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August 13 2014


private parts" that you should know

f in the absence of infection, but still smells "private parts" then you apply the following natural remedies here.Patients "hide" following the breath odor 5 Things surprised you did not know about body odor Recipes limited body odor when it gets hot

"The secret" smell is quite common problem that many women are often encountered in a number of stages in life. If odor free and light it up, it may not have anything to worry about too. In case of severe smell and long gone, it is likely that the pathological cause, mainly due to bacteria or yeast infection. 

However, there are also cases where you do not become infected but this area still smells unpleasant. If so, then you follow a few simple remedies okay following:

5 natural ways to reduce odor "private parts" that you should know first
Artwork    http://grifoninfo.ru/en/node/15738

1 Select the chip cotton pants, breathable

Silk and satin lingerie can be beautiful, but it also increases the occurrence of odor "private parts" because sweating increases and no fresh air in this region.

Should choose cotton underwear has good moisture absorption, preventing sweat deposited in "closed areas" should be able to limit odors. You should also choose your right size, avoid wearing too tight will cause the secret in this area.              

3 Douche is absolutely avoided

Vaginal douching can push the bacteria in the vagina into the uterus leads to pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. An effective alternative to douching that you can apply as bath salt, vinegar. Add tub of warm water with a little  sea salt , a glass or a cup of white diam, 1.5 cup of apple cider vinegar. Bathing with this phase mixtures in 15-20 minutes, then shower with clean water.      

5 natural ways to reduce odor "private parts" but you should know 2

2 Do not use scented tampons

Products scented sanitary pads often contain toxic chemicals such as benzene, ester ... so will increase the bacteria to multiply quickly, causing skin rash, skin irritation and redness ... Once the bacteria grow, it will make "private parts" of your unpleasant odor.

3 Cleaning the vagina with liquid oils of lavender

Mix 2 tablespoons of lavender essential oil to 200ml of water, then use this solution to clean the vaginal area. Light aroma of lavender oil will help you deal with the problem of vaginal odor. You can use tea tree oil instead of lavender essential oil if you suspect odor "private parts" are due to infection of the vagina caused. 

5 natural ways to reduce odor "private parts" but you should know 3

4 Dry "private parts" after toilet

After each cleaning, use soft cotton cloth, wipe it dry cleaned "private parts", or you can use a hair dryer to dry faster. If so "private parts" wet, bacteria will multiply more and more chances to make the unpleasant odor and increasing.

However, if you use a hair dryer to dry, you should cool mode to avoid drying the area. Moist or dry skin are good conditions for the bacteria that cause infections reproduction.

5 Soak chips clothing with hot water to remove bacteria on canvas

Soak your chips pants in hot water for 15 minutes before washing with soap, then wash it thoroughly with clean water is the best way to limit bacterial growth in "private parts" when you wear the pants .

The treatment of vaginal odor should only effective after you cure the infections caused by bacteria or fungi in the vagina. 


Brought Sharp move over 15-20 minutes,

In District 7, has appeared in  infections. In addition, the disease is spread through the respiratory tract in-season time as avian influenza, small pox, malaria, diphtheria, viral infection ... also increased.Food industry shaken milk causes cancer Event 250 women hospitalized for breast augmentation surgery
Rare disease returned

According PGS.BS Nguyen Tran , former director of the Tropical Disease Hospital, infections and diphtheria disease is considered rare in our country, but now reappears. infections demand usually occurs in the winter to spring transition, when the weather is humid bring cold air. The disease spreads rapidly via the respiratory tract in crowded places such as export processing zones - industrial parks and schools.             

Initially, bacteria known as  when the body will cause a sore throat - nose, if possible, the resistance goes away. When the body is weak, the bacteria continue to spread into the blood through the body causing sepsis, meningitis and can be fatal quickly.

Specifically, in severe forms, patients with  sepsis, the mortality rate is very high (from the disease progresses until death within a day). Patients who survived will bring severe  such as amputation of limbs, brain damage, hearing loss, kidney damage and psychological

problems. Therefore, according to the doctor, when expressed pharyngitis, rash accompanied by rash, patients need to taken to the hospital immediately to get the doctor to intervene timely, localized spreading, isolation of patients. Because infection is difficult to detect early because the symptoms are similar to the symptoms             

 of common viral infections such as influenza, dengue fever, many people were vaccinated. Vaccines prevent  disease is worth 140,000 VND / bottle / nose. Prevention remains the most effective oral hygiene and environmental sanitation. When strep throat, should seek treatment immediately to attack bacteria to other parts. Beware of other respiratory disease on 10/1,

Tropical Disease Hospital patients were receiving a diphtheria can severe heart failure complications through vaccination in the EPI program. This is also the discharge spreads through respiratory shoot. Because for many years the disease should appear less medication has expired. Patients waiting to medicines in very weak health condition. According to the statistics of aggregate planning department, Hospital of Tropical Diseases,

the disease is spread through the respiratory tract, such as viral infections, chicken pox, mumps and disease Malaria also increases because of the cold weather, high humidity. Specifically, chickenpox May 10-11 in only 18 hospitalizations and 12/2011, the first month in 2012 that number increased to 40 cases               

In , only 36-40 cases, this increased to more than 60 cases / month. Mumps previously about 30 shifts / month increased 43 shifts / month. Recently, Tien Giang Province has detected bird flu outbreaks have spread the risk. To prevent diseases spread by respiratory

above, Dr. Nguyen Tran Chinh advises patients to get vaccinated and how self- ly when there is a cold, cough, runny nose ... At the same time, the habit of eating cooked boiled drinking; keep the body warm and housing; working environment clean and airy.         

August 12 2014


Great story from a small swab

 Chronic otitis media should  her, 32-year-old resident at the B, collective Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan Ward, swab package is present everywhere: in your purse, on your desk and at home . She told, over the period to wrap in cotton swab manually and takes time, so now buy comfortable cotton swab

, just visit the supermarket, drug store, grocery store or wave the hawkers outside sugar is there. A few thousand dollars can not afford to mess vegetables but can buy a small pack swab. " How is the comfort and cheaper "- had once so Xuan switch plates. 
But, what is the use of the facilities that Spring has to ask her doctor to "rescue". Not long ago, during my lunch break, Ms. 

