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August 11 2014


Stretch tube breast disease in women

Stretch breast ducts are common diseases of the breast, usually in women breastfeeding childbirth several years or more.

Visible manifestation of breast fiber tumor Young women wary of mammary gland hyperplasia disease Breast cystic fibrosis: a disease common in women
Although not life-threatening but troublesome disease brings many sister.

Unborn child is at risk for breast ducts stretch

Thu Hang, 25 in Dong Da, Hanoi, working at a state agency was extremely surprised to hear her doctor informed dilated breast ducts. Although no expression but what about health occasion held company health check , are registered Hang physical examination to understand their health situation.  


With the conclusion dilated breast ducts localized translation consistency, multiple infections, Hang extremely disturbed by her children ever born, then why can dilate his breast. After a visit to a specialist in products that she used, her results still show signs of mild dilated milk ducts need to carefully monitor examination.

Doctors specializing in obstetrics Le Thi Kim Dung, Medical Center employees Thai Ha said, relaxing breast ducts in women are rare unborn child. Only a few isolated cases suffering from this disease due to hormone changes or nipple slipped regular ...  

Stretch tube breast disease in women 1

Normally, stretch or relax ductal breast ducts is the status of the main ducts are dilated, often appear in multiple spawning and women to breastfeed for many years. The dilated ducts accumulate long days providing milk to milk out more thick. So, if not clean, bacteria can enter the skin from external nipples and milk ducts causing inflammation, known as superinfection. Multiple infections can occur inside the milk ducts or milk around dilated ducts.

Dr. Dung, stretch tube breast is not dangerous and no clear expression to young women only discovered when a general physical examination, routine. When you detect the disease need specialist care to be doing the necessary tests to assess breast lesions.

Breastfeeding mother many years relaxing milk ducts

Modern women breastfeeding many years does not cut milk, prolonging breastfeeding when dry is one of the important reasons causing breast ducts dilated.

Her eldest daughter is 34 years old Thanh Thuy Dong Nai 4-year-old is still breastfeeding. She explains, 2nd unborn child, breastfeeding also should not affect your baby does not always suck more then their own.

Until age 5, he was ashamed and self- weaned . Since her daughter was weaned on the teat Thuy often milky discharge, breasts, redness, nipple slipped. I think that it is normal because symptoms do not suck anymore so tense few days as her breasts out.

Last for weeks without remission, breast pain, palpable tumors, more fluid and odor. Afraid of breast cancer, she specialized hospital care to know her then dilated milk ducts, need to do some tests to know the exact amount of damage and appropriate treatments.

Stretch tube breast disease in women 2

Dr. Dung, there are many reasons to stretch the breast ducts, including hormonal changes, smoking, often being left nipple, vitamin A deficiency ... is the underlying cause.

Mammary glands of women 10 - 20 lobes, arranged spokes form, each lobe contained numerous lobules made up of clusters of milk capsules. The milk ducts or go from the nipple to the pipe connecting the lobules and ducts to connect with the milk capsule. Stretch hose only occurs when breast milk ducts near the nipple clogged and inflamed.   

When dilated milk ducts, patients often express nipple discharge, pus white, slightly blue or black discharge from nipples, hard nipples and in the surrounding breast tissue, redness, lumps , nipple slipped. Milk deposited outside bacteria can penetrate inside the milk ducts cause inflammation and fever.

Typically, the signs and symptoms can often help. But there are also more severe cases, doctors will prescribe antibiotics , anti-inflammatory. If the infection becomes subject - cars require surgery to drain pus or remove the dilated milk ducts.

Doctor recommended solution, stretched ducts are not symptoms of breast cancer risk and no complications of cancer. However, without understanding the cause of these abnormalities is best to see a specialist to determine the direction and aggressive treatment.   

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively

Do not overlook the food in your kitchen they can be the "mystery doctor" and help prevent disease very well there.Complications of the disease and how to treat insomnia Pinkeye: Rooms easier than cure 9 the wonderful healing touch
"Doctor," Department of Internal Medicine

Beer - heart disease prevention: The experiments show that, if sustained drinking a beer a day will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . It should be noted, beer can help prevent disease but can also cause illness if you drink a lot. 

 If you drink a glass a day can help prevent heart disease, drinking 2 or more than 2 cups / day can lead to cardiovascular disorders.

Orange juice - prevention of high blood pressure: Orange juice contains potassium, calcium, and vitamin C should be able to help lower blood pressure.

So, let's create the habit of drinking orange juice helps maintain healthy blood pressure and also reduce the risk of developing heart disease caused by high blood pressure.  

Fish - asthma prevention: research findings, eating more fish to cool and fill the lungs, which can reduce the symptoms of asthma . That is because the fish contain magnesium, which helps reduce the symptoms of asthma.

For asthmatics, the doctor recommended, best 3 daily meals must have at least one meal of fish or other seafood.

Ginger - helps reduce nausea : Nausea is often caused by low blood sugar. Fresh ginger can help maintain blood sugar levels translate certain. If you get car sick, bring fresh ginger or fresh ginger powder before drinking can prevent dizziness and vomiting. 

Corn - room nephritis: Maize diuretic, swelling consumption, lower blood pressure should be beneficial to the internal organs, especially the kidneys. Japanese people often or for a little cornmeal in the morning while drinking tea to help treat chronic nephritis edema.

Tea - headaches: Headaches are often caused by changes in the blood vessels caused, it's time to drink a cup of tea, caffeine in tea can inhibit the blood vessels to narrow, reducing headaches.

Chocolate Almond - reduce the risk of dementia: Almonds coated in chocolate is rich in vitamin E, may slow aging effect problem of the brain caused by age.

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively prevent disease 1
Many of the foods you are possessed of curative magic. Artwork
"Doctor" Dermatological

Steak - baldness treatment: Science has proven, those who regularly eat lean beef, though not completely solve the problem of hair loss, at least can slow the risk of baldness .

Oats - itching rooms: Quality avenanthramide in oatmeal is a natural anti-inflammatory and wound healing, is used to treat itching, dry skin. You can give oatmeal in the bath water (warm water) or use a lotion containing oat extract topically.

Garlic - foot fungus treatment: Apply garlic on the sore spot and can help eliminate fungal inhibitor, relieves itching caused by fungi.

"Doctor" gynecological

Flaxseed Oil - Tri dysmenorrhea: According to experts, the substance prostaglandin penetrate body tissues, uterus contractions that reacts, this is an important factor causing dysmenorrhea. Eating flaxseed oil can prevent the release of prostaglandin.   

