite sauces.

Another one of my secret: I have tried to reduce the amount of vegetable oil used in cooking. If I had not particularly noticed his number, now never pour it into the frying pan,

into the pot or salad bowl, not picking up a spoon. When you see how much is poured, it is easier to stop. Conversely, when you pour "by eye", not to avoid busting.

was not too hard, right? Try to use these secrets every day and you will not believe how much easier it would be to lose weight and you cook. And you have your recipes on how you can create your favorite dishes without sacrificing figure?

Rome recognized the culinary capital of Europe

In the survey, more than three thousand avid tourists from Europe capital of Italy won the title of European Capital of gourmets.

This honorary title of Rome, however, almost shared the French capital. Commended Rome received 18% of the tourists.


Paris behind the Eternal City, just 3%, taking in this ranking the second place with 15%. Troika closes Barcelona, ​​her 9% higher ratings.

It is curious that city with the worst European cuisine recognized London. Generally, the city UK this  meet several times: in addition to Albion got there Liverpool, Birmingham.  

But do not live by bread alone European tourist , therefore, paying tribute to the Roman cuisine, travelers could not express their displeasure and dearness slowness

Roman taxi. 10% of respondents found the Italian capital and the most difficult to visit the city.  

Cost and slowness of public transport, apparently a common scourge of Italian cities, since the same claims tourists and spoke about Venice.


How much should you drink beer to women?

On the dangers of beer written and spoken by many. But scientists from Harvard went ahead and recently published a study on the dangers of sensational beer for the female body. It turns out that the lovers of intoxicating drink likely sick psoriasis.

"Women who drink five or more bottles of beer a week, twice as increase the risk of psoriasis", - assured the doctors.

Psoriasis - a chronic non-infectious disease that affects the skin of the knees, elbows and scalp. In particularly difficult cases, loss spreads throughout the body.

But if you do have a sense of proportion, consumption of beer can bring benefits. Using beer is very popular in cosmetology. Unfiltered intoxicating drink not only helps to rejuvenate skin and hair, but also prevents the formation of cancer cells.

A few days ago U.S. scientists published a study on the fight against obesity. It turns out that the secret of harmony is not a strict diet or refusal to eat. Just enough to include in your daily diet following

It turns out that people who eat at 85 g almonds a day, 18% slimmer those who do not consume nuts. The secret of their operation is simple. In almonds contains  acid, accelerating metabolism.


Spice gives mustard yellowish tint - turmeric slows the growth of fat cells. It can safely be added to salads, soups and hot dishes.

Cinnamon   http://pageeasy.com/departmentofhealth/#top

This spice will make your waist thin if every dish you add 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Secret this spice that even in small quantities, it prevents splashes postprandial insulin.

This hormone is dangerous for everyone who wants to lose weight because the body sends signals about the need to "store fat" and not burn it.


This sunny fruit is rich in vitamin C, not only, but also fat-burning ingredients - flavones. The more often a woman eating citrus fruits, the longer it retains slender shape.  

Swiss cheese

Cheese is rich not only calcium, but also contains enzymes that help improve digestion and keep normal weight. It can be eaten in any form - a piece, thin slices on bread or crackers.

July 25 2014


3 fastest ways to lose weight

Very often we are faced with an urgent need to lose a few pounds. The question how to lose weight in three days, becomes especially important with the approach of some important event where you need to look your best. Present to you three options emergency diets that allow you to quickly lose unwanted weight.

Emergency diet number 1  

Breakfast: a glass of plain water add 1 tbsp. liter. honey and 5-7 drops of lemon juice. Stir and drink quickly. After 10-15 minutes, have a cup of tea or coffee.

Lunch: a portion of boiled turkey and vegetables (any, but not more than 500 g).

Dinner: pour 150-200 g cabbage 150 ml of water and cook without adding salt and spices for 15-20 minutes. This  should be drunk slowly and with pleasure for 30-40 minutes.

Before going to bed, if torturing hunger, you can drink a glass of water.   http://crazyfat.bloggets.net/

Emergency diet number 2

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg cooked without salt.

After 3 hours: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese and tea without sugar.

After 3 hours: over 150 g of cottage cheese and tea without sugar.

Until the next morning: only mineral water.    http://fatloss.bcz.com/2014/07/22/7-ideas-for-a-health-management/

Emergency Diet number 3

Day 1

Breakfast: a cup of unsweetened coffee, orange, 2 eggs.

Lunch: 8 prunes.

Dinner: orange and 1 egg.

Day 2

Breakfast: coffee and a piece of cheese.

Lunch: orange and 1 egg.

Dinner: a cup of yogurt and a pear.

Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of strong sweet tea.

Dinner: cucumber, tomato and a slice of cheese.

Dinner: a glass of milk.

Remember, to lose weight in 3 days easy, but the body is very hard. So to repeat such diets can be no more than six months.


Solved problem of excess weight: fatties freeze

American scientists have developed a new device that can help girls to get rid of excess weight. The invention is positioned by the authors as a painless alternative to liposuction.

The device has a gel patch and clips placed on the body parts that have insufficient elasticity and produces freezing fat cells.

It is known that negative temperature effect on fat cells is detrimental. As a result, they are destroyed in a few months after the procedure, and the patient becomes slimmer.  http://thefatlosspot.kickoffpages.com/

This session takes one to three hours, and its cost is also several times less than the price of traditional liposuction. While other tissues - skin, muscles - not applied practically no harm, reports Raut.ru.

As one of the lead authors of the research work carried out by Professor Mitchell

body fat did not go back to the volunteers who participated in the experiment for all three years, during which experts have observed their condition, writes Raut.ru.  

However, as emphasized by the creators, the apparatus is effective for removing small excess subcutaneous fat deposits, but can not be used to treat severe obesity.
See also:

Patients note that during the session they feel cold , but the feeling passes quickly. Many procedures during read or even sleep.

 A new device that works on the basis of low-level laser can also be used to eliminate cellulite and irregularities in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and legs.