 Xuan use absorbent swab in the ear a few minutes before sleep. Because the swab cheap, packaging handmade sketchy and should just pick a few rounds, cotton has gone back down, only the first inert plastic, sharp. Throbbing ear by ear head into the thin plastic,

 was miserable because the cotton stick in the ear, pulled out more and try it even dropped deep. Just over 1 hour, uncomfortable feelings began to appear, ear aches, ringing characteristics and then, almost can not hear you, forcing you to find doctors Spring.    http://www.storeboard.com/amyjane

Must use special tools to pick, cotton pads after 2 hours trapped in the ear began to smell ...
Chat with a specialist ear, nose and throat, her new Spring startled by the bad habits of their consumers. No where to be comfortable but cheap package swab can be detrimental at any time.
Great story from a small swab 2
Currently, women are not only used cotton swabs to clean the ears but also "requisitioned" to other things. Most common type of extraction and washing minor wounds. Cotton is not pasteurized agent adds the ability for wound infection because they are in direct contact with animal wounds. Cheap Package swab,    http://www.zillow.com/profile/sunnykally/

produced crafts, line obsolete; producers are not health check, not equipped with protective devices ... led swab package becomes very unsanitary, poorly packaged. Specifically, handmade cotton swab

 use of poor quality raw cotton, not disinfected according to the cotton surface susceptible to infection, the use of cotton dust and dirt and leave it as pathogens.
Swab is also a lot of computer repair shops, mobile phone use. First florets easily crept into every corner of electronics circuits, keyboard cleaning, remove dirt and toxins.    https://www.openhub.net/accounts/amyjane115

However, when I talk to them, many technicians say they are fussy to use cotton swab rather sloppy. " Mobile phones are proven to contain many bacteria, pathogenic microbes users. The poor quality of the swab, not the moisture wicking, mold left in the small IC makes cleaning the cups become. Not to mention, cotton dust lingering in the process are used to create more dust. The phone still drives bacteria, while the keyboard is the main part of the phone most exposed facial users "- Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, phone shop owner in lane Literature, Dong Da district said.
Lots of great things can happen from a small swab has led many consumers as Xuan, Ngoc Anh ... he changed their consumption behavior. Xuan said, more and more types of market swab, swab

 particularly rampant cheap, craft production, quality assurance is not the choice of consumers becoming more demanding and difficult than to protect against downside risk.

Do not sit down on the way to buy as before, you have to be more careful spring before deciding to open for inspection of sufficient information, clearly label and use only branded products, which are produced on the lines of modern technology, advanced.

 With products imported cotton swab, to select a product stamps and certificates of the Ministry of Health.

Hazards from office printers

Sitting next to a laser printer in the office, we dimly guess that it could be harmful to health.Carpal tunnel arthritis: disease threatens people's health office Patients physiological threats sister office Democratic offices procession to the body art habit "fast" primary
Indeed, the operation of the printer can produce ultrafine particles affect our respiratory system.

Although the field of research on the impact of printers on health is still in its infancy, but researchers have shown that laser printers can create "rain" of small particles suspended in air gas.

 We can take a deep breath into the lungs, in the long run this is a threat to health.   http://www.figarotrader.co.uk/?p=2611

An expert in this field, Professor Lidia  - Director of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health at Queensland University of Technology, Australia started from a 2007 study found that, printer office lasers emit significant amounts of  particles.

 "We found that some printers in the office emissions significantly, so we evacuated the corridor, where the ventilation system better," said GS. 

Hazards from one office printer

True to its name, it is the ultra-fine particles, less than 0.1 micrometers in diameter, which is the size equivalent to 1 millimeter divided into 10,000 parts. Seed formation cycle is as follows: When the ink and the paper passes through the printer's roller machine is hot, in the form of chemical compounds volatile

organic drift into the air. These compounds then react with ozone in the air and condenses, forming ultrafine particles. Here, the temperature of the printer plays a major role, the higher the temperature the more particles are generated. 

 Depending on the type of computer, printer model or printer's operation more or less that the amount of particles generated at different levels.

However, the effects of these particles has been the subject being studied, but there is evidence that particles of similar size from other sources can adversely affect the lungs and heart. Other sources may be mentioned here, such as car exhaust, wood burning, candles and cooking.

So far the world has no large-scale studies to answer questions about the safety of office printers, so the World Health Organization has not given any guidance on safe levels ne particles. However, in order to protect the health and avoid risks that may occur, experts have tips to minimize exposure to particles from laser printers:

- Make sure that air circulation, good offices with the outside.

- If possible, leave the computer in which many people use in well-ventilated areas.   http://checkoutsafe.co.uk/forum/privmsg.php?folder=inbox&mode=read&p=1   

- Avoid standing near when the printer is operating.

- People with asthma or heart disease , it is best not to sit near the printer performance.   

6 facts you should know about anticoagulants

The anticoagulant drugs cause your blood shareholders by reducing vitamin K, a blood coagulant.Do not underestimate the phenomenon of menstrual blood clots Treatment with medicine nosebleed Bruising of the skin can be signs of  The truth about anti- coagulation may surprise you.

Anticoagulants do not actually thin the blood of you. Anticoagulants, also called blood thinners, is the use of a number of cardiovascular diseases, which prevents clot formation and move to other parts of the body, easily lead to problems serious health such as heart attack, stroke. But there is a surprising fact that many people do not understand anticoagulants. 6 following facts will help you to be cautious when using this drug.   http://healthbookmarking.info/story.php?title=hypothyroidism-revolution-scam

Anticoagulants reduced vitamin K Vitamin K is important for blood clotting, causing wounds to stop bleeding. But when a blood clot of blood flow due to improper or that accumulates in the arteries or in the brain, likely to cause major problems for your health.

