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These women need to keep in mind when injected contraceptives

You, dear Xinhua, Injectable contraceptives is temporary contraceptive methods. The drug is injected and progestin hormonal contraceptives work in a few months. This method is used for the women in the reproductive age want to use a temporary contraceptive methods and later recovered. Injectable contraceptives has the advantage of avoiding pregnancy is long (approximately 3 months ) and highly effective contraception (99.6%).

Given the nature of high-dose, slow absorption of the drug should always be present in the body, promoting high potency, can be regarded as temporary sterilization. The mechanism of action is inhibition of ovulation drugs almost 100%.      

 In addition, the drug also inhibits cervical mucus is also very strong, making the sperm unable to penetrate to the uterus, endometrial atrophy, which would cause the eggs are unlikely to make the team.

These women need to keep in mind when injected contraceptives 1
Contraceptive injection method is used for women who want to use a temporary contraceptive methods and later recovered. Artwork

Injectable contraceptives are suitable for women difficult to use other methods of contraception, such as are the side effects caused by estrogen (in the oral contraceptive pill) or can not use estrogen because of contraindications or People with pre-menstrual symptoms such as abdominal pain on ovulation time    http://seriousstrength.yuku.com/topic/1417/master/1/

... However, this is not appropriate contraception for all women, that women with breast cancer, a large age, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, embolization, abnormal vaginal bleeding undiagnosed causes severe liver disease ... should be very careful when you want to use this method. Ideally, in this case,

you should consult the advice of a doctor specializing in obstetrics to know is right for injectable contraceptives or not. however, the contraceptive injection has the unfortunate downside is that if there Side effects not tolerate the drug can not put out quickly from the body.

Another downside is or cause menstrual disorders , injection after stopping birth control pills, menstrual irregularities even women, who even lost business for a long time.   https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/forums/range/read.php?18,46131

The conception more difficult for women with irregular cycles. therefore, you should carefully consider your overall health examination before deciding whether to choose the contraceptive injection or not. Based on health status and your current needs, the doctor will advise you to use any contraceptive method is most suitable. Wishing you good health!

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