Therefore, the expert recommendations, the dysmenorrhea best to eat 1 or 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil / day, spreadable eaten with bread or salad.

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively prevent disease 2
Do not overlook the food in your kitchen coz they can be the "mystery doctor" there. Artwork
"Doctors' surgery

Onions - bee stings healed: If bee stings, use a fresh onion slices applied to a bee sting site. In onions have anti-inflammatory compound that prevents toxins and prevents the development of inflammation.

Bananas - reduces leg numbness: Get fresh banana peel gently rub the hands, soles of feet, then rinse with warm water will work to reduce swelling due to frostbite.

"Dr." ear, nose and throat

Chrysanthemum tea - treat mouth ulcers: Mix a cup of chamomile tea, let it cool and drink, do not swallow quickly, which should in your mouth for a while before drinking, two hours each time. Doing so can reduce inflammation caused by mouth ulcers.

Cloves - toothache Treatment: Just rub a little clove oil to the tooth site inflammation, pain, after a few minutes you will feel numbness, pain relievers, antiseptic effect immediately.

5 harmful effects caused by drinking plenty of fresh water

Although soft drinks for dieters sugar but contains no chemicals in noco can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure ...Add to harm unsuspecting of carbonated soft drinks

 The unknowns about the harmful effects of carbonated soft drinks Freshwater fish contain dangerous tapeworm larvae Today, in the market there are many products to choose fresh water.   http://bookmarktoday.info/health/hypothyroidism-ebook-review/

But it makes you wonder if it's soft drinks are often high in calories. So, you said that choosing fresh products for dieters to overcome this situation. however, if the product is recorded "for dieters," you do not just think it's better regular soft drinks.

Although soft drinks do not contain sugar but the chemicals in it not only does not help you lose weight but also can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems. .. Fresh water for dieters contain artificial sweeteners,

 if you drink much can cause turmoil led to the ability to manage the body's energy. Here are some health risks caused by drinking plenty of fresh water for dieters.

5 harmful effects caused by drinking plenty of fresh water for diet 1

1 Heart Disease

A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine showed that people who regularly drink soft drinks for dieters will be at risk of health problems cardiovascular higher than those others,  http://wfaegswerg.info/story.php?title=hypothyroidism-revolution-scam

 such as heart attack and stroke. Though not contain calories but taste chemicals make for soft drinks are not good for health.

 If soft drinks for dieters a day doubles risk of heart attack and stroke. According to Dr. of Boston University School of Medicine (USA), drink plenty of fresh water for dieters will developing metabolic syndrome by 50%.

 Metabolic syndrome is a condition that causes health problems such as high blood pressure because it creates too much fat around the waist. 2.

 Type 2 diabetes, the American Diabetes Association said that people who drink diet soft drinks have a high risk of diabetes 67%. Dr. Vasan explained that metabolic syndrome also increases the risk of developing diabetes sugar in soft drinks because they contain aspartame - sugar substitute sweetener.

 In addition, although the FDA (Food Administration and United States Pharmaceutical) approved this material, but the safety of aspartame are still questions and some consumers drink soft drinks after the show appear symptoms such as headaches and stomach discomfort. 3. Kidney problems    http://maleform.info/story.php?title=hypothyroidism-ebook-review

A study published in the Clinical Journal of the Harvard Medical School, Renal Association (in the USA)

 found that women who drank two or more cans of soda each day, even if it is fresh water for dieters they also are more likely impaired renal function. A 11-year study conducted in 1989 by the kidney specialist - Dr. Julie Lin of Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston (USA) showed that the level of sodium high and artificial sweeteners found in soft drinks for diet-related decline in kidney function.

Though other factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes can also be a factor contributing cause kidney problems but fresh water for dieters still considered could inhibit the filtering function of the kidneys and weaken over time.

5 harmful effects caused by drinking plenty of fresh water for diet 2

4 Obesity

in America Several studies have shown an association with those who drank diet soda and metabolic syndrome. Saying it another way, drink plenty of fresh water for dieters will be more likely to be overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a bigger waistline. many people assume that because there is no fresh water available calories should diet would be helpful in weight loss.

 However, Dr. Vasan announced that drink at least one can of soft drink per day increases the risk of obesity by 31%. Why so? It is because of this sweet drink lots of water can make the desire to eat your sweets increase.  

Additionally, some people believe that they can eat more calories in their diet because they have regular soft drinks for then diet. It is subjective and loss of control is likely to cause obesity. 5. Makes teeth deteriorate

Although fresh water is considered normal drink is not conducive to the teeth, but even soft drinks for dieters also can make your teeth go bad. High acidity in soft drinks for dieters completely can cause erosion of teeth, leading to tooth weak and dull ... In fresh water for dieters still contain artificial colors, so it also makes stain your teeth.

A few important things you should know about your intestinal system

Many people do not want to talk to intestinal problems, digestive system so that you do not suffer from this disease. However, gastrointestinal health extremely important to people.All frequencies disabilities need to know about what your digestive system 8 things you did not know behind the body's

 digestive 6 habits to help your digestive system stay healthy Gastrointestinal tract of humans contains trillions of microorganisms and hundreds of bacteria.   http://shate-mag.by/node/31502

 In fact, the number of bacteria in the human body is more than 10 times compared with cells growing number of studies are carried out and demonstrate the importance of the intestinal  (all of living inside the body) in helping you digest food, stimulate the immune system,

 protecting you against infections and make you healthier, think more clearly. factor of each other intestinal each system's intestinal

microbial different people and how they are affected by what they eat and live. However, there is one thing that anyone will not be ignored is to build a healthy intestinal system. When you were born, your gut is quite similar to the parent

(if you are breastfeeding a lot). Guts rapid development in the first year until age 2.5, the intestinal flora of a child similar to adults. So what happened in the first year of life is very important because "it marks for the digesting your future", Anita  a molecular epidemiologist at the University of Alberta said. 

