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These snacks prevent colds

Snacks to enjoy not only more fun but it is also necessary and good for health.Dealing with coughs and colds during pregnancy The delivery room cold winter - spring These measures of cough, cold season for children at transfer

Some snack suggestions below will also help you prevent and treat colds in winter.  http://kyleleonfatloss.blog.se/the-anxiety-on-the-joint-knees/

Lily porridge

According to Chinese medicine lily with sweet, slightly bitter. Components of tuberose especially good for the heart and lungs, stomach calms nerves, reduces fever. There diuretic, to treat cough, asthma ...

100g rice, 30g lily young, washed 20g almonds. For all the cooking pot of porridge and used for breakfast or afternoon snack into meals will work for cough, cold is very effective. In addition, this soup can also increase feelings appetite .

These snacks prevent colds 1
If you know how to use food, you can prevent disease without drugs. GUIs 
Lotus seed

Great effects of lotus seed was proven medicine and talked about. Very good for the kidneys, stomach, heart, nerves, and lotus seeds with women also have anti-aging effects.

You can eat raw lotus seeds. Or roasted, steamed to sip a cup of tea together. You can also use finely ground lotus seeds and baking, cooking tea ... In winter, eat lots of lotus seeds will prevent and reduce the symptoms of sore throat, bronchitis.  http://leanmoms.beep.com/new-page.htm

Snow Fungus

In snow mushrooms 100g contains 5-6g protein, 0.6g fat in addition to carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin B2, carotene ... Eating mushrooms snow is good for the lungs, eliminate muscle fatigue and enhance the function of the brain.

Winter snow you can use mushrooms to cook porridge, soup or just marinate steaks along with other spices to steamed fish. Or you get some snow mushrooms and boil 1 tomato peeled, seeded, until boiling, then add sugar and hot food.

4 Le appeal

Pears are normal, but this is extremely good fruit to cure common diseases in winter as cough, sore throat , dry skin, chapped skin, expectorant, stabilize blood pressure, arthritis pain symptoms ... Eating pears also work extremely slimming effect.

You can appeal or pear puree with a little honey and food supplements are also very cool.

5 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also a medicine soothes the nerves, good for organs, bones. Sweet potatoes are rich in starch, protein, inorganic salt, vitamin B, carotene and nutrients other. Therefore, eating sweet potatoes can prevent heart disease and cerebrovascular maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Also interesting dish or sliced ​​fried potatoes, crispy baked sweet potato may pulverized to make tea cakes or cooking, candy making.

6 Sesame (sesame)

Sesame laxative. Also, due to protein and unsaturated fatty acids, sesame also work to maintain stable blood sugar levels, strong bones and joints, flexible, beautiful skin. You should use a combination of sesame seeds and sesame oil, sesame seed sauce ... in any dish.   

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