Anticoagulants reduced vitamin K. Because , if you are using the drug to treat heart disease and stroke, you should try and eat limited amounts of vitamin K-containing foods to suit your medicine can play effect. bleed you are taking anticoagulants most common side effect of blood thinners is bleeding, not only in the wound, but also in bruises. If you fall, bruising and swelling,

see your doctor to doctor immediately. Also, tell your doctor if your urine is red or brown or bowel movements look like tar

 That's the sign that you have internal bleeding. If you are taking anticoagulants, be careful when using sharp objects such as scissors, knives, needles and other instruments to avoid cuts and bleeding.

Always wear shoes and avoid using toothpicks and use a soft tooth water table and using dental floss SDE prevent bleeding gums .

6 facts you should know about anticoagulants 1

Increased risk of nosebleeds

One of the side effects of oral anticoagulants may increase the risk of nosebleeds and difficult to stop the bleeding. If you bleed orange, just squeeze your nose for 15-20 minutes. Use a cold compress. If bleeding continues more than 30 minutes, see your doctor to get help. Aspirin is also an alternative anticoagulants

A cheaper alternative to aspirin's blood-east. Aspirin - a type of anti-platelet aggregation can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Prior to Aspirin see your doctor to find out more see the aspirin is appropriate for you and ask for advice about a specific dosage. Aspirin is indicated oral doses separately, in the case of blood thinners

repellent coagulation therapy is the long term the most important thing is that you have to take anticoagulants in the specified time of day. If you or forget the dosing schedule, use pillbox slot for 7 days a week, or set reminders on blood or tablet on your phone.

should set the gentle gymnastics and persistence This medication training exercise is good for your heart, but select sports or activities with less risk of bleeding such as swimming or walking.

 Generally speaking, the truth of anticoagulants will show you that you should be careful when using them. Be careful with sharp objects, do not participate in sports and be mindful of the strongest signs of internal bleeding. When your dental visit, let your dentist know that you are using anticoagulants.  

Additionally, it is important that you test blood regularly while taking this medication. If you have any questions, please consult with your doctor to get the sure knowledge.

June 16 2014


Drug treatment of depression in Parkinson's disease

Depression in Parkinson's disease

Up to 50% of patients with Parkinson's disease may also suffer from depression. Researchers from the University of Alberta in the materials published already in 2007

drew attention to the fact that depression accompanying Parkinson's disease is often seen as a natural ailment resulting from experiencing severe disease.      http://sarahwilcox.mee.nu/   

Among North Americans examined suffering from Parkinson's disease, slightly more than 27% also suffer from depression. Surprisingly, 40% of these were not included in the treatment of depression. According to Richard Camicioli, co-author research,    http://sarahwilcox.hatenablog.com/entry/2014/06/13/214736

low detection of depression may be caused by an incorrect attribution of symptoms such as sleep disturbance and fatigue, Parkinson's disease, and not depression.

Read also: The detection of depression

Depression as an early symptom

According to some prior publication , depression can also be an early symptom of Parkinson's disease. Based on the analysis of medical data over 3     http://sarahwilcox.pen.io/   

million patients in the United Kingdom observed the following rule: a person diagnosed with Parkinson's disease,  

 approximately one year before the onset of symptoms and diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, took anti-depressants . Miguel Hernan of the Harvard School ofPublicHealth in Boston,   http://sarahwilcox.blurpalicious.com/post/corn-is-grown-for-centuries

 on this basis concludes that depression is an early symptom of Parkinson's disease. This relationship occurred regardless of sex, age and type of taking antidepressants  


"Rule five seconds" - truth or myth?

Principle five seconds
About this principle probably all heard, and it sounds like: the food that falls on the floor and be raised within five seconds it is safe to eat, because in such a short time bacteriaare not able to adhere to the surface. Doubt the truth of this principle resulted experiment conducted in 2003 by Jillian Clarke,

 who proved that bacteria are able to get the food from the floor regardless of the time of contact with her. In May 2007, a group of scientists from UniversityClemson,   http://forum.yaay.sn/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=237

 South Carolina has conducted additional studies on found that the contact time with the floor eating is crucial in the amount of bacteria that can not move on.   http://sarahwilcox.wallinside.com/   

And so the amount of bacteria that get into the food after five seconds ranged from 150 to 8000 units, whilefood left for one minute, it was 10 times more microorganisms.   http://www.okmagazine.ro/node/253205   

Recommended: What do we know about 

Grain of truth in a strange way of
As it turns out - in every myth there is a grain of truth, and so it is in this case. The amount of bacteria that get into the food actually  

 grows over time, the sooner we raise the food off the floor, the less bacteria on it will be. However, remember that just only 10 bacteria of the genus Salmonella to cause infection tract!

 Thus, lifting of the floor eating always involves a high risk of infection with bacteria regardless of time contact with her.   http://wa-eslamah.com/site/node/2512

Floors uneven floor
Finally, a few interesting facts about different types of surface cleanliness. And yes: definitely not worth it to raise food from the kitchen floor, as it turned out on 1 in 2 (1 square inch

approximately 6.46 cm 2) is able to find more than 800 bacteria, for comparison, in dustbins amount is 400 Course that should not come into contact with food is a mobile phone, as it turns out it can be to find even 25 thousa
nd. bacterial cells per 1 in 2 .   


Roommates in the fight against the virus

Like the seasonal flu , some diseases which infect with people staying indoors, runs hard, and can even be fatal.

Everything depends on the etiology (causative pathogen of a given infection ) and the health condition of the person exposed to the pathogen.

Infections acquired in homecan be transferred to factories, schools and other places of gathering people. Effective prevention of their spread refers to behavior in the home,   http://www.fit2dmax.com/fitcommunity/groups/benefits-pool-slimming/   

as well as proper conduct beyond. Influenza is a contagious disease mainly during symptomatic. The infectivity is dependent on the severity of the disease, particularly cough and rhinitis. 

