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The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively

Do not overlook the food in your kitchen coz they can be the "mystery doctor" and help prevent disease very well there.Complications of the disease and how to treat insomnia Pinkeye: Rooms easier than cure 9 the wonderful healing touch
"Doctor," Department of Internal Medicine
Beer - heart disease prevention: The experiments show that, if sustained drinking a beer a day will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . It should be noted, beer can help prevent disease but can also cause illness if you drink a lot. If you drink a glass a day can help prevent heart disease, drinking 2 or more than 2 cups / day can lead to cardiovascular disorders.

Orange juice - prevention of high blood pressure: Orange juice contains potassium, calcium, and vitamin C should be able to help lower blood pressure. So, let's create the habit of drinking orange juice helps maintain healthy blood pressure and also reduce the risk of developing heart disease caused by high blood pressure.

Fish - asthma prevention: research findings, eating more fish to cool and fill the lungs, which can reduce the symptoms of asthma . That is because the fish contain magnesium, which helps reduce the symptoms of asthma.

For asthmatics, the doctor recommended, best 3 daily meals must have at least one meal of fish or other seafood.

Ginger - helps reduce nausea : Nausea is often caused by low blood sugar. Fresh ginger can help maintain blood sugar levels translate certain. If you get car sick, bring fresh ginger or fresh ginger powder before drinking can prevent dizziness and vomiting.  http://www.gardening-forums.com/threads/herbs-that-can-improve-your-health.2554/

Corn - room nephritis: Maize diuretic, swelling consumption, lower blood pressure should be beneficial to the internal organs, especially the kidneys. Japanese people often or for a little cornmeal in the morning while drinking tea to help treat chronic nephritis edema.

Tea - headaches: Headaches are often caused by changes in the blood vessels caused, it's time to drink a cup of tea, caffeine in tea can inhibit the blood vessels to narrow, reducing headaches.

Chocolate Almond - reduce the risk of dementia: Almonds coated in chocolate is rich in vitamin E, may slow aging effect problem of the brain caused by age.  

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively prevent disease 1
Many of the foods you are possessed of curative magic. Artwork
"Doctor" Dermatological

Steak - baldness treatment: Science has proven, those who regularly eat lean beef, though not completely solve the problem of hair loss, at least can slow the risk of baldness .

Oats - itching rooms: Quality avenanthramide in oatmeal is a natural anti-inflammatory and wound healing, is used to treat itching, dry skin. You can give oatmeal in the bath water (warm water) or use a lotion containing oat extract topically.

Garlic - foot fungus treatment: Apply garlic on the sore spot and can help eliminate fungal inhibitor, relieves itching caused by fungi.

"Doctor" gynecological

Flaxseed Oil - Tri dysmenorrhea: According to experts, the substance prostaglandin penetrate body tissues, uterus contractions that reacts, this is an important factor causing dysmenorrhea. Eating flaxseed oil can prevent the release of prostaglandin.

Therefore, the expert recommendations, the dysmenorrhea best to eat 1 or 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil / day, spreadable eaten with bread or salad.

The "mystery doctor" in the kitchen to help you effectively prevent disease 2
Do not overlook the food in your kitchen coz they can be the "mystery doctor" there. Artwork
"Doctors' surgery

Onions - bee stings healed: If bee stings, use a fresh onion slices applied to a bee sting site. In onions have anti-inflammatory compound that prevents toxins and prevents the development of inflammation.

Bananas - reduces leg numbness: Get fresh banana peel gently rub the hands, soles of feet, then rinse with warm water will work to reduce swelling due to frostbite.

"Dr." ear, nose and throat

Chrysanthemum tea - treat mouth ulcers: Mix a cup of chamomile tea, let it cool and drink, do not swallow quickly, which should in your mouth for a while before drinking, two hours each time. Doing so can reduce inflammation caused by mouth ulcers.

Cloves - toothache Treatment: Just rub a little clove oil to the tooth site inflammation, pain, after a few minutes you will feel numbness, pain relievers, antiseptic effect immediately.   

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