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Brought Sharp move over 15-20 minutes,

In District 7, has appeared in  infections. In addition, the disease is spread through the respiratory tract in-season time as avian influenza, small pox, malaria, diphtheria, viral infection ... also increased.Food industry shaken milk causes cancer Event 250 women hospitalized for breast augmentation surgery
Rare disease returned

According PGS.BS Nguyen Tran , former director of the Tropical Disease Hospital, infections and diphtheria disease is considered rare in our country, but now reappears. infections demand usually occurs in the winter to spring transition, when the weather is humid bring cold air. The disease spreads rapidly via the respiratory tract in crowded places such as export processing zones - industrial parks and schools.             

Initially, bacteria known as  when the body will cause a sore throat - nose, if possible, the resistance goes away. When the body is weak, the bacteria continue to spread into the blood through the body causing sepsis, meningitis and can be fatal quickly.

Specifically, in severe forms, patients with  sepsis, the mortality rate is very high (from the disease progresses until death within a day). Patients who survived will bring severe  such as amputation of limbs, brain damage, hearing loss, kidney damage and psychological

problems. Therefore, according to the doctor, when expressed pharyngitis, rash accompanied by rash, patients need to taken to the hospital immediately to get the doctor to intervene timely, localized spreading, isolation of patients. Because infection is difficult to detect early because the symptoms are similar to the symptoms             

 of common viral infections such as influenza, dengue fever, many people were vaccinated. Vaccines prevent  disease is worth 140,000 VND / bottle / nose. Prevention remains the most effective oral hygiene and environmental sanitation. When strep throat, should seek treatment immediately to attack bacteria to other parts. Beware of other respiratory disease on 10/1,

Tropical Disease Hospital patients were receiving a diphtheria can severe heart failure complications through vaccination in the EPI program. This is also the discharge spreads through respiratory shoot. Because for many years the disease should appear less medication has expired. Patients waiting to medicines in very weak health condition. According to the statistics of aggregate planning department, Hospital of Tropical Diseases,

the disease is spread through the respiratory tract, such as viral infections, chicken pox, mumps and disease Malaria also increases because of the cold weather, high humidity. Specifically, chickenpox May 10-11 in only 18 hospitalizations and 12/2011, the first month in 2012 that number increased to 40 cases               

In , only 36-40 cases, this increased to more than 60 cases / month. Mumps previously about 30 shifts / month increased 43 shifts / month. Recently, Tien Giang Province has detected bird flu outbreaks have spread the risk. To prevent diseases spread by respiratory

above, Dr. Nguyen Tran Chinh advises patients to get vaccinated and how self- ly when there is a cold, cough, runny nose ... At the same time, the habit of eating cooked boiled drinking; keep the body warm and housing; working environment clean and airy.         

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