What to eat for breakfast to lose weight?

Nutritionists believe that breakfast, which includes dishes from eggs, promotes weight loss.

According to them, the eggs for breakfast reduces hunger, in connection with what people eat less at lunch and dinner.

 So, men who consumed eggs for breakfast, a lunch was almost indifferent to his proposed dishes buffet. 

5 easiest diets
10 habits that prevent us from losing weight
7 principles of good dinner

By the way, another study on this subject showed that the consumption of eggs for breakfast as part of a low-calorie diet helped overweight people throw up to 65% more weight and feel energetic.

Breakfast with eggs give a feeling of satiety for a long time . While one egg contains only 70 calories.


What to eat to stay young?

If a person does not see the money that pays, it tends to make more impulse purchases than when calculating cash. The purchaser has acquired a mass of edible "garbage" like chips, soda, popcorn, candy, etc.

This conclusion was a group of scientists from four universities in the USA. They found that people with much more easily parted with electronic than paper money.  

Researchers believe that the introduction of payment by plastic cards has caused widespread obesity among U.S. citizens.

Contained in watermelon vitamins and antioxidants to prevent premature aging. In addition, according to U.S. scientists, this berry is a good preventive measure against cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure due to the high content of amino acids and

They are involved in the generation of nitric oxide in the body, which in turn regulates the vascular tone and maintains normal blood pressure.

Their findings specialists from the University of Florida made on the basis of the experiment, which was attended by five women and four

aged 51-57 years. Within six weeks, the participants were given injections experiments extract amino acids found in watermelon.
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After the experiment, it was noted in the experimental increase nitric oxide levels and normalization of pressure.

Thus none of the participants in the experiment no adverse effects were noted at the time of use as in the aforementioned amino acids as nutritional supplements can cause stomach upset and nausea.

In addition to amino acids in watermelon contains large amounts of vitamins A, B6, C, potassium, fiber and , which is a powerful antioxidant. Therefore, the use of several pieces of watermelon a day also helps get rid of body fat and prevents premature aging.  http://www.topix.com/forum/city/nicholasville-ky/THH18TOAAOCOL5482#lastPost

 And thanks to the diuretic effect of watermelon also helps to remove the accumulated toxins.

Why can not eat Ukrainian borsch

Doctors urged Ukrainians and other lovers of borscht abandon this dish. According to them,

cultivated in vegetables that are essential components of borsch, contains too many nitrates. "In one portion of borscht actually contains a daily dose of nitrate, which is safe to eat for human health" - the experts say.

Meanwhile nitrates impair circulation and enrichment of oxygen to tissues, causing various pathologies, up to cancer, reminds Oreanda.ru. And yet there is no complete ban: 

 you can eat on one plate per day, but refuse the use of other vegetables.

The researchers conducted an experiment which involved one hundred forty people . The subjects of the first group offered 

peeled before eating pistachios, as scientists recorded performance of the second group of people who did not use pistachios.

Snack pistachios , subjects could choose any food. As a result of the experiment showed that people who use pistachios before the main meal, prepared with food 41% less calories and will feel a sense of satiety.

Thus, frequent eating pistachios help control eating behavior and reduce the total number of calories without feeling hungry , writes Hot-Info.ru.     

Pistachios contain many useful trace elements and vitamins. In 20 nuts - half of the daily dose of vitamin B6. In this case, 100 g of pistachios contains 550-600 calories - one-third of the recommended amount of calories (1500) for women, leading a sedentary lifestyle.


40 little tricks for dieters

Approximate daily rate of calories at which you will not gain weight can be determined by this formula. Your weight in kilograms, divide by 0.45 and multiply by 14. If you want not just to stay in shape and lose weight, do the same calculation, but instead substitute the real weight desired. Adhering to this understated figures, you'll lose pounds - albeit slowly but surely.

Dust with cinnamon cereal, yogurt, coffee and any other food, which combines this spice. She has the ability to accelerate the metabolism, and just half a teaspoon a day will help you to drop pounds in about a month. http://www.article-galaxy.com/article.php?id=207381

If you eat in the office or lunch at your desk. Studies show that sitting in front of a monitor or a TV screen, people consume an average of 250 calories more.
Laugh often. 10-15 minutes of laughter every week increase calorie consumption by 280 calories.

Due to the content of fiber and low calorie carrot juice helps to lose weight by 1.8 kg for 1.5-2 months. Consumption rate - 1 cup (200 ml) per day.

Take pelleted calcium. This trace mineral helps the breakdown of fat and makes this process 2.6% more efficient.

During gym or even simple walks listen to rhythmic music - it motivates physical activity and help you engage in longer.
Do not exclude from the diet lean red meat. Protein-rich foods help to build muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest.

Drag a fitness club friends. According to statistics, people involved in sports with a group of friends, losing weight is 30% stronger than single-athletes.   http://re.vu/amyarthur876   

Eat less salt and more red pepper. salt-free diet can help get rid of excess fluid and pepper contains  substance that speeds up your metabolism by 25%.

According to a survey of British doctors, one of the main causes of spontaneous overeating - it's stress at work. If you are too nervous, sit down and take a few deep breaths,

you can try the technique of diaphragmatic breathing (when the breath is carried out by the abdominal muscles). You gradually calm down, and the desire to seize his troubles will arise.

Need to do fitness in the morning before your first meal. First, it will speed up your metabolism for the day ahead, and secondly, because the body will expend energy derived not from food, but from your own adipose tissue.

Use soy sauce . According to a recent study, soy protein in a special way affects our taste buds and causes a rapid feeling of fullness.
Before serving dinner on the table any large pieces of food better cut. This will allow you to consume about 20% less calories, since nicked form portions seem more human than when served in one piece. A deceiving your eyes deceive you at the same time and the stomach - and naedites faster.


The most effective trainer (in terms of burning calories) - Treadmill. The most effective after running load - Easy walking, where you can engage in and outside the gym.