The Researchers are not sure about all the things that could affect the development of the intestinal flora from when you were young, but it is clear that these changes happen easily and quickly. New research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal of Medicine found that children born Caesarean way to lose a specific group of bacteria than babies born normally.

 infants fed formula also significant difference in their intestines than babies are breastfed part. The researchers say that these differences make infants at high risk surgical patients develop allergies, asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes, and infants are breastfed will have a number of bacteria protect against this disease.   http://presbycor.ru/node/31454

 However, Kozyrskyj, who led the study, said "many are also other factors that influence and no certain formula for all children".
A few important things you should know about your intestinal system 1

The connection between gut health and overall health

Intestinal Health complicated but tied to overall health, so that Dr. Michael Gershon, a gastrointestinal specialist at Columbia University, to name it is the "second brain". "The intestines have a complex nervous system interacts with your brain. Which is why you see restless anxiety," Gershon, author of "Second Brain"

 (The second brain) for said. In fact, many patients fall into a persistent anxiety and depression altered bowel function. "If you stimulate the vagus nerve, connecting the brain, intestines, stomach and respiratory, circulatory and digestive system, you can treat depression and epilepsy, even stimulate memory"

Gershon said. He added that the nerve can also simulate natural signals sent to the brain gut. however, the changes in the gut of you can also make you feel worse (both in terms of the and physical

sense). Disruption of intestinal flora can also lead to a variety of diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and even cancer

... It can make weight gain. A few notes for healthy intestinal system "If you feel bad health, chances are you are experiencing intestinal problems", Leonard Direnfeld, a medical doctor specializing

 in functional in Toronto said. At this point, you should visit your doctor soon and ask to be tested for distribution (if necessary) for details about bacteria and intestinal parasites of you.

A simple way others can help strengthen Intestinal health is keeping diet, healthy living, avoid contact with multiple risk factors increases the amount of bacteria, germs are harmful to the body. Some foods are considered good for intestinal health including yogurt, sweet potatoes, lean meats and fish, whole grains, bananas, ginger teas ...

Stomach flu and what you do not know

Stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) derived from virus attacks the stomach and below is what you need to know about the stomach flu.Young children also gastric ulcer 9 point name "culprit" causing stomach upset

These "roads" lead to stomach ailments fastest
Despite the fact that this is a fairly common disease, with at least 20 million cases of the stomach flu every year in the United States, but many people still do not know about this disease. 

Called stomach flu is basically inflammation of the digestive tract or gastro - intestinal, a condition during which the stomach lining or intestinal tract is attacked by a virus, bacteria or parasite certain.

- Having the flu shot can still get sick

When people say "influenza", they mean by a virus that attacks the nose and throat caused. This is a common disease and development worldwide. The flu shot helps prevent the virus but does not work with the virus that causes inflammation of the stomach and intestine (also known as stomach flu).

When stomach trouble, it can lead to symptoms of confusion, such as body aches, nausea and slight fever, Gary - Professor of Internal Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City said. Therefore, the stomach flu may not know they are suffering from it.


- The virus is pathogenic
There are many different strains of norovirus, norwalk virus included all cause symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, may experience muscle aches, headaches, fatigue and mild fever.

Adults infected with rotavirus often has no symptoms, but can still spread the disease. Some people can spread the virus even without any symptoms.

Stomach flu and what you do not know 1

- The disease is highly contagious

Stomach flu spreads very quickly and easily. Basically, virus infection in your stool or vomit items due. And if you're not careful, the virus then penetrates through the back of your mouth.

Viral gastroenteritis can be spread from person to person or by touching contaminated surfaces, but you can also viral gastroenteritis from contaminated waste water, food or water or from the meal processed foods or from an infected person.

Compared with other viruses, noroviruses have a very healthy life and live through the day, so it makes easier to spread disease, cause stomach infections.   

Hand washing is the best way to protect you, Dr. Rogg said. You should wash your hands with soap and water, avoid preparing food if you are sick (you can still infect others after 3 days or more even though the symptoms though declining) and carefully washed laundry , use gloves to handle dirty clothes and bedding if you can.

Symptoms of the disease

The common symptoms of stomach flu stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever, chills. Most people who are infected may recover spontaneously without treatment. The most dangerous situation is when the stomach is inflamed dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea. This situation is especially dangerous for infants, young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems ...

Although the stomach flu, dehydration is very important and you need to keep your body avoid dehydration , but does not mean that you drink plenty of water as well. "Drinking too much water in your body reduces the electrolyte balance in the body, this will not be beneficial for the body," explains Dr. Rogg. In particular, you should not drink more sweet than sugar and no salt in the body can make diarrhea worse condition.

Some other notes:

- If you see blood in the stool or vomiting, seek medical help early. If the status of ongoing diarrhea, worsening, then you also need to visit soon because it can cause the body to severe dehydration.

Doctors diagnosed gastroenteritis is likely based on symptoms, examination and sometimes in the presence of similar cases in the community. Stool test can quickly detect rotavirus or norovirus, but no other rapid test virus causing gastroenteritis.

- Anyone with a chronic illness, such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, or kidney disease, HIV infection or who are taking immunosuppressive ... to prevent the stomach flu because they have a higher risk of other objects.   

June 02 2014


Let's start with bodybuilding and exercise

Various methods and bodybuilding exercises are conducted to build muscle can improve physical fitness. Many muscles exist throughout the body, which could be directed and underlined.

 In the upper regions, they contain the shoulders, neck, middle and lower back, chest and abdomen. Forearms, biceps and triceps weapons can also be determined. The lower area of training include emphasis on the thighs, buttocks,

 calves and quads. Each could do individually in isolation or used in combination with other people too. Isometric exercises to strengthen the neck. Start by bending arms so your elbows point to the sides. Hands are placed on the forehead.  https://storify.com/kaylinadrien/drain-hair-from-your-face-a-natural-recipes#publicize

Neck muscles contract to bring your head forward and push hands. Hands should be pressing with equal and opposite force so that the head does not move. It also carried out in the opposite direction with hands behind his head, and then press the head to the back. It may also be formed on each side, against each hand.

 Hand circles to construct the force in the shoulder area. Stand up straight and put your hands in the hand, while in accordance with the shoulders. The weapon should be in a position parallel to the ground. Start moving arms in a circular motion feet in diameter. Continue for ten seconds, then change direction.    http://kaylinadrien.soup.io/post/429468128/Drain-hair-from-your-face-a-natural

Holding weight makes it much more demanding. Alternating floor press works several muscles: chest, triceps, shoulders and abdominals. Holding kettleballs, lie on your back and position hands on his shoulders. Palms should be directed towards the feet. Raise kettleball chest, and then do the same with the other.

Press both arms over the chest, and then bring the left arm down. As it approaches the body, rotate it so that it faces the other hand. Then alternate restretching on a bent arm and bending line 1. upper arms include biceps. Alternating hammer curls work the biceps successfully. Start standing with arms in hand, and holding a pair of dumbbells. Palms should face inward toward the body.

