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A few important things you should know about your intestinal system

Many people do not want to talk to intestinal problems, digestive system so that you do not suffer from this disease. However, gastrointestinal health extremely important to people.All frequencies disabilities need to know about what your digestive system 8 things you did not know behind the body's

 digestive 6 habits to help your digestive system stay healthy Gastrointestinal tract of humans contains trillions of microorganisms and hundreds of bacteria.   http://shate-mag.by/node/31502

 In fact, the number of bacteria in the human body is more than 10 times compared with cells growing number of studies are carried out and demonstrate the importance of the intestinal  (all of living inside the body) in helping you digest food, stimulate the immune system,

 protecting you against infections and make you healthier, think more clearly. factor of each other intestinal each system's intestinal

microbial different people and how they are affected by what they eat and live. However, there is one thing that anyone will not be ignored is to build a healthy intestinal system. When you were born, your gut is quite similar to the parent

(if you are breastfeeding a lot). Guts rapid development in the first year until age 2.5, the intestinal flora of a child similar to adults. So what happened in the first year of life is very important because "it marks for the digesting your future", Anita  a molecular epidemiologist at the University of Alberta said. 

The Researchers are not sure about all the things that could affect the development of the intestinal flora from when you were young, but it is clear that these changes happen easily and quickly. New research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal of Medicine found that children born Caesarean way to lose a specific group of bacteria than babies born normally.

 infants fed formula also significant difference in their intestines than babies are breastfed part. The researchers say that these differences make infants at high risk surgical patients develop allergies, asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes, and infants are breastfed will have a number of bacteria protect against this disease.   http://presbycor.ru/node/31454

 However, Kozyrskyj, who led the study, said "many are also other factors that influence and no certain formula for all children".
A few important things you should know about your intestinal system 1

The connection between gut health and overall health

Intestinal Health complicated but tied to overall health, so that Dr. Michael Gershon, a gastrointestinal specialist at Columbia University, to name it is the "second brain". "The intestines have a complex nervous system interacts with your brain. Which is why you see restless anxiety," Gershon, author of "Second Brain"

 (The second brain) for said. In fact, many patients fall into a persistent anxiety and depression altered bowel function. "If you stimulate the vagus nerve, connecting the brain, intestines, stomach and respiratory, circulatory and digestive system, you can treat depression and epilepsy, even stimulate memory"

Gershon said. He added that the nerve can also simulate natural signals sent to the brain gut. however, the changes in the gut of you can also make you feel worse (both in terms of the and physical

sense). Disruption of intestinal flora can also lead to a variety of diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and even cancer

... It can make weight gain. A few notes for healthy intestinal system "If you feel bad health, chances are you are experiencing intestinal problems", Leonard Direnfeld, a medical doctor specializing

 in functional in Toronto said. At this point, you should visit your doctor soon and ask to be tested for distribution (if necessary) for details about bacteria and intestinal parasites of you.

A simple way others can help strengthen Intestinal health is keeping diet, healthy living, avoid contact with multiple risk factors increases the amount of bacteria, germs are harmful to the body. Some foods are considered good for intestinal health including yogurt, sweet potatoes, lean meats and fish, whole grains, bananas, ginger teas ...

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