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August 07 2014


These women need to keep in mind when injected contraceptives

You, dear Xinhua, Injectable contraceptives is temporary contraceptive methods. The drug is injected and progestin hormonal contraceptives work in a few months. This method is used for the women in the reproductive age want to use a temporary contraceptive methods and later recovered. Injectable contraceptives has the advantage of avoiding pregnancy is long (approximately 3 months ) and highly effective contraception (99.6%).

Given the nature of high-dose, slow absorption of the drug should always be present in the body, promoting high potency, can be regarded as temporary sterilization. The mechanism of action is inhibition of ovulation drugs almost 100%.      

 In addition, the drug also inhibits cervical mucus is also very strong, making the sperm unable to penetrate to the uterus, endometrial atrophy, which would cause the eggs are unlikely to make the team.

These women need to keep in mind when injected contraceptives 1
Contraceptive injection method is used for women who want to use a temporary contraceptive methods and later recovered. Artwork

Injectable contraceptives are suitable for women difficult to use other methods of contraception, such as are the side effects caused by estrogen (in the oral contraceptive pill) or can not use estrogen because of contraindications or People with pre-menstrual symptoms such as abdominal pain on ovulation time    http://seriousstrength.yuku.com/topic/1417/master/1/

... However, this is not appropriate contraception for all women, that women with breast cancer, a large age, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, embolization, abnormal vaginal bleeding undiagnosed causes severe liver disease ... should be very careful when you want to use this method. Ideally, in this case,

you should consult the advice of a doctor specializing in obstetrics to know is right for injectable contraceptives or not. however, the contraceptive injection has the unfortunate downside is that if there Side effects not tolerate the drug can not put out quickly from the body.

Another downside is or cause menstrual disorders , injection after stopping birth control pills, menstrual irregularities even women, who even lost business for a long time.   https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/forums/range/read.php?18,46131

The conception more difficult for women with irregular cycles. therefore, you should carefully consider your overall health examination before deciding whether to choose the contraceptive injection or not. Based on health status and your current needs, the doctor will advise you to use any contraceptive method is most suitable. Wishing you good health!


The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively

Do not overlook the food in your kitchen coz they can be the "mystery doctor" and help prevent disease very well there.Complications of the disease and how to treat insomnia Pinkeye: Rooms easier than cure 9 the wonderful healing touch
"Doctor," Department of Internal Medicine
Beer - heart disease prevention: The experiments show that, if sustained drinking a beer a day will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . It should be noted, beer can help prevent disease but can also cause illness if you drink a lot. If you drink a glass a day can help prevent heart disease, drinking 2 or more than 2 cups / day can lead to cardiovascular disorders.

Orange juice - prevention of high blood pressure: Orange juice contains potassium, calcium, and vitamin C should be able to help lower blood pressure. So, let's create the habit of drinking orange juice helps maintain healthy blood pressure and also reduce the risk of developing heart disease caused by high blood pressure.

Fish - asthma prevention: research findings, eating more fish to cool and fill the lungs, which can reduce the symptoms of asthma . That is because the fish contain magnesium, which helps reduce the symptoms of asthma.

For asthmatics, the doctor recommended, best 3 daily meals must have at least one meal of fish or other seafood.

Ginger - helps reduce nausea : Nausea is often caused by low blood sugar. Fresh ginger can help maintain blood sugar levels translate certain. If you get car sick, bring fresh ginger or fresh ginger powder before drinking can prevent dizziness and vomiting.  http://www.gardening-forums.com/threads/herbs-that-can-improve-your-health.2554/

Corn - room nephritis: Maize diuretic, swelling consumption, lower blood pressure should be beneficial to the internal organs, especially the kidneys. Japanese people often or for a little cornmeal in the morning while drinking tea to help treat chronic nephritis edema.

Tea - headaches: Headaches are often caused by changes in the blood vessels caused, it's time to drink a cup of tea, caffeine in tea can inhibit the blood vessels to narrow, reducing headaches.

Chocolate Almond - reduce the risk of dementia: Almonds coated in chocolate is rich in vitamin E, may slow aging effect problem of the brain caused by age.  

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively prevent disease 1
Many of the foods you are possessed of curative magic. Artwork
"Doctor" Dermatological

Steak - baldness treatment: Science has proven, those who regularly eat lean beef, though not completely solve the problem of hair loss, at least can slow the risk of baldness .

Oats - itching rooms: Quality avenanthramide in oatmeal is a natural anti-inflammatory and wound healing, is used to treat itching, dry skin. You can give oatmeal in the bath water (warm water) or use a lotion containing oat extract topically.

Garlic - foot fungus treatment: Apply garlic on the sore spot and can help eliminate fungal inhibitor, relieves itching caused by fungi.

"Doctor" gynecological

Flaxseed Oil - Tri dysmenorrhea: According to experts, the substance prostaglandin penetrate body tissues, uterus contractions that reacts, this is an important factor causing dysmenorrhea. Eating flaxseed oil can prevent the release of prostaglandin.

Therefore, the expert recommendations, the dysmenorrhea best to eat 1 or 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil / day, spreadable eaten with bread or salad.

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively prevent disease 2
Do not overlook the food in your kitchen coz they can be the "mystery doctor" there. Artwork
"Doctors' surgery

Onions - bee stings healed: If bee stings, use a fresh onion slices applied to a bee sting site. In onions have anti-inflammatory compound that prevents toxins and prevents the development of inflammation.

Bananas - reduces leg numbness: Get fresh banana peel gently rub the hands, soles of feet, then rinse with warm water will work to reduce swelling due to frostbite.

"Dr." ear, nose and throat

Chrysanthemum tea - treat mouth ulcers: Mix a cup of chamomile tea, let it cool and drink, do not swallow quickly, which should in your mouth for a while before drinking, two hours each time. Doing so can reduce inflammation caused by mouth ulcers.

Cloves - toothache Treatment: Just rub a little clove oil to the tooth site inflammation, pain, after a few minutes you will feel numbness, pain relievers, antiseptic effect immediately.   

These snacks prevent colds

Snacks to enjoy not only more fun but it is also necessary and good for health.Dealing with coughs and colds during pregnancy The delivery room cold winter - spring These measures of cough, cold season for children at transfer

Some snack suggestions below will also help you prevent and treat colds in winter.  http://kyleleonfatloss.blog.se/the-anxiety-on-the-joint-knees/

Lily porridge

According to Chinese medicine lily with sweet, slightly bitter. Components of tuberose especially good for the heart and lungs, stomach calms nerves, reduces fever. There diuretic, to treat cough, asthma ...