We recommend having flu :: Awareness of the most important - interview with prof. A. Zielinski

What can I do roommates apartment to prevent the spread of the flu?  http://melanieaddington1.soup.io/post/434482300/Most-Men-Eat-What-Her-Wife-Cooked#nojs   

It is set in the early detection of the symptoms of flu , including increases in body temperature, and do not neglect any of them.
A person who has one or more symptoms of influenza

(fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose with fluid secretions or blocked nose, pain in joints and muscles, headache, chills) should, if possible, limit close, including intimate contacts with others and immediately report to the doctor.   

If your doctor tells you to keep in time diseaseat home, should be provided to a sick person a separate room, which can only come to the necessary services for the patient,     http://melanieaddington.svbtle.com/the-slimming-process

trying to always cover your nose and mouth mask or at least disposable handkerchief.

If there is no apartmentthe ability to provide a sick person a separate room, this fact tell your doctor so that he can decide on a possible hospitalization .   http://melanieaddington.page.tl/   

People who have flu-like symptoms during the epidemic, and are not hospitalized , they should not leave the apartment for seven days from the onset of symptoms, or about one day longer than ongoing symptoms (if the illness lasts seven days or longer). Single people should be provided with food products for more than a week to avoid having to go shopping.

Diagnosis of HIV - Standards of Conduct

Diagnosis of HIV infection
The term "diagnosis of HIV infection" is very wideand infection involves identification, monitoring the natural course of infection, safety evaluation skutecznościi antiretroviral therapy. The first cases of infection to AIDSdescribed more than a quarter century ago.

 Over the past 25 years there has been tremendous progress in knowledge about HIV infection, which has allowed the development and continuous improvement of a variety ofmethodsdiagnostics.    http://www.fedepescainnova.org/content/how-can-i-get-rid-acne-home

Understanding the course of infection of HIV patients in both untreated and treated with antiretroviral gave rise to the creation of rules of conduct diagnostic and interpretation of results.

 Currently, there are many tests that can detect the presence of anti-HIV-1, anti-HIV-2, viral proteins (p24) of viral genetic material (genomic RNA and proviral cDNA) and genomic sequence analysis to determine the presence of mutations associated with drug resistance. It is possible also to assess the characteristics        

osobniczychzakażonego, including the state of the immune system by quantifying the CD4 + T cell, CD8 + T cells, determination of the presence of genes encoding the receptors CXCR4, CCR5, which are used by HIV-1 by penetration of  the presence of genes involved in the body's response provide certain antiretrovirals. 

Recognition of infection
Standard in the diagnosis of infection with HIV is the finding of an anti-HIV antibodies. This principle was developed in the late 80s of the last century by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association of State and    

Territorial Public Health Laboratory (now APHL) in the U.S., and subsequently adopted in other countries. The procedure involving the detection of anti-HIV screening tests and confirmation of their presence by the most commonly used Western blot or very rarely used method of indirect immunofluorescence    http://www.gilbut.org/index.php?mid=board_srym14&document_srl=226618   

(IFA) is valid until today almost unchanged. The first enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to detect anti-HIV-1 was approved in 1985 by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.  

 This was a first generation test, which used the HIV-1 antigens obtained from the lysate of the virus. The specificity of the assay was relatively low (high rate of false positives) and the detection antibody was possible after about 6 weeks after infection. Since then, the tests have changed and improvement, there were more versions (called     http://www.forskolelivet.se/forumtr%C3%A5d/4-surefire-online-marketing-strategies-plus-2-tips-3#comment-492   

generations) having a better parameters sensitivity and specificity of both analytical and diagnostic. The main purpose of the changes was to obtain a possible early detection of infection and elimination of false positives and false negatives.   

Osteoporosis - how to diagnose?

Age - the risk of disease increases above 65 years of age,
sex - osteoporosis is more common in women than men, which is associated with an earlier occurrence of menopause in Womenthan andropause in men,

race - much more likely to get sick were white and yellow than representatives of the black race,
Body slim or overweight (load),
genetic predisposition,  Chttp://www.drrekkas.com/phpBBForum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=26  

prolonged immobilization, which can result in osteoporotic changes even in young people,   http://www.feat.mx/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=49549   

menopause in women - deficiency affects hormones, such as estradiol and progesterone,

 medication: corticosteroids, sleeping pills, thyroid hormones,
 other diseases: diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis , kidney stones,
other factors    http://fitness.yuku.com/topic/4/master/1/?page=1#.U5GivHb9qzc   

such as menstrual disorders, or primary or secondary lack of premature termination of ovarian activity, a number of factors related to diet and poorly ubogobiałkową   http://forums.dietpower.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4143   

calcium, calcium deficiency and Vitamin D, excess sodium, a sedentary lifestyle and various stimulants (alcohol, cigarettes, excessive consumption of coffee).   

June 13 2014


Oral cancer in Poland and in the world

Oral cancer is not a judgment. But not in Poland?
This disease primarily affects men, smokers and alcoholics. And although it is one of the most common cancers, little is said about the oral cavity cancer .

 Its detection at an early stage, such as during visits to the dentist, you may save a life. Unfortunately, more than 80% of cases are diagnosed in the last stages of the disease.   http://www.bubblews.com/news/3744662-how-to-motivate-for-exercise

In 2012, Poland (next to the Czech Republic, Russia and Portugal) was among the countries with one of the highest mortality rates of patients with oral cancer.

 Worse is the only in Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary - the report says Platform For The Better Oral Health In America. Only in 2010 in Poland, erected more than 3.6 thousand. diagnoses of cancer of the lip, oral cavity and pharynx, of which over 75% were male.  http://kyleleonreview.weebly.com/kyle-leon-review-scam-or-not/how-to-motivate-for-exercise-answer-by-kyle-leon

Guilty of poor hygiene and prevention?
Although the diagnostic test can detect oral cancer is painless and takes only five minutes, it is still rare in Poland. As a result, Poland is now one of the highest mortality rates for cancer of the oral cavity. According to the International    https://www.rebelmouse.com/KyleLeonsReview/kyle-leon-found-the-disease-my-586089100.html

Agency for Research on Cancer in Poland is it now more than 2.5 cases per 100 thousand. residents per year, while in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland do not exceed the threshold of 0.9 cases per year.