Perfect breakfast British nutritionists recognized boiled eggs with a piece of bread or fruit. Eggs are rich in protein, whereby the body is better received calories consumed throughout the day, and the presence of carbohydrates in this dish will energize you and will not let go hungry quickly.

Red wine prevents the formation of fat in the abdominal area. This effect provides its constituent substance , in turn contained grapes. Just do not overdo it: one drink per day would be sufficient.
Include tranquil classical music when you sit down to eat. Under such an accompaniment of people eat less by 15-20% as chew slower and better gorge.

Chew sugar-free gum after meals and two hours later. This will help to cope with unmotivated hunger.

Even if you are tired, never neglect their sex lives. Having sex burns 150 calories in 20 minutes and helps produce a special hormone that speeds up the metabolism.

Snack on pomegranate. The seeds of this fruit contains a substance that prevents the formation of fatty deposits and sweet beats appetite.

Cook meat not the pan, and in the oven or on the grill (this function is available in most modern boards). This way of handling displays excess fat from meat and frying,

on the contrary, it adds.
Green tea caffeine is combined with a special antioxidant that speeds up the processing of fat into energy. Thus, regular consumption of this drink is capable of accelerating your metabolism by almost 20%.
Replace lettuce and other greens on fresh spinach. With low calorie it most fiber, which helps cleanse the digestive tract and helps the body break down fat more efficiently.

Try goat cheese instead of cow: it is 40% less calories, but it is not inferior to the content of useful elements.

Instead of buckwheat pasta or use as a garnish lentils or beans. Beans are high in fiber and a special amino acid, thereby helping to actively get rid of fat. 2.5 months for  "bean diet" can be reset to 7 kg.

Completely exclude fats from its menu is impossible, if only because they are necessary for the absorption of many vitamins and minerals. Better to replace them with "healthy", ie, instead of high-fat dairy and meat products have turkey meat, fish,and olive oil, eggs, nuts. Studies show that such a change not only promotes weight loss, but also extremely good for the heart.

Do not skip breakfast. Rejection of the morning meal increases the total daily intake of calories by about 100.

Although apples stimulate the production of gastric juice and provoke appetite, consumption of one apple 15 minutes before lunch or dinner reduces the total calorie of your food by 150-200 per day. Scientists explain this effect apples are high in fiber.

Salad with olive oil, more  than dry vegetables. When we consume olive oil, the body produces a special protein, and it tells our brain that hunger appeased. Thus, you suppress appetite and residual avoid overeating.

Tomatoes contain a rare component that suppresses the body hormone hunger. To feel its effects, simply add a few slices to your dinner, put on a sandwich or in the morning eggs.

The ideal break between meals - 3 hours. If you wait until the next snack or dinner longer blood sugar starts to gallop, metabolism gets off and you risk attack the food and overeat.

Add to meat and vegetable dishes paprika. Calories in it is almost there, but there are a lot of vitamin C, necessary for processing fat into energy.

Along with olive oil, salads can be refilled or ordinary vinegar sauces based on it. It contains acid, which accelerates the decomposition of fat and helps to lose weight.

Do not eat on the go. Sitting at the table, a person eats 30% less.
Eat with "maloeshkami." As psychologists say, people unconsciously compare the size of their portions with dinner neighbor and adjust to them. Therefore, women who ate with men typically consume 20-35% more than usual. But eating a couple with a girlfriend has the inverse effect.

Valites not in the chair immediately after the gym or other heavy load, no matter how you are tired. Easy walk for 15-20 minutes prolong the process of fat decomposition, and abrupt stop, on the contrary, will reduce the effect of your efforts to a minimum.

Energy drinks 4-8 times high-calorie coffee and contribute to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. So if coffee, even instant, just speed up your metabolism and help in the fight against overweight, canned energy, in contrast, may be the cause of excess weight.

Do not drink packaged fruit juices: they have too much sugar and relatively high in calories (40-60 per 100 ml). Caloric content of fresh about the same, but they contain digestible sugars and much more fiber.

In skim milk almost 2 times less calories than usual, but the same amount of calcium and phosphorus, which enhance the processing of fats in the cells. Besides, milk fat is harmful to the heart and blood vessels and leads to increased cholesterol levels.   

July 21 2014



If you see in a public clinic, first have to visit a therapist and get a referral to "a specialist" - an endocrinologist.

And if you prefer a private clinic can immediately be written to the right doctor. As a rule, when the patient with the problem of excess weight, an endocrinologist should exclude gross pathology,

 eg hypothyroidism . To achieve this, thyroid ultrasound and tested for baseline thyroid hormones (blood from a vein).  

Weight can be increased and adrenal hyperfunction . Especially often doctors recommend

 to check adrenal function to those women who have skin striae (stretch marks), appeared not as a result of pregnancy. Examination also includes ultrasound and blood.

" Problems "with the pituitary gland - an endocrine gland main body - can also cause weight gain.

 If you suspect a similar problem endocrinologist may prescribe the following examinations: 

 blood on the tropic pituitary hormones (governing the other endocrine glands), the measurement of intracranial pressure and X-ray of the skull.

Abdominal ultrasound is necessary to check the function of the pancreas , biochemical blood tests - to avoid problems with the liver and diabetes . These diseases can also induce weight gain.

May need and analysis of sex hormones (blood from a vein). Insufficient amounts of androgens - male hormones - is sometimes the cause of overweight women (normally in the female body should present a certain amount of these hormones).

After the survey is completed, the plan is treatment. Problem number 1 - eliminate the root cause : to normalize blood sugar or hormone levels, etc. But there is problem number 2 , composed to complement treatment and secure its success . 

 Doctors claim - tablets will not replace physical activity and dieting. For example, in diabetes should be excluded from the diet of easily digestible carbohydrates (jams and juices with free fructose, honey, sugar, cakes, muffins, etc.), and in case of problems with the thyroid gland - limit iodine-containing products.   

