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Stretch tube breast disease in women

Stretch breast ducts are common diseases of the breast, usually in women breastfeeding childbirth several years or more.

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Although not life-threatening but troublesome disease brings many sister.

Unborn child is at risk for breast ducts stretch

Thu Hang, 25 in Dong Da, Hanoi, working at a state agency was extremely surprised to hear her doctor informed dilated breast ducts. Although no expression but what about health occasion held company health check , are registered Hang physical examination to understand their health situation.  


With the conclusion dilated breast ducts localized translation consistency, multiple infections, Hang extremely disturbed by her children ever born, then why can dilate his breast. After a visit to a specialist in products that she used, her results still show signs of mild dilated milk ducts need to carefully monitor examination.

Doctors specializing in obstetrics Le Thi Kim Dung, Medical Center employees Thai Ha said, relaxing breast ducts in women are rare unborn child. Only a few isolated cases suffering from this disease due to hormone changes or nipple slipped regular ...  

Stretch tube breast disease in women 1

Normally, stretch or relax ductal breast ducts is the status of the main ducts are dilated, often appear in multiple spawning and women to breastfeed for many years. The dilated ducts accumulate long days providing milk to milk out more thick. So, if not clean, bacteria can enter the skin from external nipples and milk ducts causing inflammation, known as superinfection. Multiple infections can occur inside the milk ducts or milk around dilated ducts.

Dr. Dung, stretch tube breast is not dangerous and no clear expression to young women only discovered when a general physical examination, routine. When you detect the disease need specialist care to be doing the necessary tests to assess breast lesions.

Breastfeeding mother many years relaxing milk ducts

Modern women breastfeeding many years does not cut milk, prolonging breastfeeding when dry is one of the important reasons causing breast ducts dilated.

Her eldest daughter is 34 years old Thanh Thuy Dong Nai 4-year-old is still breastfeeding. She explains, 2nd unborn child, breastfeeding also should not affect your baby does not always suck more then their own.

Until age 5, he was ashamed and self- weaned . Since her daughter was weaned on the teat Thuy often milky discharge, breasts, redness, nipple slipped. I think that it is normal because symptoms do not suck anymore so tense few days as her breasts out.

Last for weeks without remission, breast pain, palpable tumors, more fluid and odor. Afraid of breast cancer, she specialized hospital care to know her then dilated milk ducts, need to do some tests to know the exact amount of damage and appropriate treatments.

Stretch tube breast disease in women 2

Dr. Dung, there are many reasons to stretch the breast ducts, including hormonal changes, smoking, often being left nipple, vitamin A deficiency ... is the underlying cause.

Mammary glands of women 10 - 20 lobes, arranged spokes form, each lobe contained numerous lobules made up of clusters of milk capsules. The milk ducts or go from the nipple to the pipe connecting the lobules and ducts to connect with the milk capsule. Stretch hose only occurs when breast milk ducts near the nipple clogged and inflamed.   

When dilated milk ducts, patients often express nipple discharge, pus white, slightly blue or black discharge from nipples, hard nipples and in the surrounding breast tissue, redness, lumps , nipple slipped. Milk deposited outside bacteria can penetrate inside the milk ducts cause inflammation and fever.

Typically, the signs and symptoms can often help. But there are also more severe cases, doctors will prescribe antibiotics , anti-inflammatory. If the infection becomes subject - cars require surgery to drain pus or remove the dilated milk ducts.

Doctor recommended solution, stretched ducts are not symptoms of breast cancer risk and no complications of cancer. However, without understanding the cause of these abnormalities is best to see a specialist to determine the direction and aggressive treatment.   

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