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Hazards from office printers

Sitting next to a laser printer in the office, we dimly guess that it could be harmful to health.Carpal tunnel arthritis: disease threatens people's health office Patients physiological threats sister office Democratic offices procession to the body art habit "fast" primary
Indeed, the operation of the printer can produce ultrafine particles affect our respiratory system.

Although the field of research on the impact of printers on health is still in its infancy, but researchers have shown that laser printers can create "rain" of small particles suspended in air gas.

 We can take a deep breath into the lungs, in the long run this is a threat to health.   http://www.figarotrader.co.uk/?p=2611

An expert in this field, Professor Lidia  - Director of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health at Queensland University of Technology, Australia started from a 2007 study found that, printer office lasers emit significant amounts of  particles.

 "We found that some printers in the office emissions significantly, so we evacuated the corridor, where the ventilation system better," said GS. 

Hazards from one office printer

True to its name, it is the ultra-fine particles, less than 0.1 micrometers in diameter, which is the size equivalent to 1 millimeter divided into 10,000 parts. Seed formation cycle is as follows: When the ink and the paper passes through the printer's roller machine is hot, in the form of chemical compounds volatile

organic drift into the air. These compounds then react with ozone in the air and condenses, forming ultrafine particles. Here, the temperature of the printer plays a major role, the higher the temperature the more particles are generated. 

 Depending on the type of computer, printer model or printer's operation more or less that the amount of particles generated at different levels.

However, the effects of these particles has been the subject being studied, but there is evidence that particles of similar size from other sources can adversely affect the lungs and heart. Other sources may be mentioned here, such as car exhaust, wood burning, candles and cooking.

So far the world has no large-scale studies to answer questions about the safety of office printers, so the World Health Organization has not given any guidance on safe levels ne particles. However, in order to protect the health and avoid risks that may occur, experts have tips to minimize exposure to particles from laser printers:

- Make sure that air circulation, good offices with the outside.

- If possible, leave the computer in which many people use in well-ventilated areas.   http://checkoutsafe.co.uk/forum/privmsg.php?folder=inbox&mode=read&p=1   

- Avoid standing near when the printer is operating.

- People with asthma or heart disease , it is best not to sit near the printer performance.   

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