But in that case, if the survey does not reveal specific causes of weight gain should just eat rationally. Exclude from the everyday menu so-called junk-food - ie food debris:

 sweet drinks, crisps, sweets, mayonnaise, etc. and enter it useful products - vegetable unrefined oils, fruits, herbs and vegetables, fish and lean meat. Workout - certainly. But not debilitating - Olympic results here to anything - and that brings joy:

 for some it's cycling, for someone - Ballet (today become popular ballet group for adults) or horse riding. Accelerate farewell to help overweight

The active substance in its composition by blocking an enzyme responsible for the absorption of fat from the diet. Body without dopoluchaet fat compensates for the deficiency of fat, resulting in melt pounds gradually .       

7 principles of good dinner

Eat strictly to six? And nothing but vegetables? And maybe do skip this meal? To stay slim, it is not necessary to wrestle than to have
Just say: those who believe the evening meal the main enemy of a slim figure, very much mistaken. Correct dinner will help lose weight, wake up cheerful and keep healthy.

Refuse it not only unwise, but in some cases, dangerous for the body. "Skip dinner should not those who work the night shift or go to bed too late and used to work in the evening.


 The same goes for people with diabetes, chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer disease " - explains Rima , dietician, head of the medical center "Rimmarita." Exit - dinner given 7 simple principles.

Principle number 1: dine in three to four hours before bedtime

And about the notorious "to 18.00" Remember! Supper at six o'clock makes sense only to those who already go to bed at ten,

 and the next morning before dark again rise. If you are a "night owl" and used to go to bed and wake up late, early dinner between the last and the first meal will get more time - more than 12 hours.  

And it's bad for the digestion. And dangerous fluctuations in blood sugar levels. There is a risk that, supper at six, you have to midnight so hungry that, forgetting diet briskly walked to the refrigerator.

 So remember: regular dinner - one that will have time to digest until your bedtime. If you go to bed after midnight, the table may well sit down and 9-10 pm.   

Principle number two: refuse carbohydrate food

Choosing than dinner, not even considering the option of spaghetti, potatoes, cereal, sweets or pastries. All of these products quickly raise blood sugar levels and give you as much energy as the evening and at night, when the metabolism slows down, the body simply does not spend. All together, this increases the weight.

Principle number three: eat for dinner protein and vegetables

They and blood sugar levels will not increase, and will long be digested, so that from a night of binge eating you will be insured. However, proteins for dinner must be chosen correctly!

Right dinner for three hours before bedtime can become lean fish, seafood salad, and even better - light cheese. But the meat of land animals - more fat and coarse fibers

- three hours from dinner to sleep will not have time to digest. You lie down and go to sleep with a full stomach, and do not rest properly, and very likely in the morning you wake up with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

 "dinner In the right ratio of animal protein and vegetables should be 1:2, ie 100 g of fish you want to add about 200 g of vegetables, fresh or steamed. Digested this is not too complicated animal protein for 3-4 hours, just keeping the feeling of satiety to Sleep " -
7 principles of good dinner - photo 2
Principle number four: do not dine in front of TV

It distracts from the process, from the taste and flavor of food, so as studies at the University of Birmingham, lovers dine under view your favorite shows and saturated slower overeat.

 Well, if you eat for the company, the effect can be directly opposite the main thing is not to chat with friends and family on the news

and football and discuss the dishes. Another company riding to the right dinner - soft slow music. The rhythmic tunes you also run the risk of overeating.

 Principle number 5: dining out, order one thing

Here and the portions will almost certainly be more than at home (and leave food on a plate ready, not all). And the chef generously spice food oil, salt, and dessert - sugar, because these ingredients

 make any dish especially tasty. So it would be easy to sort out with calories. From alcohol to dinner (and other meals) should be abandoned: it is not just calories, but also helps to "release the brakes": after a couple of glasses of wine so easy to forget that you're trying to eat healthy.

Principle number 6: watch the serving size

Wash vegetables or three cups of cottage cheese - clearly not the correct dinner, despite all the benefits of each product. If you want to keep the shape or lose weight, serving the last meal must fit in two hands, folded in the form of a cup. "Figures - is 250 g for females and 300 g for men whose weight does not go beyond the norm. Those who weighs more than the 10-20%, this portion can be increased to 50 g " , - says Rima Moysenko.

Principle number 7: snack 3 hours before dinner ...

Cup low-fat yogurt ..., portion savory fruit or berries, vegetables ... When waiting for the next meal from lunch to dinner, then have time so hungry that overeat at night.

 Especially important and tight enough - that if the usual time for dinner fail (for example, you have to stay in the office), or you can set up an evening workout.

 That is, if you get home late and obviously hungry. Then you can eat a snack and something starchy: muesli, pasta with chicken, porridge, not to overeat before bedtime.

 And at night - eat steamed vegetables, drink a glass of buttermilk.

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Yoga and nutrition do without fanaticism

    Problem "to be or not to be a vegetarian" everyone decides for himself. But there are general rules that are fair to all. The main thing for a man who with the help of yoga becomes aware of his body

 - ask yourself the question: what I eat? In theory, we all know that, going to the store for groceries, it is necessary to study the information on the packaging.


But in practice, we often forget about it, furthermore, we deceive ourselves, buying on what is written in large letters.

For example, the words "sugar-free" can mean that a product contains a sweetener, which, incidentally, is injurious to health is much more than sugar, even if it is refined sugar.


It is important to understand that the quality of products begins with your own transition to a new quality. So buy fresh, natural foods, give yourself to go to the labor market,

Take the time to choose the best quality vegetables, fruits and milk. If possible, buy organic food: maybe they do not look as "lush and colorful" - but this is only because they have no dyes and flavor enhancers.

The principle is simple: the closer to nature, the better. Crude oil is always better than refined, brown sugar better than white, brown rice better polished.

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life, we eat food, but eat it contains prana - energy that permeates all around. The more processed the product has undergone, and the longer it is stored, the less it is this very prana.

