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6 things not to be missed braces

Although braces often painless, but you still need to pay more attention to dental braces to achieve the effect you want.Braces: benefit, not harm less Braces and note the home care The best time for braces? After braces, teeth and gums you can be excited, but a bit of pain. If you can not stand the pain,

 your doctor may recommend prescription pain reliever prescribed for. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following so as not to affect the teeth. 6 Refer to the following tips when your braces .

Chew gently tip in the braces should be applied when the first thing you should change your way of eating. You may want to eat as natural as before, especially after the first day of braces fitted. should you chew soft foods than before, and eat small pieces,

avoid eating hard food too. During the first day, you should eat soup, broth, and yogurt. Also, you should avoid food sticking to the mold does not affect the teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly Make regular brushing to remove all the bacteria that coat the teeth,  

especially the frame braces. In your mouth there are many gaps to be filled in foods, especially when braces are more and more loopholes. further Imagine the amount of food will get you into the braces of the possibility arises growing bacteria.

Therefore, you should brush your teeth 2-3 times / day to remove food and clean gums, teeth. use dental floss are considered the best because when you only dental braces will help clean interstitial teeth regularly.  

6 things not to be missed braces 1

Beware of getting wire braces

Sometimes it does not pay attention to the wiring problems that will cause trouble for you. For example, wires getting in the bottom of the frame braces could poke your cheek. Unless you are a dentist or physician assistant,

 you edit or cut the wires carefully, otherwise, do not try to adjust the wrong location which is applied braces and your teeth. You should go to the dentist and careful examination to be corrected. propelled Notes tongue tongue stone You have not heard? Ice tongue is a tongue moves while swallowing.  http://www.vegtalk.org/health-forum/what-for-weight-loss-success-t27203.html

It occurs in infants and disappears when you grow up. However, when the braces are removed, then chewing and tongue placement, stone blade changes. While still braces, you can reference and practice for the tongue to avoid affecting the formation and export their teeth after braces removal.

Avoid sugary foods and starchy foods have Sugary and starchy produces acids and plaque, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease development.

Therefore, you should avoid drinking tea, juices and soft drinks too dark. Normally, acid foods affect teeth if braces, your teeth are weak, then the impact will be more powerful. note when exercising Once braces, the more you should pay more attention when playing sports to protect their teeth.   http://www.enahjones.org/how-to-lose-weight-t144.html

 If the unfortunate accident involving the face, you need to check your braces soon. If you have somewhat loosened or damaged, you go to the doctor to adjust.   

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