100g rice, 30g lily young, washed 20g almonds. For all the cooking pot of porridge and used for breakfast or afternoon snack into meals will work for cough, cold is very effective. In addition, this soup can also increase feelings appetite .

These snacks prevent colds 1
If you know how to use food, you can prevent disease without drugs. GUIs 
Lotus seed

Great effects of lotus seed was proven medicine and talked about. Very good for the kidneys, stomach, heart, nerves, and lotus seeds with women also have anti-aging effects.

You can eat raw lotus seeds. Or roasted, steamed to sip a cup of tea together. You can also use finely ground lotus seeds and baking, cooking tea ... In winter, eat lots of lotus seeds will prevent and reduce the symptoms of sore throat, bronchitis.  http://leanmoms.beep.com/new-page.htm

Snow Fungus

In snow mushrooms 100g contains 5-6g protein, 0.6g fat in addition to carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin B2, carotene ... Eating mushrooms snow is good for the lungs, eliminate muscle fatigue and enhance the function of the brain.

Winter snow you can use mushrooms to cook porridge, soup or just marinate steaks along with other spices to steamed fish. Or you get some snow mushrooms and boil 1 tomato peeled, seeded, until boiling, then add sugar and hot food.

4 Le appeal

Pears are normal, but this is extremely good fruit to cure common diseases in winter as cough, sore throat , dry skin, chapped skin, expectorant, stabilize blood pressure, arthritis pain symptoms ... Eating pears also work extremely slimming effect.

You can appeal or pear puree with a little honey and food supplements are also very cool.

5 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also a medicine soothes the nerves, good for organs, bones. Sweet potatoes are rich in starch, protein, inorganic salt, vitamin B, carotene and nutrients other. Therefore, eating sweet potatoes can prevent heart disease and cerebrovascular maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Also interesting dish or sliced ​​fried potatoes, crispy baked sweet potato may pulverized to make tea cakes or cooking, candy making.

6 Sesame (sesame)

Sesame laxative. Also, due to protein and unsaturated fatty acids, sesame also work to maintain stable blood sugar levels, strong bones and joints, flexible, beautiful skin. You should use a combination of sesame seeds and sesame oil, sesame seed sauce ... in any dish.   

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold

Weather turns cold when the pathogen is also capable of further development. To stay healthy during this time, you should note the following.The food you should eat when the weather of the season Parents of children hospitalized for symptoms mistakenly seasons 7 spices to enhance the health of the Season 1. Wash your face with warm water

Wash your face with cold water is best because it will help shrink the pores on your skin and help protect the skin better than warm or hot water. However, you will not want to wash your face with cold water when the weather began to turn cold, so, this time you should wash your face with warm water is best.  

 If the water is too hot the eye wash can make your skin dry, dehydrated and prone to rashes, skin inflammation .

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 1

2. Eating food or warm

when the weather turns colder it is time you should switch to eating more hot, cold, warm, cold food to eat. Eat foods cold season often causes indigestion and prone to sore throat than the summer sun. To increase food warm, you can also taste the warm spices calculated as onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon ...   

These spices are warming effects the body, stimulate digestion. A Special considerations when adding spices is, when autumn sun, not really cold winter, you should only complement spicy, moderately hot but not so much as to eat winter .

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 2


3. Drink plenty of water to avoid fever virus

seasons, especially from autumn to winter is when the fever outbreaks thrive and affect health and daily life. Typically, these types of fever were treated with antipyretics and after several days off. Therefore, prevention is the best way you should do. To prevent diseases caused by viruses in the cold weather,  

you should drink plenty of water , eat plenty of fruit. fruits rich in vitamin C should generally will increase resistance, help you effectively prevent disease. Drinking plenty of water will help your body stay hydrated, enhance the activity of the body's organs and prevent diseases caused by viruses.

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 3

4. Rubbed his eyes not to avoid red eye

wet weather when the seasons are favorable conditions for bacteria, viruses and pathogens thrive. If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, you will increase the risk of bacterial pinkeye because the eye penetrates very quickly. Pinkeye occurs seasonal outbreaks rapidly in favorable conditions and epidemics spread easily.

 Frequent eye rubbing will cause corneal damage, increased risk for pink eye . To prevent pinkeye, but to avoid rubbing your eyes, you should also limit contact with people with sore eyes and so little medicine as directed by your doctor.  https://pose.com/u/margotrobbie6/items

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 4

5. Gargle salt water to avoid respiratory disease

Because the weather turns from hot to cold to cause respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, cough, bronchitis ... so you need to do is prevention. In addition to wearing warm enough to avoid draughty place to sleep ... you should create their own oral hygiene habits clean, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every day, small nose with saline solution to clean ... respiratory tract, preventing bacteria, viruses and pathogens reside.

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 5
Photo minnh graphics

6. Prevention exercise joint soreness

Many people often aching bones , joints when seasons. It is considered a natural reaction of the body to changes in weather. To avoid this situation, you should routinely for osteoarthritis used to mobilize and exercise to improve bone and joint health system. Additionally, you should also fed nutrients, warm body to increase resistance of the body against illness during seasons.

6 things not to be missed braces

Although braces often painless, but you still need to pay more attention to dental braces to achieve the effect you want.Braces: benefit, not harm less Braces and note the home care The best time for braces? After braces, teeth and gums you can be excited, but a bit of pain. If you can not stand the pain,

 your doctor may recommend prescription pain reliever prescribed for. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following so as not to affect the teeth. 6 Refer to the following tips when your braces .

Chew gently tip in the braces should be applied when the first thing you should change your way of eating. You may want to eat as natural as before, especially after the first day of braces fitted. should you chew soft foods than before, and eat small pieces,

avoid eating hard food too. During the first day, you should eat soup, broth, and yogurt. Also, you should avoid food sticking to the mold does not affect the teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly Make regular brushing to remove all the bacteria that coat the teeth,  

especially the frame braces. In your mouth there are many gaps to be filled in foods, especially when braces are more and more loopholes. further Imagine the amount of food will get you into the braces of the possibility arises growing bacteria.

Therefore, you should brush your teeth 2-3 times / day to remove food and clean gums, teeth. use dental floss are considered the best because when you only dental braces will help clean interstitial teeth regularly.  