Win the fight against oral cancer in many European countries is, according to experts the effect of good prevention programs .

 - Low risk for oral cancer and a high detection rate in those countries in which they invest in prevention and where oral hygiene is at a high level - says the drug. DDS.

 Wojciech Fąferko Center Implantology and Orthodontic Clinic Dentim. - In countries such as Sweden, Iceland and Denmark are the norm frequent visits to the dentist,   http://kyleleons.blog.com/2014/06/11/kyle-leon-found-the-disease-myasthenia-muscles-fitness/

 dental caries prevention programs, during which the dentist can perform a routine test for oral cancer. In Poland, due to rare visits, especially those at high risk of disease in 60% of cases are detected in the last stage.       

The cells talk to each other

Researchers at the Georgia Health Sciences University conducted a study in which participated obese children who were inactiveor practiced 20 or 40

 minutes a day for the 12-week training program pozalekcyjnego. Were tested concentration of osteocalcin, at the beginning and end of the 12-week period. Also tested glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

The observed changes were in direct proportion to the amount of physical effort . Children who exercised the most had the greatest increase in osteocalcin levels, improved insulin sensitivity, reduced visceraltissue fat and bone mass.   http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1142449

There are also other evidence for the presence of communication between the bones, adipose tissue and pancreas. Diabetics have more bone fractures, and those with more visceral fat are more likely to have diabetes. It also appears that bone cells have receptors for insulin. Why bone cells have receptors for insulin? 

 This is a question that warrants testing similar to the one described. According to Dr. Pollock, a biologist who specializes in bone, "the idea is that the bones may respond to environmental stimuli, such as physical activity and sedentary lifestyle, adapting the demand for energy. " With physical activity,    http://www.21century-concepts.co.uk/21cc/blog/view/3066/how-to-lose-weight-quickly-joel-marion-review   

bones become larger and more powerful, and clearly inform the other tissues of your condition. When osteocalcin is released into the blood, affects the adipocytes and adipose tissue beta islet cells released insulin in order to adjustMetabolism. 

Until recently, scientists believed bone metabolism, they are tissue that only a "listening" and does not send signals to other tissues.

Artificial sweeteners do not increase appetite!

  Why do we believe that artificial sweeteners increase the appetite for high-calorie snacks?

The study conducted by INSE Research, as many as half of surveyed Poles (50%) did not know the relationship between sweeteners and their effects on appetite

. In addition, among the population as much as 55% of obese people are ill-informed on this issue.   http://deandriaparker123.tumblr.com/post/88367130326/by-plant-aljaboranda-treatment-of-eye-diseases

The survey results indicate that the primary source of opinion on the low-calorie sweeteners for 40% of respondentsInternet. It was only subsequently surveyed indicate: friends (25%), social media (22%) and newspapers (21%).

See also: Artificial sweeteners are healthier than sugar

Artificial sweeteners have no effect on the increase in appetite
There is scientific evidence that consumption of foods and drinks that contain in their composition of low calorie sweeteners may even decrease the motivation to eat .     http://samanthapearsonprogramme.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=806148&o=comment&a=commentform&entryid=4299845#commentform   

The relationship between sweeteners and excessive appetite is only apparent and is common in people who, in order to reduce your weight, bring sweeteners

 to your diet (as a sugar substitute) and treat them as a single element change habitsnutrition .

As a result, there are situations in which such a person, believing that through this exchange has saved a certain amount of calories , allow yourself to an extra meal.   
Such behaviors make it, instead of loss, can lead to weight gain, and the culprit will be considered sweeteners.

The use of sweeteners promotes weight loss
"Sweeteners, due to the small amount of caloriesor their total absence, alone will not satisfy our hunger. They are merely an adjunct tofood that causes it has a sweet taste.

Therefore, these substances are an alternative to sugar, especially for people with impaired glucose metabolism   http://samanthapearsonprogramme.svbtle.com/by-plant-aljaboranda-treatment-of-eye-diseases

. By replacing the sugar sweetener reduces the caloric content of foods (beverage to almost zero, the other by a few percent). Do not be afraid, however, that increase appetite.

Vitamin D deficiency? - Just a 15-minute bath solar!

Vitamin D belongs to the group of soluble vitamins fatand is primarily responsible for the condition of our bones. Vitamin D prevents rickets in children and adults,

 and also protects us against osteoporosis. It plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the gastrointestinal tract.   http://kenburgeprogramme.blog.com/2014/06/11/symptoms-blood-pressure-causes-and-treatment/

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the muscular, nervous, immune and endocrine systems. 

Vitamin D is synthesized with the participation of sunlight
A majority, 90% of vitamin   http://wallinside.com/post-16502866-envy-and-eye-prevention.html

D is derived from synthesis in the skin, the rays of the sun. Sun produces in ourbodyvitamin D from cholesterol accumulates just beneath the skin and of certain sterols of plant origin.

To meet our daily requirements of vitamin D, just a 15-20 minute bath in the sunshine.   http://kenburgeprogramme.blogspot.com/2014/06/symptoms-blood-pressure-causes-and.html

In our latitude the best time for skin synthesis prevails from April to September in the range of hours from 10:00 to15: 00


Nothing will eat salty born son

Diet contributes to health promotion to increase the chances of success but eating salty or sweet foods is not related to a son or daughter.5 tips medicine physician help you conceive fast 12 interesting facts about ovulation and conception The important role of vaginal mucus during pregnancy

Dear doctor, we recently married and want a baby right then. Since the two no longer young age (I am 30, my husband 35), we did not want to delay things any more children.

Although said to be a son or daughter to her first and both are good attention to health supplements laced with children but I quickly found my husband had a lot of changes in diet. I cook all the dishes you have to add a little sauce or salt when   http://mainsite.wodhub.com/workout/Overhead+squat+10-10-10-10-10+reps/110521

I cook food for though is just the mouth. He also never eat sweets again. I asked, he said trying to eat a little salt to be born son. I do not believe this because food scientists have to be able to have children rather than just eating unhealthy saline only.