 Contract proper shoulder, lifting the weight to the chest, while the level of the shoulders. Hold and then slowly lower down. Do not move the shoulder during this movement. Repeat with the left hand. Plenty abdominal muscle groups may be on when the air moves from the bike. Lying on the ground, knees bent   https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/366673-melanie-addington-review

, hands location next to the head. Do not pull with it, as it strains the back. Raise your lower legs parallel to the floor position and lift your shoulders off the ground, as well as in crisis. Thrust the right flank just before the left leg bends and enters into the chest. Right elbow, the requirements to cross to reach the left knee.

 Legs simulate pedaling motion. Return to the center and then repeat with the other arm reaching to the other knee. Lunge barbell works the quadriceps and calves, buttocks and hamstrings. Stand with feet slightly apart, feet parallel.

 Hold the rod with weapons in hand. Legs should be engaged and to ensure that support direct trunk. Step forward with the best legs and squat to the left knee close to the ground.

 Maintain the right knee for the toes. Return from the right heel before the position is reached. Repeat again with the other leg. Exercises can create all kinds of body.   http://kaylinadrien.guruhormones.com/2014/05/23/the-treatment-of-grain-arms-and-back/

Daylight can focus on one place at a time. Or they can engage many muscles of the body at once. In any case, the definition and bodybuilding can be achieved.

Carb Cycling, discovered the secret to increasing muscle

What is Carb Cycling? Carb cycling is usually dietary strategies to change the daily intake of carbohydrates. This is mainly carried out for gaining muscle, along with the idea is to consume more carbohydrates in your coaching days in an attempt to bring to your body the excess calories (follow any form muscle gain).

 Advantages Carb Cycling more than the usual diet To anyone to gain muscle, there must be a surplus of calories (ie you need to consume more calories than your body needs for day-to-day functionality).

Stripped of such excess, your body does not have the resources to build muscle and can really ruin muscles if your calorie intake is under your personal "service" consumption. Carb cycling is different from the traditional muscle gaining diet is that it is really designed only offer caloric balance on coaching days, instead of all the days in the week.  

Carb cycling is reaping the benefits of taking in extra calories to build muscle, but also regulates the excess calories that can help limit fat gain and leave you with muscle growth. Things to be careful when Carb Cycling not get the wrong impression when carb cycling you offer certain days (education days) when you can increase your intake of carbohydrates, but this must be done in moderation.

 Out, and there is rampant carbohydrates or calories will definitely work against your goals and may lead to unwanted fat. You want to shoot for 10 to 20 percent of calories surplus on behalf    http://www.hotarticles.us/article/how-to-burn-fat-energy-and-slow-metabolism   

of days to find that sweet spot. Adjustments should be made ​​according to your body kind. Example - if you caloric content level is 3000 calories per day, that is what you will consume your days off. On education days you consume of 3300 (10% excess) and 3600 (20%

excess). Another thing to feel through your cycling carbohydrate food options. There is a wide range of carbohydrates out there, but you will find useful and not so healthy options on carbohydrates. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, seeds, and beans, and low-fat dairy are all excellent sources of useful carbohydrates. Sweets, desserts, soda, pastries, and all that is created with refined flour is not so great. You do not have to cut it is possible (if your planning on creating a

competitive physique), but like everything in life - moderation is essential. Not all people are designed Like any diet plan, carb cycling should be adapted to the user's you - your kind of body and lifestyle. There's no cookie cutter program that works for everyone, but now you should have thought within base your personal diet regime around. Once you develop your plan, it is always greatest to  

re-evaluate your diet and goals of each couple of months. Make changes as important to ensure that you get the most out of your diet too, as your training. Carb Cycling Resume For all those who want a quick and dirty breakdown of carbohydrate cycling for muscle mass, here is a brief low-down: - Carb cycling increase carbohydrate intake

to education days to meet your body having excess calories (certainly acquire muscle) - Carb cycling gives you the benefits of caloric surplus (muscle gain), but limits the adverse side effects (fat deposition) - Do not go crazy with the carburettor consumption.

A little goes a long way ... - Be smart in the production of your carb alternatives - Do - whole grains, fruits and vegetables, seeds, beans and low-fat foods - not - sugar, sodas, candy, cookies, or something with refined flour (white bread, pasta, etc. ..) -

Revisit your progress and adjust the plan is crucial. former skinny guy who got 42 pounds in 4 months and teaches Joes typical way to build muscle. If your goal is usually to make muscle    http://fortalent.com/blog/view/s/2014-05-22-ways-to-increase-the-weight/

(without the need for standard fat profit) Adams recommends that you look at the applications that can be tailored to achieve this goal. If you do not know where to start, check it SomanabolicMuscle Criticism Maximizer at build muscle problem as a starting point, that rely on these types of applications.

True Life Offers for weight for Skinny

Are you currently tired of is called a wimp just because of your size? Or you need to get some respect between the guys through the neighborhood meetings? This report focuses on the growth of hard, who try to gain momentum and updates on some noticeable muscle in your body.

As you may know, gaining weight will give a lot of positive aspects for you as a young adult, as well as matured persons. You can get the respect of your fellow mates, and women will reveal even more, because you stand in comparison with the other guys. In addition, you can expect to sky-rocket your self-confidence.   http://cancelmonday.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=97365&sid=9477d5084f1dd8b501e75d3fe8590d18

Everything you do will be the most beneficial thing you can do, considering that your subconscious mind works differently when you feel confident you. Whenever you visit a fitness club and decide to lift weights, you need to make the perfect to get the largest possible part of his instructions.

 So you can get the best results, you need to be more focused. This can be done by preparing a good meal before exercise, and intensive training system. Be sure that you get almost every exercise you do, how many reps with, along with the weight you lift.   http://shabu-sen.com/forum/index.php?topic=94272.0   

 This can give you the information to track progress in the future. Meat is your favorite food for those who are critical about getting muscles. White meat is lean protein supply should consume each day to supplement your intake of protein for muscle growth.

 For those who consume chicken, make sure that you consume the entire chicken breast in one meal. The heavier you weigh, the extra protein you need to take to help your nutrition level. Offered 1 gram of protein intake on body weight (in pounds).

 better also consume more than you normally do. Some people who claim themselves as hard growth really is not really hard to acquire muscle. Once they calculate the level of food they eat in calories, it is surprising to see that most of them are short hundreds even a large amount of calories. 