6 things not to be missed braces 1

Beware of getting wire braces

Sometimes it does not pay attention to the wiring problems that will cause trouble for you. For example, wires getting in the bottom of the frame braces could poke your cheek. Unless you are a dentist or physician assistant,

 you edit or cut the wires carefully, otherwise, do not try to adjust the wrong location which is applied braces and your teeth. You should go to the dentist and careful examination to be corrected. propelled Notes tongue tongue stone You have not heard? Ice tongue is a tongue moves while swallowing.  http://www.vegtalk.org/health-forum/what-for-weight-loss-success-t27203.html

It occurs in infants and disappears when you grow up. However, when the braces are removed, then chewing and tongue placement, stone blade changes. While still braces, you can reference and practice for the tongue to avoid affecting the formation and export their teeth after braces removal.

Avoid sugary foods and starchy foods have Sugary and starchy produces acids and plaque, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease development.

Therefore, you should avoid drinking tea, juices and soft drinks too dark. Normally, acid foods affect teeth if braces, your teeth are weak, then the impact will be more powerful. note when exercising Once braces, the more you should pay more attention when playing sports to protect their teeth.   http://www.enahjones.org/how-to-lose-weight-t144.html

 If the unfortunate accident involving the face, you need to check your braces soon. If you have somewhat loosened or damaged, you go to the doctor to adjust.   

11 strange picture of egg and sperm

Health Care,health Care Fitness,health You have heard much about eggs and sperm, fertilization but certainly do not know the real picture of them. Then you take a look at the picture below here.Add a cause of infertility stems from the quality of eggs Stimulate ovulation without conception, infertility can not? Physiological changes in a woman's ovulation

Here are 11 pictures of eggs and sperm were photographed through a microscope so crisp and fancy.   http://glipho.com/margotrobbie6/weight-reduction-surgery-awareness

1. The woman's eggs

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 1

Images taken through a microscope scan of a false color of human egg cell (yellow) surrounded by cumulus cells (orange). Cumulus cells are specialized cells that nourish the egg cells grow when it grows in  ovarian follicles .

2. Secondary oocytes during IVF

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 2  

Microscope image of a secondary oocyte man (who later became an egg cell) in vitro. The small cells in the lower left is an extreme.

3. Oocytes in follicular

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 3

Pictures of a cross section of an immature egg cells in a mature follicle. Once a month, during  the menstrual cycle  of a woman, in much the only one follicle cells mature and shed eggs called ovulation.

4. Eggs and sperm

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 4

The picture shows the sperm and egg cells (or eggs) at the time of conception in vitro fertilization. Eggs are surrounded and protected by the cumulus cells surrounding the outer surface (yellow). The sperm must penetrate the cell and the cell membrane around the egg to fertilize eggs inside. 

5. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 5

This is the process of cell sperm injection (ICSI). ICSI is a method of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is used to treat infertile couples. ICSI is the process of injecting a single sperm directly into the egg, it is often used when the man has a low sperm count or sperm move slower and  conceive  naturally difficult.

6. Samples of human sperm

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 6

This is an image of a sample of sperm a man with an average number.

7. Particular sperm samples

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 7

Here is a sample of the man's sperm with a sperm count special.

8. Abnormal sperm

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 8

Image showing a series of sperm cells not normal man. Sperm head and tail defects surrounded a group of normal sperm in the center.

9. Sperm on the surface of an egg

11 strange picture of egg and sperm 9

Pictures of many sperm are trying to fertilize an egg. To fertilize an egg successfully, we need to find ways to squeeze through the zona pellucida and tough membrane surrounding the egg inside.

10. Pipes spermatogenesis

11 fancy pictures of eggs and sperm 10

This is a cross section through a tube sperm showed sperm development. Sperm nuclei are blue and red mitochondria. Sperm have a large number of energy companies to allow them to swim toward the egg.Care Food.   

August 06 2014


The reason you should not eat more vegetable.

Pregnant women, the hot-blooded, so thin and menstruating women not to eat more vegetables and laksa.4 lettuce eating healthy 7 vegetables are rich in fiber that you should know 7 vegetables strengthen the immune system during the cold  

Laksa leaves tree (scientific name meaning: , of their body they burn or Vegetable ). Being very familiar spices in humid tropical countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Laksa leaves would not be limited, prefer tropical and subtropical moist because like laksa leaves, heat resistant and can survive in wetland environments. Easy to grow vegetables that exist almost wild, by budding potentially strong stem and shoots, flowering annual results in trees being cut or pick tops frequently.

Stems and leaves of vegetable laksa leaves are just starting out, just as precious medicinal herbs. Type fresh laksa leaves, stems turn slightly purple red is usually used as drugs to treat diseases.

As trees grow annual conference, with more or less online. Creeping stems and roots at the base of the line, then stood up 30 - 35cm. Leaves alternate, oval spear, pointed at the tip and large, very short stem, leaf margins and midrib covered with long curly hair; Body hugging sheath short key, there are many parallel veins which most stretched out into long strands. 

Cotton States to form long, narrow, slender, solitary or in pairs ranked or in clusters at branch. Parts used for medicinal purposes, including shoots and leaves is a medication known you long ago.

The reason you should not eat a lot of laksa leaves 1
Chemical composition: The leaves have pale yellow oils, cool pleasant fragrance.

Oriental medicine that tastes spicy lleaves, pungent aroma, the warmth. The effects of eating  leaves alive, warm , real consumption, digestion, disinfectant, approved welding.  leaves brighten the eyes, utility location, strong muscles. Thanks to the warm spicy, real consumption, digestion, it is often eaten with duck eggs, beef, chicken, soup mussels, mussels to help delicious, warm the spleen.


However, it should be noted when using  leaves, although it is not poisonous, but if you use regular vegetable laksa, laksa leaves with more volume will decrease sex drive, decreased libido both men and women, low intensity positive Coated air, vacuum dried blood will go, women can become amenorrhea (loss of menstrual cycle).

As a result, practitioners often use to avoid laksa leaves positive impulses, peace of mind is enlightened practice of true stories that took place a long time in the life of the temple.

In folklore they are used to induce abortion laksa leaves (slow economic circumstances in less than 1 week away 5-9 day rate to 60 - 80%): Use 500g fresh laksa leaves, red body type somewhat blaze purple (blue and white laksa leaves itself does not work cause miscarriage).

The trunk and young leaves, roots and old leaves removed, washed, drained. Farewell, forcing crushed, squeezed juice is about 250ml (1 XI). Drink only once in the evening before bed. If there are results that night or the next morning, the embryonic axis itself out.

So when you are pregnant not to eat more vegetables laksa. The hot-blooded, so thin and menstruating women are not used laksa leaves.   