For example, you cooked vegetable soup: it should be eaten immediately, because, having survived the night in the fridge, it will lose its beneficial properties. If you still want to leave the soup for tomorrow, then grind it in a blender - whole vegetables retain more energy. Avoid canned foods, frozen, deep processing of the past - no good in them no, they only give a feeling of fullness.

Without fanaticism

All this, of course, does not mean that we should dwell on the problem of food products viewed under a microscope, and shy away from anything that is called "tasty, but not useful."

Yes, when a person eats, the food should be simple. But if the table for the sake of communicating with each other is going to family or guests come, do not necessarily limit yourself - let it be beautiful and delicious.

In severe restrictions there is nothing good, and certainly should not be hungry when you start practicing yoga, your body is changing, and the amount of food should be sufficient to provide the body building

material. It is necessary that the food was varied and nutritious, and tea and coffee in small amounts does not harm you.

As the birthplace of yoga - India, some are beginning to get involved in Indian cuisine, and thus fall into another extreme. Of course, Indian food - delicious and beautiful. Yet for us it's more exotic,

which is good in moderation. The most useful food for humans our latitudes - cooked from the fact that it grows in this area, it is in this season. Apples, vegetables grandmother beds, "native" domestic cereals, milk - that's the basis of our diet.  

A still better oriental dishes is where they were invented. By the way, if you go to a good Ayurvedic doctor is making you personalized nutrition program, it is likely to replace the exotic local ingredients. And besides the features of your constitution, will take into account your lifestyle, plus climate area in which you live.

In equilibrium

The basic principle of Ayurveda - to live in harmony with nature. And we have in mind and your own nature, and what surrounds you. Ancient Indian medicine does not give universal prescription: each person is unique. Everyone has their own metabolism and your type of constitution, which, according to ayurveda,

If a person is dominated by pitta, he should limit yourself to a spicy dish and add to the diet products with a cooling taste - such as milk. A person with a predominance of vata dosha Ayurvedic doctor will advise soothing, "grounding" dishes - porridge, soups.

And when kapha constitution recommended more dry and light meals, fresh salads, fruits and vegetables, less fat, but more sharp spices.
Composing for their patients individual diet, ayurvedic doctors always

 take into account the time of day and season. In winter, for example, eat better hot, spicy, oily food, summer - cold food and raw vegetables. And the best time of day to a hearty meal - noon.

When the doshas are balanced, the food starts to give a lot more energy. And it affects not only the physical but also on psycho-emotional level: a person does not fall into apathy or,

 conversely, into fits of feverish activity. Such differences are inherent to those who eat without thinking, only to drown out the feeling of hunger or to have fun.

But the practice of yoga is known to develop thoughtfulness and awareness. As soon as you move forward on this path, will begin to change your attitude to food too. Then you can just listen to your body, it will not disappoint.   

Yoga and motherhood: postpartum practices

When a woman is expecting a baby, especially the first, it seems that the most difficult - make your pregnancy and make the baby into the world, and then everything will be much easier.

 In fact, the main difficulty is just starting with the birth of the child. On how to do yoga after delivery, network specialists tell YOGA PRACTIKA

Girls who practice yoga regularly, usually think so, Behold now face in a jiffy and immediately go back to indulge in the hall . This is a fallacy. "It's just a much better deal during pregnancy,

- says Elena Ulmasbaeva, director of the Moscow Center for Iyengar Yoga. - After birth, the first 40 days it is not worth practicing.

At this time the most important thing for moms - to sit with the child, and - especially if the child first.


In the tradition of every culture has the same rule - about forty days after giving birth to just sit with the child. This is the most important days: to come milk, needs physical contact with the child's mother, in fact it stimulates lactation. "

Many aspire to immediately start practicing, because worried about the physical form. Indeed, after giving birth, most women get better, and, in truth, no classes will not help.

There are women who, for fear of gaining weight, do not breastfeed, but hormonal changes that does not change: it will return to normal no earlier than 9 months.

On the contrary, we must understand that breastfeeding just helps the uterus to contract and toning of the abdominal cavity.

"Perhaps, - says Elena Ulmasbaeva - during this period you do not want to practice yoga. If there is a need, you can do Shavasana ( corpse pose). A start can be actively engaged in only forty days, and, of course, a special program tailored to specific problems. If you had a C-section, be sure to follow the doctor's recommendations: begin to engage only when it is allowed. When permission is obtained, you can begin to deal with typical obstetric problems.

Reduced tone internal organs

There are postures that contribute to the return of internal abdominal organs in place. This, for example, Adho Muhka Shvanasana (dog pose upside down) only need to put the feet up, resting, for example, under these bricks.  

It is important that in these positions the internal organs of the pelvic diaphragm moving back to the spine and up to the thoracic diaphragm. This direction of the female pelvic practice you should be present in almost all bending forward, but after birth it is especially important.

Very good perform inverted poses - Halasanu, Sarvangasane and shirshasana, emphasizing the position of internal organs. Naturally, if the allocation is not stopped, inversions do not need:

 it is important to give the opportunity to go around, which should come out.

Practicing different options Tadasana and Setu Bandha Sarvangasana , foot strap can be linked to create a movement of the pelvic diaphragm upwards. When we breed foot,

 it creates a space in the pelvis, which is important during pregnancy. When we bring them closer, as if merging into one leg, we do hip and pelvis more compact. And this is true after childbirth.

Postpartum Depression

Principal means to deal with this form of depression - being as much as possible with the child.

Put him to sleep next to him, wearing by yourself - this way also helps lactation. If pregnancy and delivery went well, depression usually does not happen. But if she did have help inversions and asanas

 to disclose breast - such as Supta Baddha Konasana and Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana.

If there were problems, or, for example, my mother is very young, we need a slightly different approach. We must remember that my mother - also a man.

Try to go out to do nice gifts, create yourself some joy. Perhaps such a joy, a trip to school in room or buy a new form for employment.