 But my husband insists that his grandparents had never said so wrong.   http://www.zzuno.com/index.php?mid=reservation_z&document_srl=145069   

But after the wedding was 9 months but so far we do not have "good news". My husband has signs of fatigue, loss of appetite when eaten but refused to give up his habit of eating salt.

Looking forward to my doctors advice to her husband Should this continue to eat again? Did you eat too salty sperm to die off and I can not conceive or not? I would like to thank the doctor! (Thu Hoai)

BS. Roses advice:

You Hoai Thu, dear

According to the mechanism of conception, having a son or daughter would depend and man, if Y sperm of men exposed to conception, the egg and the woman will bear a son, and X sperm to contact with the egg will produce a girl. However, to be able to conceive, both the man and the woman must keep in good health, mode of healthy eating , increase fertility.

Nothing will eat salty born son 1
Eating salty or sweet foods is not related to a son or daughter. Artwork

Diet contributes to health promotion to increase the chances of success but it was not the deciding factor a son or daughter. So the most important thing that your spouse is concern ensuring food nutrients, taste each one. And this diet from 10 weeks to ensure older. Also, eating too salty or too light are likely to cause nutritional disorder, affecting the health of the couple, causing poor egg and sperm quality, negatively affect the pregnancy.   http://www.rosettadoll.com/xe/BBS/109093

In literature, the study of fertility diet-related birth are not mentioned her husband. Because the nutritional needs of low sperm actually. So, eating salty or sweet foods is not related to a son or daughter.

If salt intake, the body absorbs too much salt every day and excrete large amounts of calcium, which increases the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, vegetarians also lead to the risk of stomach cancer

, kidney stones, kidney failure steatosis. Especially hoarding too much salt will cause impacts and disrupts the structure of DNA sequences, the mechanisms that restore the body's cells stop functioning or inefficient operation ...   http://en.calameo.com/accounts/3563893   

So, you should advise your husband to eat salty habit for any other purpose.

 Although vegetarians do not cause the sperm fertilize not lead to death but it also does not help enhance the health of sperm, either X or Y sperm which only harm the health of people men only.

To increase your chances of conceiving, you and your spouse should have a healthy diet, adequate nutrition, avoiding chemicals or substances into the body and keeps the mood relaxed, fun ...


Dinner and seven common diseases

Eat dinner too late or too much intake of meals easily lead to diseases such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer ...6 "no" for a healthy dinner 6 Mistakes to eat dinner can make you gain weight Stay away from bad habits at dinner
Obesity    http://deandriaparker123.tumblr.com/post/88367470726/plant-aljaboranda-treatment-of-eye-diseases

Eating too much dinner, heavy oil or spices easy to make blood sugar, amino acids, fatty acids increased. Along with the body to operate at dinner, less calorie consumption, and gradually make the body obesity .

High cholesterol, hypertension   http://deandriaparker123.tumblr.com/post/88365905446/treatment-of-eye-diseases-by-aljaboranda-plant

There have been many studies confirm that regular consumption of meat or fish will eat the meal with high cholesterol symptoms 3-4 times compared with vegetarians or people with more meager dinner.

Moreover when you have high cholesterol disease, high blood pressure, if you eat meat or fish on the dinner regularly will make the disease worse.


With the elderly, regular dinner too late will increase the burden on the secretion of insulin in pancreatic cells. Eventually lead to diabetes .

Dinner and 7 common diseases 1
A hearty dinner too easy to bring to many diseases.
Coronary Heart Disease

Eating too much dark energy, which can cause high cholesterol, excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, a long time will cause atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.  

Acute pancreatitis

If you eat too much at dinner, which may cause acute pancreatitis. Especially those with weak condition, sleep occurs when symptoms of the disease if not promptly emergency life-threatening.

Colorectal Cancer

Often this disease suffer from male rate will be higher. After dinner a protein can not digest and absorb these substances under the action of intestinal bacteria produce a toxic substance, if the substance long stay gradually lead to colorectal cancer.    http://samanthapearsonprogramme.svbtle.com/the-treatment-of-freckles-dark-spots-on-the-face-and-under-the-eyes-and-freckles-on-the-cheeks-and-ear

Urinary tract stones

Research shows that the rate of urinary tract stone disease related to dine too late. Part caused mainly caused urinary tract stone disease is high canxic. Also, due to system secretion .   

 If too late for dinner, bedtime, not the amount of urine that is excreted to the urinary retention, over time urinary tract stones will form.   

June 12 2014


Happiness sometimes be a dad

There are many vitamins and minerals are said to be very good for sexual health in men, especially men helped to significantly improve the reproductive disorders. Among them, the scientists proved the excellent performance of zinc and folic acid.

Study of Medical Center of the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) in 2002 showed that folic acid and zinc are two nutrients help improve significantly the quality of sperm in men experiencing difficulties in childbirth.
Happiness sometimes be a dad 1
Zinc increases sperm quality, increase the likelihood of "fathering" of men.  http://fortalent.com/blog/view/s/2014-06-06-symptoms-of-fibroids-disease/
"Dude" of sperm
For me, apart from the egg cells in a woman, quantity, quality and performance of sperm in men also play an important role. If the ejaculate, semen volume less than 1.5 ml, sperm count below 20 million / ml and deformed sperm counts exceeding 20%,

the ability to operate below 60%, the retention of literacy race can drastically affected. Meanwhile, according to the laws of nature, the quality of men's sperm will decrease from 1-2% per year. So, want to increase the likelihood of fathering, men must pay attention to improve sperm quality.   http://www.imfaceplate.com/carolianamethews123/height-growth-bones-sickness-of-children   
Sperm production process is complex, influenced by both genetic factors and the environment. However, long, U.S. scientists have said that good nutrition plays an important role for the production of men's sperm. Especially, the Dutch researchers conducted a study on 103 men with children is difficult because the number of sperm in the semen too low (below 20 million / ml).