9 benefits of foods rich in fiber

High blood fats tend rejuvenation, focusing on those with dietary unreasonable. To remove fat in the blood, it is necessary to find the causes, screening and periodic compliance advice of a doctor.
Preventing and treating high blood cholesterol: As soon as possible 1
High cholesterol is actually a metabolic disorder of blood lipid (fat). disease not only occurs in people who are overweight, elderly fact that even thin people, and youth at risk of fat in the blood are cao.Vay What is the cause?   
According to research by scientists, blood cause fatty mainly due to unhealthy eating, eating more animal protein, saturated fat, more carbs, eat less fruit, physical inactivity, especially people intellectual, cultural phong.Ngoai, the learning process stressful,

high pressure working without proper rest mode will cause stress, leading to disturbances in the metabolism of body fat accumulation but not be converted into energy in the long run will lead to cardiovascular disease, blood fat.  
With the skinny, malnourished, due to the lack of a physical body needed to purge the extra fat, plus low blood sugar causes the body to adjust to increased absorption of fat into energy resolution. If sedentary, fat will accumulate without being metabolized, more fatty acids into the bloodstream, allowing excess fat will cause your blood.
The unpredictable consequences 
High cholesterol often have no symptoms and are usually only detected through control, periodic health examination. Consequently, few people know that high cholesterol can cause serious consequences.

 The accumulation of fat in the blood will cause the arteries narrow, blood passing more difficult, reducing blood flow to the body tissues, including the heart, can easily lead to atherosclerosis of the arteries, high blood pressure, stroke Cerebrovascular even cause heart disease, gallstones, diabetes ...   
Preventing and treating high blood cholesterol: As soon as possible 2
Wire tablespoon - Son Tra - Niu all three yellow herbs for high cholesterol
How to screen for high cholesterol?
To prevent disease should have a proper diet, reducing animal fats, eat plenty of green vegetables, soy milk, limit alcohol, drink plenty of water and especially exercise daily.
Some western medicines on the market today have rapid fat loss effects, but cause many unwanted side effects such as nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, affecting liver function, kidney. Especially in the elderly, agencies such as the liver, kidney function should reduce the side effects of the drug more easily flare.


Rooms and gynecological infections termination

Nearly 90% of female genital tract infections. It is the center of the cytology Anatomy - Bach Mai Hospital came after more than 70,000 maternal care in more than 300 communities living in three regions of the country. It is noteworthy that women with high income, knowledge as teachers, civil servants and women, the rate of infection was 70%. 
Cause from?
For women of reproductive age, the incidence of gynecological infection is very high. Lots of gynecological pathogens transmitted sexually; Personal hygiene improperly, hormonal changes after menopause ...

 More dangerous would lead to pelvic inflammatory and fallopian tubes causing infertility rules. Inflammation repeated several times that can cause cervical cancer ...
More vaginal discharge, often not cycle, vaginal itching, vaginal discharge odor, pain during intercourse, abnormal bleeding ... which are all manifestations of gynecological inflammation. If not treated promptly, will seriously affect the reproductive health of women, the risk is even higher cause infertility and cervical cancer!  


Solutions for you?
Facing pages, electronic newspaper afamily same brand new Queen - Gold product vaginal health, jointly organized GLTT program "Prevention and termination of gynecological infections" with the participation of the leading experts in obstetrics and gynecology:
Rooms and gynecological infections termination 1
Doctor Tran Thi Tuyet Lan CK II  


Rooms and gynecological infections terminated 2
Pharmacists Le Thi Phuong
The meeting aims to provide the scientific knowledge as well as sharing and answering any questions related to women gynecological inflammation.

With the desire to bring the best solutions for women suffering from gynecological inflammation, all readers to send questions to participate in the program will receive an incentive package purchase:

Warning of the danger of indiscriminate weight loss

Another good shape, healthy is the dream of women. So being overweight, abdominal obesity, many people have rushed to apply these guidelines to lose weight ignorance. One of the great mistakes is to use weight loss pills indiscriminately.
Losing weight must hurry ... which wrapped wire
States - an office staff always looks self-deprecating about his somewhat oversized. Determined to lose weight by using them you are not afraid States apply every way that friends or learn tips on networking. She initially look to the type of weight loss product advertising "accelerated weight loss in 2 weeks",   http://roundlinks.info/story.php?title=vitiligo-miracle-review-|-is-david-paltrow-scam

after a time that the right is using her weight has dropped, but the measure within two nothing changes .

 Not only that body can also manifest dehydration, nausea, heart palpitations, and always in a state of fatigue, can not concentrate on their work. She worried and decided to abandon even regret some money.
More frightening, Mai Lan for always being sarcastic about his looks but with enough determination to lose weight how to apply all the way but not that effective, on-line weight loss claims with worms are also effective blindly applied. 

The effect did not see any where, just a few weeks after that she applied to be hospitalized due to worms get into the bile duct.
Warning of the danger of indiscriminate weight loss 1
As can be seen, the wish to a body as desired, the sisters do not hesitate to rush to apply all the way despite all the dangers that threaten health, when the network lost. That died in service salon Lisianthus caused bombshell is a typical case.  http://www.goodymt.com/index.php?mid=QnA&ckattempt=2&document_srl=43282
All these consequences States, Mai Lan or victims in the salon Lisianthus encounter is due to wrong application method to lose weight. Lose weight in a hurry, look no understanding of their method can apply to paid with their lives.
Cause that makes us overweight, obesity?
Mr. Boyd Swinburn - Director collaborative center for obesity prevention WTO has concluded the cause of obesity is charging too much energy in the body and physical inactivity. In particular, the main cause is believed to be due to daily load too much energy.
There are also a number of other causes of obesity as a lifestyle arbitrary, eat, drink too much, sleep late, lack of sleep ... Genetic factors also include obesity but not high rate. Environmental pollution affect hormonal systems controlling body weight can also lead to obesity.
Living conditions are today increasingly advanced work in environmental air-conditioning, traveling by motorcycle, automobile, elevator, which makes people less energy consumption but food intake, physical nutrition to be put in too much, and cause excess weight gain.   http://bookmarking.extor.org/News/vitiligo-miracle-review-|-is-david-paltrow-scam/
Go find the solution for safe weight loss method
Excess fat in the body is divided into 2 types of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat surrounding the heart, liver, kidney, pancreas and wool both in the muscles. Director of the National Obesity Forum UK, David Haslam explained: "

 Visceral fat is very active and often pungent toxins into the bloodstream . " Visceral fat is the culprit leading cause of metabolic syndrome.