Physical form

If you have gained weight while breastfeeding, it is not necessary to actively fight with the fullness - usually, it's useless. A reaction to prolactin. If you do not plan on feeding, or no longer feed, active practice will help to cope with being overweight -

 but not power and dynamic, as usual. Unique: there should be some limitations.

Do not make an active posture on the disclosure of the pelvis - a bunch of compressed during this period, they have not yet had time to recover. If you have had an epidural, do not load the spine, do not make the deep slopes forward and twists.

Experience shows that after epidural anesthesia during the year there are problems with the spine. So when all bend deeply, you'd better sit up straight. Regarding abdominal poses: you need to remember that there were no load on the lower back.

Better use of auxiliary materials - Bolster, bricks to gradually gain strength. Do not be afraid that sagging breasts: refer to breastfeeding counselors, they will explain how to avoid this.

Correct posture deployed shoulders and stretching hands in standing poses - a guarantee that the breasts will look good enough.

Women who choose to prolonged breastfeeding, should be ready for the fact that they do not want to engage with the same intensity as before, and they will not get the same joy from classes. Must accept and understand that while a woman is nursing,

 she's such a status - a nursing mother . And the most important thing. After birth often do not want to work (hard to think, solve all sorts of production problems),

 have sex, take care of yourself as thoroughly as before. This is normal, it is caused by hormones and it goes when you stop to feed.

Return to normal practice (as well as to everyday life) occurs in all different, someone even for a few years.

 It is necessary to empirically understand how long you need it. Practice always depends on our state. If you want - engaged, no

 - do not, well, except that sometimes lie down in Shavasana. And do not blame yourself for it: nothing to do, overcoming yourself, especially in this period. Order and there is ahimsa - non-violence.


Yoga for lovers of high heels

Strange thing still love that we love high heels, despite the fact that sometimes they hurt us. For information on how to reduce the pain, and most importantly its effects to a minimum, network specialists tell YOGA Practika .

Beauty requires sacrifice  

Let's eyes : to walk in heels is not easy. Especially if you run through the streets, and not just move "out of the car in a boutique"

Yoga for lovers of high heelsor proudly pace the office floor. Sometimes walk on his heels and did hurt. Even the soft, comfortable and expensive shoes with high heels when they spend all day in the evening turned into a kind of Spanish boot.

And sometimes we are very well aware of what was the Little Mermaid Andersen's fairy tales: each step caused her unbearable pain , because she trod as if in fragments. And all this quite deliberately, for the sake of the beloved prince.  
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We are also quite consciously condemn ourselves to share the mermaid. Certainly not for your favorite - we girls advanced and fully understand that loved one will love us and boots,

 otherwise, why do we need it? First of all, we're doing it for yourself, because high heels look above, slimmer and sexier. Come and feel respectively.

Moreover, it happens that without heels Well you can not do: a reception at the embassy, ​​for example, or at a fashion show, or some other formal event. Yes, and in some offices, by the way, the

 corporate dress code is quite rigidly prescribes wearing dress shoes. In short, from the heels we can not escape, and even more so - to escape. And, frankly, we do not want this.

Because - no doubt - a woman in high heels looks very nice. And we, of course, prefer to always stay on top.

High disease

Meanwhile, doctors are well aware that wearing high heels is not helpful. Climbing heels, we transfer the load on the forefoot. When a person does not rely on the heel, his hips automatically "go" forward, knees slightly bent. But we also want to spin while still remained flat: for this we begin to keep a balance effort waist.   

That is why after a long walk in high heels very often sore lower back. At the very young girls who are constantly high heel shoes,

 quickly formed a body position when polusognuty knees and hips facing forward - well, with all the ensuing consequences for the waist.

But it's not so bad. Worse, that led to the stop swaddling infantilism internal organs, and beautiful Chinese woman could not produce offspring. This, of course, extreme, we do not support such barbaric practices. And cram their feet into Cinderella shoes are not going too.

 Yet it is worth remembering: compression of the foot causes tension of the pelvic organs, and the search for balance lead to lower back problems. However, there is good news to minimize all the negative consequences can be wearing high heels! In this course we will help yoga.   

Tested in practice

Simple complex of several exercises devised specifically to create a kind of feeling in the feet massage, remove the leg swelling, back foot in its natural position (supported by the heel) and relieve lower back.

You will need : a pair of flannel blankets, a pair of wooden bricks, yoga mat and Bolster (solid roller). Bricks quite possible to replace two thick books.

Uttanasana (intense stretching pose) with a cushion under the balls of feet.

Roll the mat into a tight roll, if there is no mat - suitable flannel blanket. Spread the feet hip-width apart and place the balls roll under the feet, to put it simply, step on this roller. Keep feet are parallel to each other and the toes facing forward.

Bending only in the hip joints, lean forward and put your fingers on the floor (if you can not put on the floor, get some stand, for example, wooden bricks or low banquette).

Do not round the back - it should remain flat. Lean your hands on the floor or on a stand. Press down on the roller balls stop, pull your toes forward and plant, point up the inner surfaces of the ankles,

 kneecaps and sit bones. Try not to take back the pelvis, on the contrary, post it forward, pulling the back of the legs. Keep legs are perpendicular to the floor.

From this position the rise in Tadasanu (Pose mountains).

Tadasana (Mountain Pose) with a cushion under the balls stop

Generally speaking, Tadasana in the classic version - is the ability to properly stand:

so that the body does not settle all the bones and joints were located in an optimal way to keep your feet worked well, had less stress on the lower back, the spine was pulled up and the chest expands. Option with roller foot tones, as if massaging them.

Stand with your hands on the sides of the body, palms facing the thighs. Pull out and spread your toes.

Shift your weight on your heels. Straighten your knees and move your hips back. Straighten your back. Aim down the buttocks and spine up.

Pull your shoulders back and down, pull your shoulder blades, but do not bend at the waist. Expand the chest. Pull the neck. Look ahead and breathe calmly. Foot still divorced.