 The easiest strategy to identify the best level of calories to consume to gain weight at times your body weight with 18. And you get the amount of calories you should consume each day. During coaching sessions, you should focus more on the huge muscle groups.

Do not do isolation workouts, such as biceps, triceps press down whenever you're on your quest to gain weight. Ensure that you concentrate more on the important muscle groups with exercises such as deadlifts, squats, military press, and so hereinafter. You also need to plan your weight lifting 3 times a week, with appropriate cardio on weekends. You must get a prescription from a certified private trainer for this. Some applications are going to be training for higher  http://stemencapital.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=65240

 physique compared to other many people. Thus, following a profitable system of muscle building will be most beneficial for you personally. Your body will require food as fuel for your body develops, so make sure you fuel up your body every 3 hours to help

 keep the program of work. If you accidentally can apply these kind of food, you can be on your muscle building strategy for success. Do not forget, do not neglect the importance of carbohydrates. Acquiring enough carbohydrates in your vehicle will allow you to have enough strength to lift heavier and grow bigger.

 Now you understand significantly tips for gaining weight and packing on some critical muscles in your body, go ahead and use them within your training and your everyday worries . I would like to clarify a lot more detail here.

 Nevertheless, specify the full procedure of developing muscles take a lot of time and more than a review. I documented a bit of muscle mass from my previous encounter create muscles and coaching my clients on my website.


Best Creatine - increase muscle building

If you bring the desire to build a strong, muscular body to improve the macho image to impress the girls, the muscle creatine Advance, is undoubtedly the best choice. Considered the best creatine supplement, this has led to a huge transformation rotation smooth and lanky guys in a wonderful beautiful pieces.

 It is a natural desire of man to have shapely biceps and abs muscles to create a lasting impression wherever they go. Daily busy schedule often prevents them from sticking to a strict diet and body building, which can be largely offset by better creatine.  http://forum.dovme.com.tr/index.php?topic=65601.0

 Creatine Muscle Advance is recognized as one of the best creatine, thanks to its ability to build muscle or increase lean body mass in a short period of time and is completely safe to use. Creatine is a key ingredient that works magically build muscle.

A unique form of creatine monohydrate, creatine in muscle cells stimulates receptors Advance in increasing muscle volume. Creatine is a mixture of amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine, are usually produced in the body by the liver, kidneys and pancreas and is absorbed into the bloodstream.   http://helpingamillionhomeowners.com/forum/index.php/topic,44784.0.html   

 Lower production of creatine in the body leads to the formation of weak muscles, which requires replacement after creatine. Adoption of protein-rich diet helps increase the production of creatine, to some extent, but often not enough to build strong muscles. Proteopepsis beyond a certain level causes other minor tasks.

 In such cases, muscle creatine Advance can be accepted as the best creatine supplements. This unique supplement increases muscle strength, power and time to recover. Creatine creates wonders in improving the volume and lean muscle strength and improves stamina for rigorous physical training.

The faster the speed muscle recovery Creatine Advance, called professional body builders and athletes to take the best creatine supplements to boost energy levels and productivity.   http://exploded-d.com/forum/index.php?topic=288776.0

In other words, this is the best supplement can also be termed as the best performance booster. Magic in the creatine supplements is to restore weak and lean muscles in just two weeks

 Another important advantage of the best supplement creatine is that it promotes fat burning unnecessary addition to strengthening muscles.   http://xtcpr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=100418&sid=a413199b48b769cdee60d3826515b4f2   

Through regular use of creatine in muscle Advance, you can maximize the benefits of muscle building exercise training. You will not feel exhausted or burnt out from rigorous physical training, but will gradually go to the building of a strong and healthy body.

How Planning Training for Building Muscle

You will see the results will be distinctive for different people today whenever any muscle-building system, just like any fat loss system. With a pair of slimming, who one particular who lose weight faster? Women and men will have a completely unique end result, they will build muscle in a variety of approaches.

There are many types of training schedules that you can get online. Many are cost-free and other people have a membership fee, or come in the form of the book. When developing muscles, you should allow them to recover after an intense workout,

 you just put them in order. Different approach to do this would be to target different muscle groups every day. An example of this can be for the following groups with each other: • Chest and triceps and shoulders • Abs    http://foro.yolohago.cl/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=38055

• Back and Biceps • Legs application of this approach to training schedule to build muscle is really helpful for beginners. Each routine will not assume that extended to run, but you can start to see results very quickly. In addition, it allows for more than enough time to rest. 's very important to relax the muscles so that they can create.

Throughout the training you have stretched your muscles to their max, they need time to relax, and it is also the time when your muscles start to develop. There was much discussion over the time of day to perform your workout schedule to build muscle easily . Many experts recommend the formation of the first factor inside the morning if probable.   http://www.parkeerplaatssex.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=188136

 This enables the abundance of time during the day for the muscles to relax. Remember, your muscles develop, although the body is resting. This is great in case you have a sedentary job during the day. If you do not have time to work inside of the morning, the train when it fits your schedule most effective.

The main factor is the training standard and permanent basis. Many people prefer to train every day, and now operates in three outs per week, there are two days of rest. This schedule will run during the week and on weekends.

Thus, after a few weeks you will have two days off in the middle of the week, and it may be preferable for you. When I started, you must relieve yourself in your muscle-building program, and not going to start too hard of suitable from the outset. Start with light weights and increase them after you find it becomes too easy. You can create your muscle mass with our risk of injury. http://mytechadventure.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=42340#p42340

 So you get all the benefits of the program to receive our place on hold mode and slip back into your progress. Was workouts to build muscle mass, you will not have to fight to get the results you want.


Tips on how to quickly build muscle tissue

Particular vitamins and minerals that your particular muscle tissues require require maintenance, correction, as well as the latest build muscle tissue. Necessary protein is a key nutrient for the creation of each of these achievable.

As for strength and to ensure you can trust the best levels of carbohydrates and vitamins. Eating a healthy and balanced foods are also usually takes concern in food for at least 4-6 meals daily and consume 3-4 liters of water every day. Two. Helping dumbbells very first Masses like barbells and weight loads allows easy movement instead of reducing these people.   http://yeastinfectionreviewss.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/body-fat-and-cellulite-linda-allen-scam/

Using barbells and dumbbells and let your body and muscles to get strength, stamina, energy, along with an increase in muscle size. few. Uses procedures associated with the compound exercise is probably the most important simple techniques to build muscle fast is to do exercise aimed two or more muscle groups. They call ingredient workouts.