Currently the only sister is interested in reducing subcutaneous fat, without paying attention to visceral fat. Slimming properly and safely should simultaneously reduce subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.
Pharmacist Nguyen Danh Form - Former University of Pharmacy faculty Hanoi said: " For selection methods to reduce fat, lose weight with enhanced metabolic mechanisms, limited volume maximum fat burning and fat accumulation long days in the body.

 In addition to the adjustment of excess carbs, increase your exercise routine should use more dietary fat reduction support the physiological and safety ".
Safe weight loss is not immediately make sense, "no author, anorexia," does not prevent absorption process, not lose weight by reducing the amount of water in the body, not the body that lacks essential nutrients to sustainment and operations. Any increase or decrease the weight will be gradual, if applicable squeezing drops suddenly, the weight-loss choice is inconsistent with physiology.
Japan is the proportion of people overweight and obese lowest in the world. One of the secrets to losing weight safely with the use Japan as "lactoferrin". Lactoferrin is a protein (glycoprotein) associated iron in human milk and animal milk,

 produced from last month gestation period and reached the highest concentration in colostrum. Lactoferrin works to speed up the body's metabolism, and increase fat mobilization from adipose tissue reserves, burning and provide energy for the body, reduces subcutaneous fat, visceral fat.
Using regular lactoferrin enhances basic metabolic increase fat metabolism and fatty acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, coronary atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, disability week Full brain, stroke, brain hemorrhage ... and help stabilize diabetes and cholesterol control.
One of the Japanese food is trusted Lactoferrin GX, which form a membrane-bound member and shellac. According clinically proven results, 90% of users in 8 weeks GX Lactoferrin decreased 20% to 40% and reduce the excess fat from 3 to 5 cm waistline.


Antibacterial soap can be harmful to health

There is no evidence to suggest that a liquid antibacterial soap and water washing can prevent the proliferation of bacteria more efficiently ordinary soap.Kitchen cleaners, toilet bowl can cause cancer ... 6 effects of lemon detergent The most common mistakes when using detergents
Information based on research results of food regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical America. 

Management Agency U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there is no evidence that the antimicrobial agent in a liquid antibacterial soap and water washing can prevent the proliferation of bacteria effectively than ordinary soap, even these substances can be harmful to health .

Antibacterial soap can be harmful to one's health
Artwork - Internet
Management Agency U.S. Food and Drug said antimicrobial agent such as triclosan and common fungal and anti-bacterial several other components can interfere with hormone levels, which scientists have long warned. 

If exposed for a long time and with quality as n and antibacterial liquid soap phongdang, transformed into strains of bacteria more difficult to control. Dr. Leonardo assistant professor of pediatrics University of New York also said that  can also relate to the disease allergy in children is increasing.

Based on the results of this study, Management Agency U.S. food and pharmaceutical manufacturers require a period of 1 year to have to prove that the product of their antibacterial cleaners safe and effective than soap common room.

 Proposal Management Agency U.S. Food and Drug came after more than 40 years of quality assessment and fungal antibacterial triclosan and similar components. 

However, the U.S. government published the report after growing pressure from environmental Organize. Also for this reason, 5 days ago, Shufen Management Agency and U.S. pharmaceutical cungban a new guidance calls for voluntary removal using antibiotics as a growth kichthich for raising cattle for meat to reduce the human impact that day cangkhang the antibiotics.

June 09 2014


Death and humanity

Therefore probably never cease to divide humanity - and the dividing line is not just a belief in God. It brings a lot of moral, ethical and legal, but also emotional doubt.

Good death only in Europe

Euthanasia, or "good death" is the possibility that the doctor can respect the wishes of terminally ill patients to die and help him administering lethal cocktail of substances,   http://issuu.com/fitness2healthedu/docs/important_tips_for_pregnant_women_i

 usually potassium chloride. For many patients actually may be wishful starting point of unbearable suffering, but what about the others? And who is apart from each other?

So far, most controversial step is the Belgian decision to allow euthanasia in children. With the decision of minors will have to agree to physicians, parents and psychiatrists terminally ill children.

We recommend: Topic: Death   https://groups.diigo.com/group/womens-health-programs/content/linda-allen-what-usually-happens-in-the-test-after-the-pregnancy-12313070

Belgium is one of the four European countries that permitted active euthanasia, which is administered lethal means at the request of the patient. Nearby are the Netherlands,

where it is legal for persons over 12 years, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In the USA it is illegal at the federal level. Allowed, however, in the states of Oregon and    http://www.blueworld.co.za/blogs/amanda-leto-tips-for-pregnant-the-first-months-haxeelygenetry

Washington as assisted suicide. The campaign for the enforcement of the death of mercy with former pathologist Jack Kevorkian, nicknamed Dr. Death, who assisted in 130 suicides and in 1999 was convicted of manslaughter to 25 years in prison.    http://womenshealthedu.blogspot.com/2014/06/linda-allen-what-usually-happens-in.html   


Fear of childbirth is a natural thing

Overcome fear of childbirth! I'm sure it will survive Maminka.cz

Section: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Overcome fear of childbirth! I'm sure it will survive

Fear of childbirth is a natural thing.   http://fitness2health.sportsblog.com/post/628223/fibroids_miracle_the_most_important.html

For unknown we fear, usually, or at least respect. It is natural and human. When this approach as well as a sense of fear of childbirth, it is entirely appropriate. The pain, however, can survive a reward will be more than sweet. There is thus motivation and that's it.    http://sett.com/aboutwomenshealthedu/by-rusty-moore-important-tips-for-a-pregnancy

For unknown we fear, usually, or at least respect. It is natural and human. When this approach as well as a sense of fear of childbirth, it is entirely appropriate.

The pain, however, can survive a reward will be more than sweet. There is thus motivation and that's it.   http://fitness2healthedu.blog.com/2014/06/05/fibroids-miracle-the-most-important-tips-pregnancy/

The fear of childbirth and pain that contraction and opening of the birth canal accompanies the lead among women has always been a debate (and will keep until you give birth).   http://fitness2health.myfamilyprofiles.com/2014/06/05/amanda-leto-pregnancy-changesskin/

 It's a natural fear of the unknown, which is not directly related only to the very pain, but fears of a new role, which begins with the birth.

I can manage to be a mother and a partner at the same time? Will my child healthy? It will evolve as it should, and I know that I care about him as I should? How do I compare with a completely new way of life?