 After folic acid and zinc supplementation for 26 weeks, the number of normal sperm in the semen of men has increased 74%. According to the researchers, this effect is attributable to folic acid and zinc stimulates testosterone production, thereby enhancing the process of sperm production men.   https://storify.com/carolianamethew/height-growth-bones-sickness-of-children#publicize   
However, if only one in two supplementation on the quality and quantity of sperm quality increase is not significant. That is, only when used together, the new zinc and folic acid to help improve the quality and quantity of sperm.
Enhanced zinc and folic acid supplements
Folic acid (vitamin B9) and zinc are two nutrients in food are easy to find. In particular, zinc is found in seafood such as oysters (oyster meat 100g up to 100mg of zinc), oysters, fish, poultry, red meat and eggs ... But folic acid is abundant in green leafy vegetables, cotton broccoli, tomatoes, nuts ...   http://www.imfaceplate.com/carolianamethews123/sickness-of-children-and-height-growth
Also men can supplement zinc and folic acid tablets directly by Red Earth King. Products with ingredients from the herbs as you spread disease, cold-blooded flesh, zinc, folic acid ... helps kidney virility, increased secretion of testosterone in a natural way to help improve male fertility problems due weak sperm and at the same time help improve a physiological function effectively.
Along with diet rich in zinc and folic acid, men should also maintain and build good habits like: Quit smoking, limiting alcohol and staying up late; strengthen advocacy, because if your body fat will disrupt reproductive hormones, affecting sperm production process; always keep the spirit of fun, stress limitations

5 things to do to avoid the aging body

Many changes in the direction of negative aging is taking place inside your body that you may not know.More things you should know about breast aging 6 repel aging secret "twin peaks" Golden rules to help you stay young, repel aging  A healthy diet will help you reduce the status change caused aging this.

 1. Reduce foods high in fat so good for the metabolism As we age, the metabolism will be slower, thus decreasing the amount of calories you will. Relatively high in fat products contain many calories, so go to balance eating healthy. You choose the foods that limit saturated fat as fat yogurt, fish, poultry, beans instead of red meat.   http://articles.al.lv/article.php?id=749622

2. Eat fish to maintain healthy eyes Several studies have shown that people who have diets with omega -3 components from higher than normal fish will suffer less than eye problems, especially reduced degradation rate must retinal center (also called the macula) - cause of blindness in people over age 50.

 Each week you should eat at least two servings of fish. Lunch you can eat salad with salmon or fried tilapia.   http://www.articlesempire.com/article.php?id=237136

5 things to do to avoid the aging of the body 1
Many changes in the direction of negative aging is taking place inside your body that you may not know. Artwork

 3. Provides calcium in the morning reduces the risk of osteoporosis

osteoporosis risk increases with age, but getting enough calcium (calcium 1.200mg per day is recommended for people over 50 years old) can help reduce the risk skeletal muscle disorder. You should eat a cup of low-fat yogurt mid-morning, to be able to provide the best calcium to the body. 4. Fresh fruits to relieve constipation Unfortunately, when people become older,

 proof constipation becomes more popular, but if you eat more fiber foods and liquids they can improve your digestive system. Water and fiber are two major components of fresh fruit. You should eat a variety of colorful fruits such as strawberries,  


oranges, grapes, watermelon ... whenever you like. 5. Provide just enough iron to improve blood quality Iron is important for many processes physiology of the body, especially during transport oxygen.

 It is composed of hemoglobin, the blood pigment composition of red blood cells - red blood cells are produced in bone marrow. Because iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells abnormal iron metabolism will lead to anemia,  


 iron deficiency. Iron supplements will help the body to improve blood quality. however, provide too much iron can negatively affect your body.

You should not eat too many foods containing iron, such as red meat, beans, vegetables, and if you are taking a multivitamin includes iron, then you should keep in mind to not exceed 8 mg of iron supply to the body each day.

Beware of pathological jaundice in newborns

Jaundice is a phenomenon encountered many babies. If the physiological jaundice, they will go away after a short time, but there are many cases of jaundice pathologic manifestations of the baby.Jaundice because duck eggs Signs of pathological jaundice? Yellow skin abnormalities can be signs of cancer

Bilirubin levels are the cause of disease jaundice . In the human body, new blood cells are formed and the old cells are destroyed. Bilirubin is physically located in the old group cells are destroyed.

 Normally, this substance is excreted through the liver and out. However, with immature body of a newborn, active liver is not good, which makes it builds up in their bodies.  http://www.article-galaxy.com/article.php?id=151716

There are many causes of jaundice but mainly: physiological jaundice, infectious jaundice, yellowing of the skin caused by syphilis, viral jaundice, hemolytic jaundice due to disagreements Rh factor, kernicterus , haemolytic jaundice due to consanguineous A, B, O, jaundice due to congenital biliary obstruction.

Physiological jaundice   http://www.go2article.com/article.php?id=22261

This is a phenomenon encountered many babies, this evidence appeared from day 2 to day 3 after the baby was born normal and should go away within the first 1 week. Manifestations of the disease are pale yellow skin young and not accompanied by any other symptoms.

 Physiological jaundice usually transient and self-limited, totally different from the case of other pathologic jaundice (listed below). If this phenomenon is normal to pathological jaundice can cause some neurotoxic or rapidly fatal.

If after 3 weeks, the skin has been demonstrated here, the gold is not due to pathological physiology. Parents should monitor and take the child immediately to the hospital for examination.

Beware of pathological jaundice in infants 1
Jaundice is a phenomenon encountered many newborn, physiological jaundice usually, she'll go away after a short time, but there are many cases of jaundice pathologic manifestations of the baby. (Artwork: Chi Complete)

Jaundice due to infection baby   

This is a type of disease that many young people face. The baby was jaundice after birth, your baby's skin or umbilical infection. Largely due to the improper care of their parents. Manifestations of the disease can occur early but could also late.