Types of exercises chemicals, squats, pull-ups, push-ups and sit ups and stomach. These target different muscle groups in the body processes and at the same time. Four. Residue and have enough sleep Muscle Building promotes benefits in the event of your physique with muscles well rested and relaxed.   http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?p=8881783#post8881783

Ample rest and pleasure promotes maintenance, repair and building of muscle tissue against vital to smooth the actual development with the progress of muscle tissue. If your muscle and body fatigue left a place for muscle to work his methods to improve muscle mass.

 Overtraining, as well as performance will not improve results in muscle tissue, but the improvement expose accidental injury and trauma. Some of them. How well do you record progresses Watch how well you are progressing. List your daily workout. Keep track of all your workout routines.    http://forums.menshealth.com/myModeratedContent/contentType/FORUM_TOPIC

Develop appropriate file your progress can help you change aspects that do not work effectively for you personally. Collect and practice these types of new tips on how to build muscle fast. These kinds of Five necessarily have easy methods to create muscle fast will really show you the right path in relation to muscle building.

These species should be your unmistakable key for you to quickly improve the muscle tissue. In no time, you will notice your body to turn in a well-structured form, which will certainly help make the jaw reduction each person.

needs, such as the least difficult and fastest ways on how to provide prompt final results when you try to get regardinghow additional understanding to build muscle mass fast.  

 Requests may stop while you get solutions for the same query, so help you recognize these guidelines, as well as spend on a new you. Now! See a wonderful and realistic upontips advantages of how to develop muscle quickly.

May 30 2014


Ladies Gym Special mode Fitness for Women

Physical attributes are always differ between men and women. Thus, the physical nature of their preparation are also different. If you visit the gym women, you will receive specialized training and fitness regime that will be more result-oriented than the general trend, which is used in other places.

Age has an impact on the physical structure of the woman. Thus, when you are over 30, and only began to exercise it would be wise to visit the gym center unisex ladies instead.

 Here specialized coaches understand bone and muscle structures accurate and advise you with the right type of exercise suits your age. Exercise and fitness go hand in hand.  http://content2read.com/health-articles/types-of-endometriosis/

You can not be 100% healthy habits only with regular work and household chores. There are special exercises aimed at giving your more flexibility and blood circulation through the different parts of your body   http://whoisamandaleto.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/what-to-do-in-the-condition-of-uterine-fibroids/

. On completion of the regular you can stay healthy and fit at all times. Access to the gym helps ladies for women to help them solve their problems effectively. Here expert trainers can help you understand the structure and shape of your body. For most women, looking lush constant dream.  http://www.88keystoeuphoria.com/blog/forums/topic/the-typical-symptoms-of-menopause/

In the women's gym you can achieve this as well as additional strength and hardness in the muscles bringing greater confidence and fitness. Ladies gym is not just exercise and physical training for fitness.

This is the place where you can talk to an experienced dietitians and nutritionists about the necessary food intake for better health. With age, your diet needs to be modified with a shift in emphasis on certain items and prevent others.

Have regular medical check-ups and heart monitoring conducted here, in addition to burning calories your workout, allowing you a more complete picture of your health as well.   https://storify.com/alexusalfredo/the-typical-symptoms-of-menopause

Recognized gym women always have a coach on the number of participants. Has a personal touch provided cardiovascular exercises and physiotherapy as needed. Ladies gym, Women's Hall   

Group fitness training cost effective for your health

Exercise plays an important role in modern life. With the ever-changing life and professional commitments, people get very little time for their own well-being and relaxation.

 In this case, there is a difference that can be created with group fitness classes.

Although there are many people who prefer small groups or even solo meeting with his coach to be part of the group created motivation. This will help you to try new limits fitness tests and cherish more health systems within.  http://descriptiontruthaboutcellulite.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-careful-studies-of-problem-areas.html

 There are different types of group fitness training classes believed that experiments with new methods of exercising power. in group fitness training there is a deviation from the pattern of regular and routine exercises.

These changes often to keep the spirit and enthusiasm of the team alive. There is a kind of waiting and anticipation of new exercises, following the impulse performances.

It has been tested with the studied observation that such training program as a whole to attract more participants and is more efficient in improving the health too  http://descriptiontruthaboutcellulite.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/the-careful-studies-of-the-problem-areas-are-thighs-and-buttocks/

In group fitness classes have a one to one ratio of trainers that are available for ongoing monitoring and guidance among the participants.

They are trained to help pull the unique indoor and outdoor exercise along with diet and physical therapy requirements. session of fitness classes are equitably distributed between internal and external   

activities. In both sessions, there is a well-structured exercise plan, which is designed to bring optimum physical and mental development, as well as stress management and relaxation techniques.

 Nature of the activity helps participants to develop a greater interest for the same, as well as take advantage of changes in the atmosphere on a regular basis. Perhaps this is also the reason that the group

fitness training has always helped lead to more effective results, even for a short period of initiation. Group fitness classes, group fitness training   

The secret to the system, bones, joints strong seasons when

Want a good health, and especially not when home sick, we need to build yourself a bone, joints strong and healthy now.9 foods that fight inflammation joints are good

7 vitamins and minerals to help bone health Decrease osteoarthritis pain without using drugs

Bones, joints play an important role in every human activity. If you want healthy joints and less pain,   http://www.thearticlesdirectory.co.uk/article.php?id=118397

you need regular movement, especially in the time of the season. These simple exercises you can spot made ​​as swivel joints wrists, feet, ankles, shoulders, twist ..

. to help your joints supple. In addition to practicing bone, you should also do exercises to support muscle growth as lifting weights, bend ... The train abdominal muscles will create favorable conditions for the joint exercise is a better way and often more frequently.   http://www.kingofarticle.com/article.php?id=37095

However, depending on the age that you can exercise and practice appropriate forms.

You can perform the exercise form below to match your health.

1. Cycling Daily    http://eugeniajasper.svbtle.com/growth-hormone-is-administered-subcutaneously

Cycling is a great activity to help burn calories and create a large amount of flexibility to your joints. When cycling, the amount of blood in the body will be circulated to help lubricate joints coffee makes your knee joints become supple, healthy.

In addition, cyclists can exercise full authority in the body, strengthen the cardiopulmonary function and increase stamina, boost metabolism and blood circulation, slow down the aging process.

