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6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold

Weather turns cold when the pathogen is also capable of further development. To stay healthy during this time, you should note the following.The food you should eat when the weather of the season Parents of children hospitalized for symptoms mistakenly seasons 7 spices to enhance the health of the Season 1. Wash your face with warm water

Wash your face with cold water is best because it will help shrink the pores on your skin and help protect the skin better than warm or hot water. However, you will not want to wash your face with cold water when the weather began to turn cold, so, this time you should wash your face with warm water is best.  

 If the water is too hot the eye wash can make your skin dry, dehydrated and prone to rashes, skin inflammation .

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 1

2. Eating food or warm

when the weather turns colder it is time you should switch to eating more hot, cold, warm, cold food to eat. Eat foods cold season often causes indigestion and prone to sore throat than the summer sun. To increase food warm, you can also taste the warm spices calculated as onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon ...   

These spices are warming effects the body, stimulate digestion. A Special considerations when adding spices is, when autumn sun, not really cold winter, you should only complement spicy, moderately hot but not so much as to eat winter .

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 2


3. Drink plenty of water to avoid fever virus

seasons, especially from autumn to winter is when the fever outbreaks thrive and affect health and daily life. Typically, these types of fever were treated with antipyretics and after several days off. Therefore, prevention is the best way you should do. To prevent diseases caused by viruses in the cold weather,  

you should drink plenty of water , eat plenty of fruit. fruits rich in vitamin C should generally will increase resistance, help you effectively prevent disease. Drinking plenty of water will help your body stay hydrated, enhance the activity of the body's organs and prevent diseases caused by viruses.

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 3

4. Rubbed his eyes not to avoid red eye

wet weather when the seasons are favorable conditions for bacteria, viruses and pathogens thrive. If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, you will increase the risk of bacterial pinkeye because the eye penetrates very quickly. Pinkeye occurs seasonal outbreaks rapidly in favorable conditions and epidemics spread easily.

 Frequent eye rubbing will cause corneal damage, increased risk for pink eye . To prevent pinkeye, but to avoid rubbing your eyes, you should also limit contact with people with sore eyes and so little medicine as directed by your doctor.  https://pose.com/u/margotrobbie6/items

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 4

5. Gargle salt water to avoid respiratory disease

Because the weather turns from hot to cold to cause respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, cough, bronchitis ... so you need to do is prevention. In addition to wearing warm enough to avoid draughty place to sleep ... you should create their own oral hygiene habits clean, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every day, small nose with saline solution to clean ... respiratory tract, preventing bacteria, viruses and pathogens reside.

6 things to do to stay healthy when the weather turns cold 5
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6. Prevention exercise joint soreness

Many people often aching bones , joints when seasons. It is considered a natural reaction of the body to changes in weather. To avoid this situation, you should routinely for osteoarthritis used to mobilize and exercise to improve bone and joint health system. Additionally, you should also fed nutrients, warm body to increase resistance of the body against illness during seasons.

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