Evaluation of your mental health

"I would not live without him, she could not imagine. Before, I felt that I actually live longer. The daughter went to boarding school and my husband spent most of his time at work.    http://www.kingofarticle.com/article.php?id=64675

I was alone and my life flow through their hands. Alex and I are different. Unlike her husband is very active - we bike, we go to the mountains, inventing what we do on the weekend.   http://articles.al.lv/article.php?id=765963

He gave my life becomes, after many years, again I feel that I have a prize for someone that as a woman I stand for something.

"Mid-life crisis but also brings a treasure which we can spiritually enriching. However, it is important to take it as a challenge to review and re-evaluation of his life.   http://www.article-galaxy.com/article.php?id=157295

Its cornerstone is often mistaken assumption that the challenges and demands of the second half of life can do the same way as in the previous stage.

So we stick to the existing way of life and sometimes even going to accelerate as we tried desperately dysfunctional auto start, instead of a means of transport exchanged.   http://www.1500dollarwebsite.com/article.php?id=444549

 A much more effective strategy is to come to terms with their own age, to accept life as it is, to find a new direction and new values.

Healthy and a better way of life

In the life of me has nothing else?

Midlife crisis is when one day stop in horror as we realize that we are halfway through our lives. The better half is over, now we are at the top of the hill, waiting for us just slow descent down.   https://www.givology.org/~elizabethconway/blog/80411/

In the life of me has nothing else?  

Peter's life meets all expectations of the fulfillment of a dream. He was apprenticed to a carpenter and work brought him joy and satisfaction.

 Working with wood has been a hobby since childhood, and when he joined the company,

 which also welcomed his creativity and initiative, he felt that a better way of life could not choose.  https://www.apsense.com/article/mike-walden-how-to-get-rid-of-acne.html

In addition, i was lucky to partner. They met when he was twenty-two, and two years later they married and had a child.

She had been very supportive, even though their relationship has undergone some occasional problems and crises, they were good together.  

He founded his own company and soon was looking for employees because so many orders alone was not enough. He felt in his element.

The work that he likes peace and quiet at home. In recent years, however, the company began to have problems.

Peter felt that what before was the source of his joy, he will not leave in the night's sleep. 

June 07 2014


Tapered shape helps women happier

Passionate valentine season is to make the hearts busy selecting. Women, who would also want to be more loving. A slim physique, balance will easily win the hearts of men.

When assessing women's beauty, people often say "best shape, skin second third face". Psychologist Jerry Gillies also did a test panel survey with the question of men's poll. The results show, one of the things that women really charming man is willowy body, slender. Even many comments left for that slim physique of seductive women stronger than faces.  http://somanabolicmusclemaximizerrscam.blogspot.com/
Britain's Crown (Assistant Director, Vietnam) confided: " Men have always been attracted to women before physique look to the face. In all circumstances, the beauty of the body you will evoke many emotions are the opposite place. In addition, the beautiful body of women also contributes to sublimate feelings for your partner . "
Tapered shape helps women happier than 1
Men tend to prefer women with a slim physique, balance    https://www.facebook.com/felicia.julia.71
Tuan Anh (brand management, HCMC) also share the view that when women have slim physique look attractive, more charming. But according to him, the overweight women should not rush to find solutions to the health effects of weight loss as dieting, excessive exercise, liposuction ... Because, the way to lose weight is harmful to health health, make women become tired, lifeless. " Men are not only fascinated by the body, beautiful face, but also by energy sources that emit women in work, life , "he Tuan Anh share.
Thus, overweight women should find smart solutions to get slim physique while maintaining health.
So where is the intelligent solution to help healthy weight loss? Experts advise women to persevere weight loss procedures apply two effects: more volume prevent body fat and reduce fat storage in the body available.
As we all know, fat is one of the necessary ingredients for excess body but if the perpetrators are overweight. As is well-tolerated by the body, a certain amount of fat was "executed" its functions, the gradual accumulation of excess and "undercover" status creates belly fat, thigh fat body ... is present in most foods, so if fasting for fat loss would cause body missing other important nutrients.
From the above fact, modern science has launched research and effective weight loss drugs inhibit the absorption of fat from food. Use this medication weight loss, excess fat by eating away at the body will not have the opportunity to turn into stored energy which quickly weeded out. That's the first effect to help prevent additional body fat analysis. Since 1999, weight loss drugs have the effect of inhibiting fat absorption has been Administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized and allowed to circulate because it ensures the strict security conditions Full health for the user.   http://kyleleonscamreview.blogspot.com/
Tapered shape helps women happier 2
Use the active ingredients inhibit fat absorption combined moderate exercise routine can help women slimmer physique
The second effect women need to do is increase your activity level to reduce fat accumulation in the body available. The exercise such as walking, aerobics, climbing stairs ... helps combustion energy faster. Since then, the amount of excess fat will gradually be consumed.
Adopt healthy weight loss process two simultaneous effects persistently, regularly, to avoid a rush mentality will bring positive results, helping you get slim physique and sexier.


So "relationship" at any time to a successful pregnancy?

Story pregnancy depends on many factors, such as: the health of the couple, the frequency of "conjugal relationship", the time of "relationship" ..

.5 misconceptions about conception, a child that you may suffer Truth and rumors about natural fertility Married 4 months still not pregnant, have no infertility? 11 keys to a successful pregnancy that you should know   http://customizedfatlossreviewskyleleon.blogspot.com/

Hello doctor, my wife recently married and want to have a baby soon. It is now almost 3 months that I have not seen any "good news". We do not notice the time "relationship" upon which to follow naturally. I wonder if that is why my wife and have children later.
Expecting help doctors advise you about the time "conjugal relationship" to quickly get pregnant one. I thank you! (M. Zhou)

BS. Roses advice:     http://kyleleonreviewsite.blogspot.com/

M. Zhou You, dear!

Today, about conception, pregnancy, children ... is a lot of anxiety for couples who are not married and after quickly get that joy.
Story pregnancy depends on many factors, such as: the health of the couple, the quality of the sperm of the husband, the health of the reproductive organs of women, the frequency of "conjugal relationship" , the time of "relationship" ... If both husband and wife healthy, said the timing of "love" favorable fertility is also much higher.