Pulling up, trying to keep an upright posture. For this intense pull your toes, buttocks send down the sternum and lift up the housing is not bent forward. Stay in the pose for 1-2 minutes.

Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Pose dog upside down)

Place your hands on the front of the mat shoulder width apart. Step back and put a foot on the width of the hips is just over a meter from the source. Dilute and pull your fingers, press the palms on the floor. Pull your shoulders off the head.


What can replace the fitness in the heat

Hot weather - a gift to anyone who wants to say goodbye to extra pounds. No appetite, weight goes almost by itself. One problem: together with an appetite in the heat away the strength and desire to engage in fitness, even in an air conditioned room.

 A rapid weight loss without sports only spoils the appearance: quickly lose muscle tone, skin becomes flabby. How to support yourself in shape until the weather eased up and we will not return to normal life?

Force yourself to exercise regularly and so hard, but in the heat make it virtually impossible.

Forces there, and it is dangerous - to give greater load on the heart. Instead of beautiful shape and good health can mistakenly get a heart attack or just faint,

 which is also very unpleasant. Therefore, most of the physical activity is better not to get out of the sport itself, but from an increase in "consumer" activity.
Daily wet cleaning

Duration of "training": 20 minutes

Strengthens: press, calf muscles, thighs

Down heaped mops and vacuum cleaners, rag in hand and ahead - to conquer the corners under sofas. Slopes at mopping, dusting when sipping from the top shelves - in extreme conditions and it can be considered a little exercise. Yes, and breathe in the sweltering apartment after wet cleaning much easier.


Duration of "training": 20-30 minutes

Strengthens: buttocks, thighs, calves

Short dashes morning we are moving from the house to the car with climate control, and then to the office with air conditioning. And the whole day sitting quietly in their classrooms, ignoring even lunch, but would not go out.

But in the evening be sure to catch up. Walking with a dog that you previously successfully pushes her husband, going to the store for a carton of milk, but

 just a promenade through the area - at least give feet a small load, and they do not lose their shape during his forced fitness downtime.


Duration of "training" from five minutes a day

Strengthens: thighs, buttocks, calves

Walking up the stairs as an additional burden - not new, but still effective. Buttocks remain elastic, slender legs, and no remorse for missed classes.


Duration of "training": the day you can "find" an hour or even more

Strengthens: hip

Forget the computer messengers. Typically we use them in the office, not to go from office to office on any issue, but now you have any load on the hand - or rather on the foot.


Duration of "training": 15-20 minutes

Strengthen all muscle groups

Scrubbing brush and a powerful jet of soul - is not only a way to make the skin more elastic, but also the ability to load a little muscle. Circular motion clockwise massage the whole body in the direction from the tip of the arms and legs to the heart. This will improve circulation and, by the way, speed up metabolism.


Duration of "training": 20 minutes

Strengthen all muscle groups

This is the most enjoyable and extremely effective "sport." Of course, when the window below forty degrees, the passion fades somewhat. But you can outsmart the heat and make love, for example, under a cool shower. Combine, so to speak, with a pleasant enjoyable.

If you are the unique person that during meteokollapsa not disgusted with the thought of the soul of the sport, then give preference to swim . Water cools the heat exhausted body, strengthen all muscle groups and "finish off" the past is not yet expended calories.

July 19 2014


How to preserve the activity fall

It's a special time of year that most of us associate with such marvelous things as yellow leaves, blue sky, walks in the park, after which nicely warmed mulled wine with friends, sitting in a warm house, wrapped in blankets and playing board games

... It's all well and good, but in moderation. No wonder that after the winter we recruit such pastime five pounds, just enough to fall into hibernation!

How to preserve the activity fall
How not to reduce the activity with the end of summer? What else can you do in the fall to more move ?


Do not build a whole home autumn life around the couch with a warm plaid and often try to leave the house - this way to move more running at 100%! Catch every sunny day,

because under the influence of sunlight on our skin to produce vitamin D, useful for our mood and immunity.

To get a good "stock up" to them before the winter chills, do not miss any chance to go for a walk. In addition, we can advise the following.

Get enough sleep. On cloudy days it is very hard to get up in the morning, and even harder to do it if you went to four in the morning. Try to go to bed no later than midnight, and woke up,  

 immediately turn the bright light and energetic music to tune in to a positive. If you do not regularly get enough sleep, the chances are that you will find the strength to move more, practically does not remain.

And boost mood gray autumn mornings helps bright yellow crockery !
To get to the bakery in the next block, do not start the car.

 Faster, cheaper and healthier to walk on all matters within its neighborhood.
Do not watch TV while lying on the same sofa.    http://www.olegni.com/story.php?title=introduction-to-melanie-addington

Can not do without your favorite show? Combine business with pleasure: ironed linen or pedaling a stationary bike. Speaking of bikes

and trainers at all : if you have long wanted to buy it, it's time to do it. Brand new trainer (stepper, ellipse or banal fitball), standing in the middle of the room, certainly it motivates you to do, if you are serious about staying in good shape. Of course, otherwise you will have another dryer.

Speaking of fitboly if you spend much time at the computer at home, be sure to use instead of the usual computer chair this inflatable ball. This is a great way to both sit on the Internet and train the vestibular apparatus, the leg muscles and posture.  

Devote off spring cleaning - it's like to combine business with pleasure: get the output perfectly clean apartment and minus 1,500 calories!   

Simulators that help you lose weight fast

Most girls do not go to the fitness room for a very simple reason - we just do not know what to do with that. Imagine you walk into a room, and there are so many unexplained iron fixtures, of which you are familiar with a maximum of five, including a jogging track .

 Eyes are dazzled! Let's deal with.

Simulators that help you lose weight fast
The first approach  

See also:

First you need to attend classes with an instructor. In any decent gym it is included in the subscription. Per hour coach should bypass the whole room with you and introduce you to all the iron things

incomprehensible, to tell what muscles they swing, how to adjust the weight, where to put your feet and where the power button. 