The baby had jaundice jaundice is usually caused by infection with a fever, yellow urine, weep not enthusiastic play, eat less, continuous vomiting diarrhea. So, if they encounter these symptoms, parents need to quickly take her to the hospital for treatment, feeding mother needs as much as possible (especially enhanced breastfeeding).


Pediatric patients with neurologic manifestations such as jaw, stiff, pale, struggling, refusing to eat, crying, packing li coma, convulsions, neurological disorders plants ... These cases often severe, more likely to die early if not monitored, diagnosed promptly. Children need to be treated at the pediatric center with more intensive methods of intensive care.  


Kernicterus neurological sequelae quite clear. If the child can see the expression above, parents should take her to the hospital for examination directly to assess the level of mental development, movement, reflexes, muscle tone audiometry ...

Jaundice due to syphilis from mother to child

After birth, the baby was jaundiced but light, pale but lasting, little examination will show signs of an enlarged liver. This disease should be diagnosed promptly to uncover little jaundice due to syphilis spread from the mother. This disease is very dangerous, but if detected in time, they will be limited to the ability to critically ill. Better yet, the mother should physicals twice before having a baby.

Jaundice due to consanguineous

Common in the case of blood type O mother, the young group A or B. This is the same situation immune hemolysis caused when there is disagreement between ABO blood groups and young mothers. Disease manifestations that are not feeding young or poor feeding, seizures appear strange. If treated early, babies have the ability to avoid dangerous situations.

Obstructive jaundice due to congenital

This is a congenital disease of unknown cause. Children born with biliary atrophy if left untreated or not treated promptly, the disease will manifest progressively severe, causing cirrhosis, increased venous pressure, easily lead to death. When clogged bile, bile stasis and jaundice. This disease can occur in infancy. Disease manifestations are: yellow skin, yellow eyes, green

 stools, yellow bile in the first days after birth, yellow urine, hepatomegaly, hard at different levels depending on the severity of the disease, varicose veins emerged abdominal subcutaneous, abdominal distention to.

Parents should pay attention to children and if these symptoms should immediately take the child to the hospital for diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct blood tests, stool, ultrasound. 


Jaundice due to hepatitis

This disease is transmitted by the baby from the mother. Manifestations of the disease is prolonged jaundice little but, characteristic yellow urine, enlarged liver, feces discolored. Parents should be sensitive and observing the abnormal expression of the time taken to hospital for treatment soon. Jaundice caused by hepatitis virus if detected early, is capable of cure.

Haemolytic jaundice due to Rh factors disagreement

Pathological jaundice occurs when the mother has Rh factor (-), the father has Rh factor (+), children born with Rh factor (+). In this case, when the mother is pregnant, a number of fetal red blood cell Rh (+) in the blood of the mother Rh (-). Mother's body reacts by producing antibodies against Rh (+). The antibodies in the body of the fetus and cause hemolysis. Disease manifestations such as jaundice child care also have anemia, hemorrhage, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly.   

Preventing and treating high blood cholesterol

High blood fats tend rejuvenation, focusing on those with dietary unreasonable. To remove fat in the blood, it is necessary to find the causes, screening and periodic compliance advice of a doctor.
Preventing and treating high blood cholesterol: As soon as possible 1
High cholesterol is actually a metabolic disorder of blood lipid (fat). disease not only occurs in people who are overweight, elderly fact that even thin people, and youth at risk of fat in the blood are cao.Vay What is the cause?
According to research by scientists, blood cause fatty mainly due to unhealthy eating, eating more animal protein, saturated fat, more carbs, eat less fruit, physical inactivity, especially people intellectual, cultural phong.Ngoai, the learning process stressful, high pressure working without proper rest mode will cause stress,   http://www.article-galaxy.com/article.php?id=157298

leading to disturbances in the metabolism of body fat accumulation but not be converted into energy in the long run will lead to cardiovascular disease, blood fat http://kyleleonprogramme.mixxt.com/networks/blog/post.claressamorgan123:3
With the skinny, malnourished, due to the lack of a physical body needed to purge the extra fat, plus low blood sugar causes the body to adjust to increased absorption of fat into energy resolution.

 If sedentary, fat will accumulate without being metabolized, more fatty acids into the bloodstream, allowing excess fat will cause your blood.
The unpredictable consequences
High cholesterol often have no symptoms and are usually only detected through control, periodic health examination. Consequently, few people know that high cholesterol can cause serious consequences. The accumulation of fat in the blood will cause the arteries narrow, blood passing more difficult, reducing blood flow to the body tissues, including the heart, can easily lead to atherosclerosis of the arteries, high blood pressure, stroke Cerebrovascular even cause heart disease, gallstones, diabetes ...
Preventing and treating high blood cholesterol: As soon as possible 2
Wire tablespoon - Son Tra - Niu all three yellow herbs for high cholesterol
How to screen for high cholesterol?
To prevent disease should have a proper diet, reducing animal fats, eat plenty of green vegetables, soy milk, limit alcohol, drink plenty of water and especially exercise daily.   http://kyleleonprogramme.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/complex-movements-during-workout/
Some western medicines on the market today have rapid fat loss effects, but cause many unwanted side effects such as nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, affecting liver function, kidney.

 Especially in the elderly, agencies such as the liver, kidney function should reduce the side effects of the drug more easily flare.
The herbs used in combination with diet science is a new trend in the prevention and treatment of high blood fat are more people applying effective and safe. Three of the herb is typically his father and has been used for scientific studies

demonstrate the cholesterol-lowering effect, stabilize blood pressure, blood glucose tablespoon Wire, Taurus and Son of investigation. Wire tablespoon effects stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol fast, no effect phu.Nguu all capable of lowering    http://fortalent.com/blog/view/s/2014-06-05-complex-movements-during-workout/   

cholesterol, lowering bad chelesterol, stable blood pressure, treatment of atherosclerosis. Medlar to lower blood lipids, atherosclerosis by reducing the effects accelerate the excretion of cholesterol from the blood.
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