So "relationship" at any time to a successful pregnancy?  1
Story pregnancy depends on many factors, such as: the health of the couple, the frequency of "conjugal relationship", the time of "relationship" ... Artwork

Talking about the time of "conjugal relationship" most fertile, you should note the following times:
- At the time of the day, the morning is the time when fertile than both. In the morning, after a sleep regain vitality, sperm count of men has more quality than other times of the day.
Moreover, nowadays, many couples after a tiring working day usually just want to sleep at night. If you try to "relationship" at this point would be very difficult to "top" quality "the love" also should reduce a large influence on the ability of a woman to conceive.   http://kyleleonfatlossblog.blogspot.com/
- At on point in the cycle, the ovulation date is easy to conceive. However, not how well you can clearly identify the ovulation date is the date to which his "relationship". Therefore, the best alternative is to try the closer relations most fertile days as well.
Sperm can live for 2-3 days but the egg can only survive for 12-24 hours. So to increase fertility, the couple should have sex 1-2 times a day prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation ties again. Choose the right time will increase the chances of conceiving great for you.
The timing of ovulation in women vary per person, depending on the length of the menstrual cycle. Most women usually have the following signs in each ovulation:
- Chest pain
- Abdominal pain or sharp pain in the abdomen
- Vaginal changes (wet and thicker)
- Change the position and stiffness of the cervix
- Increased body temperature    http://joeyatlascelluliteblog.blogspot.com/
In addition, psychological factors also contribute significantly to the success story of the pregnant couple. So, whether timed "love" but your spouse is also important to keep yourself comfortable mood light, not too heavy set goals for the time baby "relationship" of her.


The type of fat in the diet of our

If we cut the fat and fat-containing foods in the daily menu, does it affect your health or not?4 fat-rich foods that you should eat Rule eating throughout the day to burn fat Unveiled why fat does not make you gain weight How should I know or just to remove fat
Healthy fats like?

Fats are an essential part of our body for about 1/5 to 1/6 of body weight. Fats needed for hormone production, facilitating transport of oxygen and nourishing the skin and mucous membranes. The cells and tissues in the body fat is considered an integral part.  http://acnecaremikewalden.tumblr.com/post/87183299480/mike-walden-how-to-get-rid-of-acne

The vital organs such as the heart, brain and liver are protected by a layer of fat and water in order to secure them and prevent injury. The nerves are protected fat. Fat layer under the skin to help maintain and regulate body temperature so the fat can be considered as a layer of insulation against the cold.

Fat around your joints acts as a lubricant and allows us to be able to move easily. If our body fat we can die instantly. The cell membranes and nervous system also collapsed.  


The type of fat in the diet of our 1
If we cut the fat and fat-containing foods in the daily menu, does it affect your health or not? Artwork

The type of fat in the diet

Fat diet in your daily formed by four categories: saturated fatty acid (SPA), polyunsaturated fatty acids linked (PUFA), monounsaturated fatty acids linked (MUFA) and fats omega 3 (a special type of polyunsaturated fat).

For each type of fat, you will need an appropriate number for each different type of fat affects the body and the risk of various diseases. You will achieve balance health if you get 1/3 of the fat calories from saturated fat, 1/3 from monounsaturated fat linked, third polyunsaturated fat link and omega 3 fats. Maintain a diet including total fat is 20% to 25% and the balance between the different types of fats are essential and easy to perform based on a long term basis   .

Saturated fatty acids (SFAs) are mainly animal fats, can be found in meat, seafood, processed products entirely from milk (cheese, milk and cream), poultry skin, and egg yolks. Some plant foods also contain fatty acids saturated like coconut and coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil. When saturated fat raises blood cholesterol levels cholesterol more often, they also tend to increase the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The minimum amount of fat in your diet is essential but it would be harmful to health if consumed too much.

If unchecked, the deposition of fat along with the formation of plaque in the arteries will affect the movement of oxygen and nutrients. This will lead to many diseases affecting the heart, such as atherosclerosis , high blood pressure and many other diseases.

The type of fat in the diet of our 2
The cells and tissues in the body fat is considered an integral part. Artwork

Omega-3 fats also makes your blood less likely to form clots inside the blood vessels. With the benefits of omega 3 fats, you should add them from sources such as fatty fish, flaxseed ... If you do not like fish, you can add 1000 to 2000 mg of flax seed oil per day.

Vegetable oil partially hydrogenated (saturated fats artificial) is said to be very harmful because of saturated and hydrogenated side effects of metabolism called fatty acids (trans fats). Fatty acid metabolism is very dangerous for the heart as well as being able to cause a risk of some cancers. Some experts said that while trans fats harmful than saturated fatty acids because it increases bad LDL cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol HDL. They are used in commercial baked goods, cakes, biscuits, butter diluted daida, butter pieces ...

Cholesterol is an important part of every cell and all of the cell types in the human body will produce cholesterol. Every day, our liver creates about 800 milligrams of cholesterol circulating in the blood and go to where they are needed. This is a precursor of vitamin D, hormones and bile acids. Bile acids needed for digestion of fat and are formed from cholesterol. The cholesterol of the heart, liver, kidney and eggs is very high.

Cholesterol-rich foods are dairy products, egg yolks, poultry, eggs, fish, squid and meat. In the neonatal period and walkers, many newly formed tissues, especially the brain need cholesterol. Therefore, should not limit fat in the diet of children under 5 years of age, should be increased even more.

Omega 3 fats seem to lower blood cholesterol levels significantly. Some studies have shown that, when a person has high blood cholesterol eat more fatty fish, their cholesterol levels will be reduced especially if they also reduce the amount of


June 06 2014


12 Nausea and vomiting should not disregard

In some cases, headaches, nausea, vomiting may be warning signs of health problems you are experiencing.10 reasons why you suffer from dizziness, nausea How massage helps repel abdominal pain during menstrual The anti-nausea tips for cold days 10 measures to deal with pregnancy nausea

In life people are more or less at times feel nausea or vomiting, may be due to high levels, caused by motion sickness or ill. Most people just see it as not worth the minor symptoms to heart. But beware, it can also be a warning sign for the health of you.  http://epinex.biz/health-care/how-to-fight-the-flu/
1. Comes Nausea pain in abdomen

Description: nausea or vomiting associated with sudden pain in the upper right abdomen, and can spread to some other parts of the abdomen or back.   http://unleashedsolar.net/story.php?title=how-to-fight-the-flu-

A diagnosis of gallstones or cholecystitis.

Measures: If pain persists or worse the more you eat the greasy food, fat, quickly go to the doctor for early diagnosis of the situation.

2. Abdominal pain accompanied by nausea but over and over again

Description: nausea or vomiting occurs slowly and continue or go back and forth for a few weeks or months, may be accompanied by pain, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, edema, flatulence, and some other stomach problems

Diagnosis: There may be a chronic disease such as lactose intolerance, intestinal irritation syndrome, ulcers, food allergies, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or stomach ulcers .