The secret to the system, bones, joints strong as seasons 1
Want a good health, and especially not when home sick, we need to build yourself a bone, joints strong and healthy now. Artwork

2. Swim

Swimming help for all your joints are rhythmically active, be active and supple. The underwater movement can form a cushion for your joints, help you not hurt the motor. However, you should also pay attention to swim in an indoor pool with warm water, avoid swimming in cold water.

3. Yoga

Yoga has so many positive effects on health, but to help you repel illness, reduce stress , keep in shape and beauty, yoga also helps bones and joints supple and strong. Regular yoga practice helps you have a smooth gait, graceful and avoid injuries, strengthen muscles. The gentle movements of yoga, low energy consumption and no more affect your joints. So, let's habit forming yoga 10 minutes a day.

Also, provide adequate magnesium and vitamin D for the body as well as a way to help ensure healthy bones and joints.

These are two very important elements to the bone, helps support calcium absorption mechanism. If you do not provide enough magnesium and vitamin D, your body lacks calcium, bones become weak and brittle. Take magnesium supplements and vitamin D in foods such as nuts, green leafy vegetables, meats, eggs, tuna, salmon, cheese ... and let the body exposed to sunlight in the morning morning, here is plentiful source of vitamin D for the body naturally.   

The intestines and digestive system

To avoid accumulation of toxins in the gut, you should choose foods that effect in colon cleansing diet to detoxify your digestive system.Effects detoxification, weight loss south Vietnam cranberry juice The effect of essential oils to detoxify the body Add a few ways to detoxify the body, prevent constipation

The presence of toxins in the colon can lead to several problems, such as constipation , diarrhea and other infections.  


You are constipation, kidney and bladder infections, bad breath, body odor, abdominal pain, and nail fungus ...? That could be a warning sign of colon containing many toxins you need to be cleaned. Colon or large intestine is a vital part of the digestive system.

 It is also responsible for the digestion of nutrients in the body. However, due to the fact that the body absorbs toxins from the food we eat, the medicines we drink and the environment  

we live ... a layer of mucus plaques formed in the colon. When this mucus increases can lead to a lot of health problems from mild constipation to colon cancer .

 When you eat foods that colon cleansing, toxins will accumulate in the body and foods will be fully digested. This will make you feel energized and healthier children.

Some foods help clean the intestines and digestive system 1
Detoxification diet with a colon cleansing is an effective way to keep your digestive system healthy. Artwork

A diet rich in fiber foods will best support for the digestive system because it cleans the mucus sticking in the colon. It can also reduce the risk of colon cancer. Therefore, we need to add both types of fiber (soluble and insoluble) per day. While insoluble fiber especially good for improving and prevent constipation, the soluble fiber increases beneficial bacteria, produces an antibiotic natural body.

Below is a list of foods that help detoxify your digestive system.

Green Food: With high levels of chlorophyll, foods green soothes and heals damaged tissue in the digestive tract. Known as "internal deodorant" of the body, these foods can help your body to get more oxygen and toxic waste out better. Foods in this category include alfalfa, barley grass, spirulina, blue green algae ... 

Fermented Foods: Fermented foods like yogurt can supplement bacteria in the colon. These beneficial bacteria have a wide range of functions to help the digestive system.

 It combines the vitamin from food remnants, degrade toxins, preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, development of beneficial bacteria, stimulates the immune system and the production of fatty acid chain Short supply a rich source of energy for cells in the colon.

Water: Water is a common solvent and profitable in the toxic waste from the body. If you do not drink enough water, you can face constipation and intestinal and renal toxicity. Also, when participating in physical activity, while fever, in hot or dry climates and after consuming meat or salty food 

... your body will need more water. Body of water that each person should also not alike. So, you should complement your body enough water to cleanse the colon, remove toxins from the body .

 In addition to water, you can drink more fruit juice and fresh fruit and vegetables or herbal tea to help clean the colon.

In addition, some oils such as fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil, oregano oil ... also known to be beneficial for colon health.

Some foods help clean the intestines and digestive system 2
When you eat foods that colon cleansing, toxins will accumulate in the body and foods will be fully digested. Artwork

Some foods should be avoided

These foods contribute to toxic waste in the colon is the most popular meat and refined sugar. Meat or refined sugar take longer to digest than foods high in fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This means that it is in the intestines and colon longer, so easy to cause digestive problems. So, you should cut down on junk food or fried foods such as potato chips, cakes, shrimp pasta ... to avoid increasing the burden on the intestine.

6 misconceptions about the ability to have children

Many sisters have not really understood about their ability to have children.

This can cause you do not know how to protect their reproductive health best.Married 4 months still not pregnant, have no infertility? 2 cancers in reproductive organs and sisters often the most expensive 2 how to check for abnormalities in the reproductive organs 4 principles to protect the fertility of women

In a survey of 15 basic questions concerning fertility is done by the American Fertility Society, only one out of 12,382 respondents answered all the questions correctly!

 So a lot of women proves not really understand true health reproductive health as well as their own. This is especially dangerous because it can cause you do not know how to protect their own best health

Here are the misconceptions about reproductive health that many women face.

1. Good health = good fertility

This is one of the most common misunderstandings about fertility . Dr M. Singh, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan, the "Many people feel that as long as they take care of themselves by eating and exercising, their fertility will not reduce" . However, this is not necessarily true.

Fertility decreases as we age, regardless of the time you are healthy or you did not smoke. There are even perfectly healthy people but still have difficulty conceiving because of congenital or incompatibility between the sperm of the man and the environment of the vagina woman.

6 misconceptions about the ability to have children, but many women do not know 1
Many sisters have not really understood about their ability to have children. Artwork 

2. Pill reduces the fertility

There is no evidence that the use of appropriate contraceptive drugs affect the ability to have children in the future of women. Because these types of birth control pills can only survive in the woman in a certain time so it does not affect the body and fertility. However, if the drug abuse, not used as directed by a doctor, can affect the ability to occur.

The pills usually hormonal impact, so, if not used according to rules and instructions, may cause endocrine disorders in women and cause difficulty conceiving.

3. Conception occurs only during intercourse

"The conception can occur a few days after intercourse," Dr. Singh said. Since sperm can live in the reproductive tract of the woman in several days and wait for ovulation to fertilization. So, a woman can have sex a few days before ovulation and still get pregnant.

4. Stress is a direct cause of infertility

Although stress can delay ovulation by inhibiting hormone, it is not the direct cause cause infertility in women. Not all those who are stressed and can not conceive. Stress can lead to hormonal disturbances, since it involves the ability to ovulation disorders and fertility. If you are considered to be the cause of infertility , it is the indirect cause, not directly.

