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Great story from a small swab

 Chronic otitis media should  her, 32-year-old resident at the B, collective Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan Ward, swab package is present everywhere: in your purse, on your desk and at home . She told, over the period to wrap in cotton swab manually and takes time, so now buy comfortable cotton swab

, just visit the supermarket, drug store, grocery store or wave the hawkers outside sugar is there. A few thousand dollars can not afford to mess vegetables but can buy a small pack swab. " How is the comfort and cheaper "- had once so Xuan switch plates. 
But, what is the use of the facilities that Spring has to ask her doctor to "rescue". Not long ago, during my lunch break, Ms. 

 Xuan use absorbent swab in the ear a few minutes before sleep. Because the swab cheap, packaging handmade sketchy and should just pick a few rounds, cotton has gone back down, only the first inert plastic, sharp. Throbbing ear by ear head into the thin plastic,

 was miserable because the cotton stick in the ear, pulled out more and try it even dropped deep. Just over 1 hour, uncomfortable feelings began to appear, ear aches, ringing characteristics and then, almost can not hear you, forcing you to find doctors Spring.    http://www.storeboard.com/amyjane

Must use special tools to pick, cotton pads after 2 hours trapped in the ear began to smell ...
Chat with a specialist ear, nose and throat, her new Spring startled by the bad habits of their consumers. No where to be comfortable but cheap package swab can be detrimental at any time.
Great story from a small swab 2
Currently, women are not only used cotton swabs to clean the ears but also "requisitioned" to other things. Most common type of extraction and washing minor wounds. Cotton is not pasteurized agent adds the ability for wound infection because they are in direct contact with animal wounds. Cheap Package swab,    http://www.zillow.com/profile/sunnykally/

produced crafts, line obsolete; producers are not health check, not equipped with protective devices ... led swab package becomes very unsanitary, poorly packaged. Specifically, handmade cotton swab

 use of poor quality raw cotton, not disinfected according to the cotton surface susceptible to infection, the use of cotton dust and dirt and leave it as pathogens.
Swab is also a lot of computer repair shops, mobile phone use. First florets easily crept into every corner of electronics circuits, keyboard cleaning, remove dirt and toxins.    https://www.openhub.net/accounts/amyjane115

However, when I talk to them, many technicians say they are fussy to use cotton swab rather sloppy. " Mobile phones are proven to contain many bacteria, pathogenic microbes users. The poor quality of the swab, not the moisture wicking, mold left in the small IC makes cleaning the cups become. Not to mention, cotton dust lingering in the process are used to create more dust. The phone still drives bacteria, while the keyboard is the main part of the phone most exposed facial users "- Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, phone shop owner in lane Literature, Dong Da district said.
Lots of great things can happen from a small swab has led many consumers as Xuan, Ngoc Anh ... he changed their consumption behavior. Xuan said, more and more types of market swab, swab

 particularly rampant cheap, craft production, quality assurance is not the choice of consumers becoming more demanding and difficult than to protect against downside risk.

Do not sit down on the way to buy as before, you have to be more careful spring before deciding to open for inspection of sufficient information, clearly label and use only branded products, which are produced on the lines of modern technology, advanced.

 With products imported cotton swab, to select a product stamps and certificates of the Ministry of Health.

Don't be the product, buy the product!