 If you are not going to engage with the instructor a personal program, this trial lesson coach may not show special initiative in drawing up an individual plan for you lesson
 - his task to conduct an evaluation procedure. So try the maximum knowledge out of him yourself.

Tip: bring an evaluation exercise notebook and pen and write down detailed recommendations coach. Particularly close attention to the order of approach to the shells and their combination.

 During one visit to the hall you do not have to exercise at all simulators, and shaking his legs and arms and the press, and back. Ask the instructor how best to combine these kinds of exercises,

remember the dates look like simulators and write procedures, so the next time you do not have to frantically to remember which side of this simulator have to sit down . 


Do not be afraid to look stupid with a notebook and pen. Visiting room a few times, you'll notice that many visitors go to training with the same lists and even brutal macho doing bench press 30-pound barbells, neatly cross out this task from your list.

 By the way, you can create a training plan and the phone - it is better suited for this application Evernote and Clear, as well as special programs like GymGoal.

Beginners in the gym useful stand at the entrance to the site and have a look to get their bearings. Trainers, of course, are grouped by the muscles to which they affect. Immediately get the look zone, where the greatest concentration of the number of men, as well as barbells and dumbbells.

There while you do nothing, unless you're a bodybuilder, so feel free to turn around back to her. In the rest of the room is what we need: trainers for leg muscles,

back and shoulders, a large complex simulators for hands (he usually is closer to the center of the field), a swinging bench press and cardio.


In this zone are all familiar with treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipsoids. If you come to a hall with a view to build muscle, you need cardio only as a warm-up at the beginning of classes and

 "hitch" in the end. Universal recipe - intensive walking on the track at a speed of 5-6 km / h for 5-10 minutes, no longer need.

 If you do not want to increase muscle mass and lose weight, you need to devote as much time as it is in the cardio training.

 Cardio burns fat, so if you are worried about a few extra pounds around the waist, then you here: run, walk on the ellipse or intensely pedaling.

Principle of operation of the three simulators similar: first press the button Start, then immediately begins to move, then the buttons on the control panel select the target workout (fat burning cardio or manual, when you set yourself a load) and enter the required parameters (weight and age) . After this simulator calculates the number of calories you spent, kilometers traveled, time, motion and your heart rate. Load during the workout, you can reduce or increase the arrows on the control panel. Time flies quickly under the energetic music, so please pre-compose a playlist of dance songs (yes even Sophie Ellis-Bextor), under which you will have to open a second wind. Of these three simulators (jogging, exercise bike and ellipsoid), select the one on which you enjoy doing. It makes no sense to suffer on the track, if you are comfortable on the ellipsoid: the calories are the same, and joints from running mikrosotryaseny absent. Besides jogging need special shoes, and for the ellipsoid and the bike it is not necessary.

Proceed to the weights. Principle of operation on them too similar. We have to act on the following algorithm.

Lady on a bicycle

"If we talk about my Fix, my beautiful, sky blue fixe, it was the purchase of discharge," Wow Well my mother what he golubenky, I want to-buy-buy-buy ". Omitting lyrics

- fix for Moscow unusable. I tried. I tried. I wanted to show and prove to everyone that I get the pleasure of skiing.

Vain. Because it's hard to have fun when you go to the Garden and you feel like your newly clean face covered with soot,

 and every second motorist angrily signals and makes no attempt to crush.  

As for the fitness effect: I can not say about the curbs. More precisely, about the borders - we are in Moscow.

I just love it the word "curb" because it reflects all the suffering that I felt, breaking them on its sky-blue.

 Every sidewalk imprinting sky blue bruise on my priest, and some I could not overcome. http://www.parkour-network.ru/node/2804
Had to climb down and drag. But - can not say anything - Pumped up ass, legs and hands were tightened more relief.

In Moscow, after a lot of insurmountable curbs. My verdict: bicycle - it certainly is beautiful and clean, but the car nicer to me somehow. "

All bikes are divided into four categories: road, travel, mountain and hybrid (and not on the "feminine" and "  

masculine", as many believe). Virtually everyone who is interested in extreme slopes of the mountains or travel long distances, suitable road bikes:

 they are not intended for serious sports loads and generally sufficient budget.

Rama. Choosing a bike, you must make sure that the height of its frame was 10 inches below your waist. This will allow optimal load distribution and not overtax the shoulder belt while driving. Material of the frame also affects the weight of the bike. Aluminum frames - the lungs, but also the most fragile, steel - much heavier. Optimal choice - chromium-molybdenum steel. 

Saddle. together Since you spend a lot of time to choosing a bicycle seat should be taken seriously. Narrow saddles more suitable for sporty driving, long and wide - for walks. Note that almost every bike model can adjust the location of the seat - height and tilt. Best of all, when the saddle is positioned to sitting on it, you can fully put the foot on the pedal at its lower position.

Wheels. larger the diameter of the wheel, the less work you will need to spend while walking. Narrow more suitable for city driving, but wide - on the road or in the suburbs. It is also important to pay attention to the rim. Recommend aluminum: it is easier, and therefore drag bike with a curb at the curb will not be so problematic.

Two-wheel effect
An hour spent a leisurely bike ride and a half times more calories than an hour dance workout or a game of bowling. In addition, the bike helps to develop coordination and balance. Before every cycling need to do a little stretching to prepare the muscles to work and take plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.


Velonagruzka help pump up his feet and tighten the calf muscles will remove extra centimeters hips. How to Rita said, after regular cycling cellulite disappears and capillary net. However, be careful with the knee and ankle joints. When an improper (eg, uphill or total dehydration of the body) cycling they will be the first.


Regular cycling strengthen the upper body, arms and abs. While we pedaled, the load goes to all the muscles of the body, including the abdominal muscles. Cycling also helps to burn large amounts of fat, which is often laid on the belly and waist.


Cycling not less useful than running, but if the load running is not for everyone, then ride a bike will help everyone - unhurried pace of riding and significantly lower than when running, the load on the heart and have a positive impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
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