Similarly, you should be made to distinguish between everyday stress and severe stress, Dr. Singh said. "If your stress affect the quality of your work or family life, it can also affect your fertility. Acupuncture and other treatments may be beneficial in reducing stress straight, especially with those who are trying to become pregnant, "Dr. Singh said.

6 misconceptions about the ability to have children, but many women do not know 2
This can cause you do not know how to protect the reproductive health of their best. Artwork

5. Must have sex daily fast new conception

There are people that just have sex 1-2 times a month is more than enough to get pregnant, while others believe that it "ties" are often conceive new possibilities happen fast. But the fact that both are not true. Chances of conception are highest at the time of ovulation women. So doctors recommend having sex on the days before, during and after ovulation woman to increase chances of conception.

6. Infertility is a genetic factor in family

Infertility problems are not hereditary so it's not a matter of genetics . Fertility varies from person to person. Therefore, checking the overall health and gynecological examination is necessary to determine the health status of the actual cause of infertility in each person.

It's better to consult your doctor if you experience problems during pregnancy. Most of these conditions can often be treated. Besides showing you soon, preferably. So let's not misconceptions about fertility are barriers to fertility.

Beware of tooth decay in young children

All we want your children to have a strong shiny teeth, not only for aesthetic reasons when the babies grow up, but also a way to ensure the health of children because of the implications evidence comes due cause tooth decay.
Where tooth decay? What is the consequence?
Tooth surface is protected by a layer of natural enamel consists of minerals stacked bar close to each other

Acids from food, especially sugar produced in the process of eating will wear the enamel and penetrate into the tooth structure underneath facilitate attacking bacteria teeth.  

Not only that, if the child has a dental hygiene habits sketchy way to create plaque, this is where the buildup of harmful bacteria to the tooth. Because that is the only part not capable of self-healing, so when complications occur, the baby must be treated as directed by your doctor.

If decay to acid corrosion too long, it will have consequences like tooth causing intense pain affects young anorexic condition. More seriously, deeply corroded teeth through dentin layer off will cause some

inflammation of the pulp, tooth abscess cause evidence, some cases can cause sepsis, an infection of the face, even young permanent teeth may be lost.
Beware of tooth decay in young children 1
Children's expression of cavities?
To avoid the unfortunate can happen, parents may note the following expression for the early identification of child oral health that early treatment. Every month you can check that the baby at home with the following points should be noted:
- The white spots, brown or black spots on the chewing surfaces, legs around his teeth.
- The darker the teeth.
- Detected deep hole on the tooth surface.
- Children feel a sharp pain when eating.
Beware of tooth decay in young children 2
Treatment and prevention?
Upon detecting the signs that a child may be having dental problems, the parents take the child to hurry the nearest medical center. Here, the doctor will provide treatments to suit each age group. Do not only use traditional methods such as hot packs, use Clove oil, mixed peppers and ginger red horns ... So this is just a temporary pain relief, so long as the disease tooth decay will gets worse with unforeseen complications.
Besides, you exercise healthy eating for young children to avoid eating too much candy or other foods high in sugar. Comes as you let your baby exercise routine oral hygiene routine with products produced specifically for children. The toothpaste products contain high levels of fluoride supplement will help enhance acid for prevention of tooth enamel.   http://yeastinfectionreview.metroblog.com/in_the_treatment_of_cellulite
Beware of tooth decay in young children 3
Let children create good habits of oral hygiene to avoid unfortunate situations can occur.


The symptoms of kidney infection in women

Recognize the symptoms of kidney infection is extremely important because it can help treat the disease earlier and thus reduce the risk of harm to the kidneys.5

important things you need to know about kidney damage People should be cautious when bird flu is on the rise Recognize the signs of pain in the kidney 8 facts about polycystic ovary syndrome that you do not know   http://teslio.com/blog/post/celluliteprogram/painless-non-invasive-treatment-for-cellulite-5693

Urinary infection, bladder is one of the causes of kidney infection . An infection of the urethra or bladder, if not treated early can cause bacteria to move up one or both kidneys

, causing kidney infections overall (also known as pyelonephritis). Women tend kidney infection than men by 2 reasons:

- A woman's urethra is shorter men should ci bacteria easily move to more careful.  https://storify.com/cherilynabsalom/painless-non-invasive-treatment-for-cellulite
- Urethral more anal.

These two factors allow bacteria easy on the bladder and cause infection, which can then spread to the kidneys.

Some symptoms of kidney infection in women:

Once kidney infection, you will quickly recognize the symptoms in a few days later. The most common symptoms include:
- Back pain and the area around the genitals
- Fever
- Trembling or shaking chills
- Feeling tired and weak
- It feels like being sick
- Nausea / vomiting
- Loss of appetite
- Abdominal pain

If symptoms such as back pain, fever, urinating. Pain, bloody or cloudy urine as clouds, heavy odor, burning sensation when urinating ... you should go check immediately.

Depending on the type of bacteria found in the urine and the patient's condition, the doctor will conduct choosing appropriate treatment.

The symptoms of kidney infection in women 1
Recognize the symptoms of kidney infection is extremely important because it can help treat the disease earlier and thus reduce the risk of harm to the kidneys. Artwork

Handling the kidney infection in women:

- Drink plenty of fluids like water, juice, juice ... liquid will keep your body hydrated and help bacterial waste from the body easier. You should avoid alcohol and caffeine because they can irritate the bladder, making infection more severe. 

- Get plenty of rest. Rest will help your body fight infection and shorten recovery time when an infection.

- Use pain relievers if needed. However, you should refer to the instructions of your doctor before taking any medication.

- Hot compresses may help reduce pain when infected.

A few tips to help prevent kidney infection:

- An important factor in the prevention of kidney infection is to avoid urinary tract infections (UTI). To do so, you should not keep holding onto urine that need to empty the bladder. Women should not squat to urinate because according to the doctor, this posture can cause urine to be retained in the bladder, thereby encouraging the growth of bacteria, increasing the risk of urinary tract infection. So urinate as soon as you have an urge, even better way is to urinate frequently.

- Urinating after intercourse. This also helps eliminate bacteria in the urethra and thereby reducing the risk of infection.

- Women should wipe from front to back after using the toilet.

- Additional size male Vietnam cranberry fruit drink to limit the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract and prevent infection.

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