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private parts" that you should know

f in the absence of infection, but still smells "private parts" then you apply the following natural remedies here.Patients "hide" following the breath odor 5 Things surprised you did not know about body odor Recipes limited body odor when it gets hot

"The secret" smell is quite common problem that many women are often encountered in a number of stages in life. If odor free and light it up, it may not have anything to worry about too. In case of severe smell and long gone, it is likely that the pathological cause, mainly due to bacteria or yeast infection. 

However, there are also cases where you do not become infected but this area still smells unpleasant. If so, then you follow a few simple remedies okay following:

5 natural ways to reduce odor "private parts" that you should know first
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1 Select the chip cotton pants, breathable

Silk and satin lingerie can be beautiful, but it also increases the occurrence of odor "private parts" because sweating increases and no fresh air in this region.

Should choose cotton underwear has good moisture absorption, preventing sweat deposited in "closed areas" should be able to limit odors. You should also choose your right size, avoid wearing too tight will cause the secret in this area.              

3 Douche is absolutely avoided

Vaginal douching can push the bacteria in the vagina into the uterus leads to pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. An effective alternative to douching that you can apply as bath salt, vinegar. Add tub of warm water with a little  sea salt , a glass or a cup of white diam, 1.5 cup of apple cider vinegar. Bathing with this phase mixtures in 15-20 minutes, then shower with clean water.      

5 natural ways to reduce odor "private parts" but you should know 2

2 Do not use scented tampons

Products scented sanitary pads often contain toxic chemicals such as benzene, ester ... so will increase the bacteria to multiply quickly, causing skin rash, skin irritation and redness ... Once the bacteria grow, it will make "private parts" of your unpleasant odor.

3 Cleaning the vagina with liquid oils of lavender

Mix 2 tablespoons of lavender essential oil to 200ml of water, then use this solution to clean the vaginal area. Light aroma of lavender oil will help you deal with the problem of vaginal odor. You can use tea tree oil instead of lavender essential oil if you suspect odor "private parts" are due to infection of the vagina caused. 

5 natural ways to reduce odor "private parts" but you should know 3

4 Dry "private parts" after toilet

After each cleaning, use soft cotton cloth, wipe it dry cleaned "private parts", or you can use a hair dryer to dry faster. If so "private parts" wet, bacteria will multiply more and more chances to make the unpleasant odor and increasing.

However, if you use a hair dryer to dry, you should cool mode to avoid drying the area. Moist or dry skin are good conditions for the bacteria that cause infections reproduction.

5 Soak chips clothing with hot water to remove bacteria on canvas

Soak your chips pants in hot water for 15 minutes before washing with soap, then wash it thoroughly with clean water is the best way to limit bacterial growth in "private parts" when you wear the pants .

The treatment of vaginal odor should only effective after you cure the infections caused by bacteria or fungi in the vagina. 

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