Measures: Please consult and seek early treatment to palliative and end points of this disease.

12 Nausea and vomiting should not disregard 1

3. Nausea accompanied by chest pain

Description: nausea or vomiting occur with symptoms such as spasm, squeezing chest pain away suddenly; pain spreads to your jaw, then back, neck, shoulders or arms, especially the left arm; rapid pulse; or difficulty breathing.

Diagnosis: Can be caused by heart attacks.

Measures: Quick someone call an ambulance or urgently taken to the nearest hospital. Then chew one regular aspirin (300 mg) or three low-dose aspirin (100 mg per dose) immediately.

4. Nausea associated with chest pain, thirst and muscle cramps

Description: The nausea or vomiting occur to the other symptoms such as chest pain, excessive thirst, increased or decreased urination, loss of appetite, swelling, or numbness of limbs, muscle cramps, difficulty concentrating, difficulty breath, or dizziness.

Diagnosis: Heart, liver or kidney problems.

Measures: Go to the hospital immediately. An examination, comprehensive health check can identify the condition of the body and appropriate treatments.

5. Nausea associated with poor digestion

Description: Nausea or vomiting black fluid out, burning sensation in the esophagus and stomach, indigestion, or reflux.

Diagnosis: There may be ulcers in the upper gastrointestinal or gastroesophageal reflux - esophagitis.

Measures: Going to the doctor, and you may have to perform a laparoscopic cases, for visual inspection and tissue biopsy samples from the digestive tract, before it can determine the direction and pathological conditions treatment.

6. Accompanied by fever, nausea and stomach pain

Description: nausea or vomiting unexpected; may be accompanied by pain around the belly button, fever, loss of appetite, or diarrhea.

Diagnosis: The disease of stomach pain.

Measures: Quickly to the hospital for examination and treatment.

12 Nausea and vomiting should not disregard 2

8. Nausea accompanied rather unusual weight changes

Description: Feeling nausea or vomiting, which is attached to the unexplained symptoms, such as weakness, dizziness, pain or change an abnormal weight.

Diagnosis: Can be a sign of cancer.

Measures: Going to the doctor and perform diagnostic tests as soon as possible.

9. Nausea accompanied by thirst and urination

Description: Feeling nausea or vomiting, along with thirst, weakness, urinary frequency or very difficult to heal wounds.

Diagnosis: Can be caused by diabetes is difficult to control.

Measures: Soon to see a doctor in order to have control of the diabetic state body.

10. Nausea accompanied by throbbing pain in the head

Description: Nausea or vomiting accompanied by severe pain on one or both sides of the first half, sensitivity to light and noise, can be seen flashing streaks appear or blind spots; tingling in face and arms headaches.

Diagnosis: Stock migraine .

Measures: Should lie in a dark room. If migraine typically lasts from 4 hours to three days or take more than two migraines a month, they need to see a doctor quickly, to get proper treatment. If this is the first migraine, do not arbitrarily pain medications that go to the hospital last inspection.

11. Nausea after accident

Description: Feeling nausea or vomiting after the accident, fall or injury somehow.

Diagnosis: The shock after the accident or brain injury in certain parts.

Measures: If symptoms worsening trend, you need to go to hospital for a thorough check.

12. Nausea after eating a certain food

Description: Feeling nausea or vomiting after eating certain foods such as eggs, milk ...

A diagnosis of food allergy or intolerance body that food.

Measures: Limit your intake of foods in your diet every day and replaced with other foods have the same nutrients.


4 diet to lose weight you should not apply

Eating fresh foods, just eat fruit, eat food or vegetarian children ... is the type of diet people used to lose weight. But the fact this diet is not good for health.You need to lose weight or lose weight? Lose weight quickly by 6 extremely simple way Healthy Recipes lose weight in the new year

You've heard of many diets are considered effective weight loss but you wonder if they are really effective or not. In fact, any type of diets are also two sides of it.  http://investorswatchblog.us/health-care/the-symptoms-of-makeup-/

And if you choose a particular diet aimed at weight loss , you should consult the advice of a dietician because if you do not know how, you can make your condition worse.

Eating fresh foods, just eat fruit, eat food or vegetarian children ... is the type of diet people used to lose weight. But its performance was not as you desire. So, you need to consider and understand more about them before applying offline. 

Raw food diet

4 diet to lose weight you should not apply 1

Think before you consider applying the diet this. People who follow this diet will only eat live foods unprocessed. They claim that cooking destroys nutrients in food, so they eat live to not lose the nutrients that. A diet of raw foods including raw vegetables basically, fruits, nuts can ... to ensure weight loss.

However, this diet potentially hazardous to health because many foods contain live bacteria, virus, if not processed, the pathogen would easily penetrate into the body and threaten the health of you.

Diet full of fruit

4 diet to lose weight you should not apply 2

Many people have tried to lose weight by eating only fruit in a given time. But did you know that, if applied this diet for a long time may cause you to go to hospital for emergency treatment. Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher as advocates of this diet but then he fell ill hospitalized.  http://campo9news.com/story.php?title=cosmetics-can-harm-

Although vitamins and antioxidants but most fruits are lacking protein, carbohydrate and fat. Therefore, if the period of her diet food makes your body lacks protein, carb and fat ... that this substance plays an indispensable role in helping your body healthy activities.

Whole food diet for kids

4 diet to lose weight you should not apply 3

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston who follow this diet. Just like any other diet, eating foods that children have the advantage of not containing additives. Many people believe that the additive factors cause weight gain , if the food does not contain the additive would not worry about weight gain.

However, these foods contain nutrients suitable for children only, not suitable for adults. Therefore, people who eat this diet is often high risk of deficiency of vitamins and minerals provide the body. It will make you not have enough energy for all the activities and causes the body to not enough resistance, immunity to fight diseases.

A vegetarian diet, abstaining from milk sugar

4 diet to lose weight you should not apply 4

Many celebrities, especially Bollywood actors such as Katrina Kaif actress, Jacqueline Fernandes and Neha Dhupia ... apply this diet daily. When you eat a vegetarian diet, you need to eliminate all sugar, meat and dairy products. Instead, you just eat mostly vegetables, whole grains, beans ...

The left side of the regime fasting is to make the body protein or calcium deficiency drastically. It will cause more detrimental to the body, making you more susceptible to disease, especially diseases of the bones, joints ...   
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